$40 Dollar Debt Ends Girls Life

I think the following is a very powerful story. It shows how the actions of one can cause a trickle effect and affect many. It shows that the Universe never stops but keeps churning and finally it shows that the ENERGY of an environment is always lingering like a fog ready to settle onto those in it's presence.

51-year-old Kenneth Risher of Brooklyn N.Y. needed money, so he borrowed $40 dollars from Shawn Lewis a neighborhood loan shark. According to Kenneth Risher he paid Shawn Lewis back, however Shawn Lewis did not agree.

Shawn Lewis confronted Kenneth Risher about the $40 debt, during this confrontation Shawn Lewis took out a knife and stabbed Kenneth Risher. He managed to slice his arm. Kenneth Risher pulled out his own knife during the attack and stabbed Shawn Lewis in the chest.

Despite being stabbed in the chest, Shawn Lewis was able to get into his Range Rover and drive approximately two blocks. He crashed into two park cars, and then hit another car which resulted in his Range Rover flipping over. His Range Rover hit 13-year-old Kira Goddard and pinned her down against the stoop of the building where she lived resulting in her death. After crashing his SUV Shawn Lewis also succumbed to his injuries and died.
In a split second Kenneth Risher claimed the lives of two people and changed the lives of many. The sad, hard life that Kenneth Risher lived had to affect others.

Here is a man so down and out he could not see $40 dollars coming into his life in the future. Instead he had to ask a loan shark for $40 dollars. Despite his claims that he paid the loan shark back this does not seem to be the case. Based on the incident it's obvious he did not pay back the $40. The loan shark Shawn Lewis was driving a Range Rover and presumably had money and many other "clients".
Kira Gooddard did not die in vain, she displayed on last of kindness by making sure her friends got out of the way before the SUV struck them. Even in the face of danger she showed a sense of bravery and courage. She will definitely make it to the highest levels of heaven for her courage.


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