Church Brawl Pastor Tasered, Woman Stabbed

Have you ever brought a taser to church, ever thought of bringing a taser to church? Well there is no need to ask Simone Moore that question because he did both.

Talk about drama and entertainment, I can promise you that in addition to this incident the New Welcome Baptist Church in Alabama is full of drama. After-all there is no way the drama just came about in one day. This is something that obviously brewed over time.

The handsome man above is Simone Moore. The sweet faced Simone Moore showed the congregation at New Welcome Baptist Church that looks can be deceiving and what happens when you don't pay someone correctly.

Simone Moore who was the minister of music at New Welcome Baptist church tasered the heck out of the churches head pastor when he didn't get his money. Paster Darryl Riley planned on letting Simone Moore go. Last Sunday he attempted to follow through with his plans, he told Simone Moore he was fired and handed him a final check. Well, Simone didn't agree with the amount being given to him. He believed he was owed $600 more then what he received.

That's is when all hell broke loose in church. According to Pastor Darryl Riley, Simone tasered him twice in the arm and picked up the moneybox and smashed it over his head. lol During their scuffle the other clergymen of the church intervened. During the scuffle one of the men involved, Deacon Hunt pulled out a knife and stabbed pastor Simone's mother Moore's Agolia Moore in the arm.

Here's what she had to say when she was stabbed

'Oh my God, he done cut me,"
Agolia Moore needed 19 stitches to her slashed arm and claims that the clergymen ganged up on her son after he demanded more pay. Simone Moore subsequently turned himself in and was charged with third degree assault. There is no information about charges being pressed against Deacon Hunt who stabbed Moore's mother, it's possible it could have been considered self-defense.

Simone Moore came prepared, he brought the taser with him to church and claims he was preparing to quit and had the taser "because as he puts it "he didn't trust the situation". Luckily the situation wasn't more serious, but one can't help but laugh at this incident. It's like a ghetto, church skit on a comedy show. Going to Black church is something I've been leery of for years now.

As the character of Black people continues to change via this culture it's hard for me to sit in church amongst a Black congregation and be phony. Many of our problems are in concentration, so often times you are witnessing first hand those who contribute to the negativity ENERGIES in our communities. It becomes distracting and is too overbearing for a highly conscious person like myself. To look at the heads of those Mothers and Fathers who have crap children who are damaging the neighborhood and listen to hustler, pimp pastors enjoying their opportunity to profile and feel like a star is too much for me to handle, again our problems are too concentrated to enjoy Black people in concentration at this point.


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