Bloomberg Throws Money At the Wall

Yes, in typical fashion my thread titles seem weird. They are not weird I simply express myself through ENERGY. I absorb the ENERGY of a situation and reveal it. It's usually the deepest layer of a situation so it's a good place to start.

So what could I possibly mean when I say NYC Mayor Bloomberg throws money at the wall? Well that's what he's doing in an ENERGY sense and I'm just glad he can afford it.

Let me explain, NYC Mayor Bloomberg is planning a $127 million dollar project to help Black and Latino men between the ages of 16 and 24. Half of the 3 year project will be funded by Bloombergs foundations and the other $67.5 million will come from the city's budget. The program will target about $315,000 youths.

The program will help guide Black and Latino men in the area of job training, education, parole reform, education and offer fatherhood classes. More than a dozen agencies will be involved. Bloomberg also issued an executive order barring city agencies from discriminating against applicants with a criminal history when the crime does not relate to the job.

As expected Bloomberg has many critics. I'm also a critic but I'm a complex one, I simply look at things from all sides.

Now at first glance this seems like a wonderful idea. But it actually reveals two things, one, this is the moment of truth. It's the moment of truth where the world witnesses a great deal of money being invested in minority youth and will want to see how it turns out.

People are very keen on gauging investments. It's what makes the world go around and it's metaphysics. People like to determine the usefulness of someone based on performance. I do not think this is an appropriate time to funnel such a great deal of money into minority young men it's fruitless.

So that brings me to the second reason I don't think this project is a good idea as it's presented. We don't have the minds of the youth, I will repeat we don't have the minds of the youth.

That is why I titled this thread as I did. Without having the minds and the concentration of the youth throwing money at them is fruitless. They will not be able to absorb and take in what is being force-fed to them. The culture that they are exposed to is the wall the barrier.

The culture that the youth is exposed to in this era, puts up mental blocks within the minds of the youth. This is no longer a situation where minority youth are just lacking resources, as they where in the past. We are now in an era where Black and Latino male youth's face their masculinity being challenged if they do not wear the ENERGY of this culture.

When you come against a man's masculinity, or a man's masculinity is threatened, he will do anything to preserve and maintain his masculinity.

If the culture drills into the heads of Black and Latino youth that they are more of a man, more masculine and deserve the most respect when they have certain negative mentalities, they will gravitate towards that notion and belief. They will develop mentalities that lead them to feeling the most powerful and respected.

It may seems peculiar to some that I talk in this way, but it's a way that is deep to the core. It's a way that explains the subconscious sometimes conscious mind.

I remember watching a episode of  "Gang Nation" with host Ross Kemp. On the show Ross was interviewing two "Blood" gang members. In typical fashion of a White Liberal or a person with that ENERGY, Ross Kemp ask the gang members why they did what they did. He led their response by giving them excuses and ways out; He said to them
"I guess you do what you do because there aren't a lot of opportunities or resources out there and there aren't a lot of positive things to do in your neighborhood right".
The lead "Blood" gang member said;
"No there are a lot of positive things to do out there, I just chose to do this".

I will never forget this and it demonstrates the essence of young Black and Latino men out there today. Many Black and Latino men can find a way for themselves, no matter how hard. After-all there are more resources today then in the past. There are also many ways one can work for themselves, it simply takes a dedication in doing so.

Young Black and Latino men are being driven in a different direction due to this culture. The ENERGY of the culture does not allow them to progress at a steady or reasonable pace. The ENERGY of this culture puts stress on them to have, to make or always be involved with the things that can make them a lot of money.

After-all they have to be able to have the illusion of not being what they truly are and that's poor. This is a great pressure on young Black and Latino men. And ironically this ENERGY can be most visible in Black and Latino men in the spotlight. Guys like Soulja Boy have an ENERGY that represents the extreme pressure Black wear on their shoulders. It's an ENERGY that compels them to believe that in order to be considered powerful and gain respect they have to have expensive materialistic things. And their life mission is to get them.

They are bombarded by a culture that tells them they must have money and should be doing those things that represent "living the life". There has to be an intense dedication within the Black community to tear down the ENERGIES that are barricading the minds of the youth.

We have to create "Fallen Angels". We have to tear down those who represent the ENERGIES that are enslaving the youth. It's a situation minorities have caused. It's not a situation I've created I just speak about it.

Over many years we have allowed Black and other minority men to fuel the ENERGY that "aggression is power" and allowed the notion that being able to maneuver the street life with success is the ultimate definition of a man in the hood. These ENERGIES need to be destroyed and they must be destroyed in a dramatic way. They must be destroyed with the same intensity they where created.

Very few things can stand up to the ENERGY of the culture and the mentalities it brings. In this era being disciplined and trying to go "on the straight and narrow" is considered corny and weak. It does not reflect what seems to be highlighted in the culture. It's something most youth think about unfortunately when it's too late. Once they attempt to play out the illusion handed to them by this culture and by time they realize it's a trap, often they have created even more barriers in their life.

Listen to the statement Bloomberg made about this project:
“When we look at poverty rates, graduation rates, crime rates and employment rates, one thing stands out: Blacks and Latinos are not fully sharing in the promise of American freedom and far too many are trapped in circumstances that are difficult to escape,”
This is a bland, broad statement that has been said over and over again. We know Black and Latino men have obstacles, we've known that for years. Society as well as minorities simply refuse to go on a deeper layer to see exactly what mental barriers are effecting the youth.

Black and Latino minorities refuse to create an environment where the youth can truly grow. They refuse to tackle the ENERGIES that are truly influencing the youth. It's too compelling and brings too much of a sense of pride when we see each other in the media in any form. We refuse to be particular and regulate and come against what the youth are being exposed to. We allow any person to represent and hover over the youth.

He also stated:
“A job is the best anti-poverty and anti-crime program ever devised anywhere in the world,”
Bloomberg needs to receive a memo that: Black and Latino men have found a job, it's called "Robbing When Broke" an ENERGY highlighted intensely in the culture today and supported by young minorities.

See that's an ENERGY that has to be felt by going into "Purgatory" which is this culture. Without going into the culture to feel the ENERGIES of what is captivating the minds of the youth, trying to implement projects like this become in vain.

The money Bloomberg is proposing for this project needs to go into going on the level of the minds of youth today. This would mean researching and investigating the music and lyrics the youth are absorbing and understanding the mental barriers of the youth. I mean that on the deepest level, not just in textbooks and through plush organizations that observe the youth scientifically or from afar. We must try to relate to and wear the ears of the youth in this era when observing the culture.

Another statement from one of Bloombergs critics to this program caught my eye.
“Training people for jobs that don’t exist isn’t always the most effective strategy,” said Joel Berg, executive director of the New York City Coalition Against Hunger.
This is absolutely true and only brings frustration and discouragement to all parties, the job seeker and the person trying to find jobs for the youth. Being a child of the inner-city I have experienced being trained in programs with no job at the end. Luckily it was at a very young age when all I could do was put my hope into a program to find a job, but it's clear this scenario would be the case today.

There aren't enough jobs to employ the youth, particularly minority youth's.

Minorities do not create jobs at a rate that would satisfy the births that transpire in the community. Most minorities relay on those of other races mainly White people to employ their children. We are not "job creators" we are simply "job takers". And while we all aren't designed to be entrepreneurs or have that spirit or desire to be one, we must understand the importance of at least supporting those who do create jobs, even "Mom and Pop" businesses.

The Universe is metaphysical, the Universe does not understand or go by race. So White men and their children will always have more jobs then minority children. It's something that can be whined about, it's something we can complain about, but it will never ever change.

The Universe will never present more jobs or even an equal amount of jobs to Black people and minority youth because we are not in alignment with the Universe. To be in alignment with the Universe you have to create what you want more of.

That is a law of nature that can't be broken changed or altered by any human.

I won't make this article too long, I will talk about this more in the future.

In closing I do want to point out that I respect Bloomberg and at least he feels compelled to try something. My high consciousness knows that it's a project that is in vain due to the mental barriers within young Black and Latino men, but when someone tries you never shun them. I can only hope the city of NY does not consciously or subconsciously give up on minority youth if this expensive project does not work. Who knows maybe the true "why" revealing the real reasons Black and Latino men don't embrace constructive progress will come to light.

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