Who's Responsible For Minority Children

Sometimes it's frustrating living in a society and amongst people who think that others are responsible for them. They feel that their obstacles revolve solely around, society, the government and others who they believe control their destiny.

Here's the thing, most of the metaphysical obstacles minorities face are faced due to the Universe. They are due to minorities not being in alignment with blessings from the Universe. Most minorities live within environments that contain concentrated negative ENERGIES, so the blessings the Universe could provide are blocked.

For instance, there's no way that the dominating ENERGY coming from Black men can be the ENERGY of criminal activity and hip hop and it not affect them. It effects their image not only outside the race but within it also. God and this Universe would not have it any other way. And because Black men lack diversity, there aren't multiple ENERGIES that a Black man can tag himself with.

At the end of the day, people don't listen to what you say, but what you do. So a person claiming they are not reflective of what seems to represent them but supports it, is protesting in vain. The Universe observes not only what you support but what you are passive to also. Passivity in the Universe's eyes, is the same as support and we all know that you are what you support.

Now I want to bypass all of that because Black people know that they have character issues in this era. This is not a pleasant race, point blank. There are many ENERGY reasons why Black minorities have a hard time in society as other races succeed, particularly African American men. Their attitudes, the state of their communities and where they come from makes them an instant burden to anyone. It takes more effort when dealing with Black people and Black youth. This is because charity does not begin at home for most Black youth in this era. Society has to teach them the most basic skills, that his parents and community should have taught them.

Only the idealistic mind would think that people will NOT resort to human nature. Human nature dictates judging people based on ENERGY and where they come from.

I will be talking about this more, but I want to post the following ways proposed that will help minorities succeed. Note how most of them are out of alignment. The Universe could not possibly bless minorities with these things, because they don't strive for them themselves. It would undermine the fact that we are all suppose to be spiritually growing. We would not have to grow if we could have any ENERGY and succeed. No your ENERGY either detracts or attracts your problems.

When people begin to realize that the Universe constantly churns and will not take slavery into consideration. The Universe will never say make the plight of minorities easier because they have suffered so much. The Universe would never compile others, obligate others or make it possible for us to get others to place us in a position we should be striving for on our own.

Here's the list:

- Policymakers must make improving outcomes for young men of color a national priority.

- Increase community, business and school partnerships to provide mentoring and support to young men of color.

- Reform education to ensure that all students, including young men of color, are college- and career-ready when they graduate from high school.

- Improve teacher education programs and provide professional development that includes cultural- and gender-responsive training.

- Create culturally appropriate persistence and retention programs that provide wraparound services to increase college completion for men of color.

- Produce more research and conduct more studies that strengthen the understanding of the challenges faced by males of color and provide evidence-based solutions to these challenges.
It seems like a lot to ask for from a race that seems determined not to have focus and implement those things themselves. The Universe would not allow these policies and goals to come to past without minorities being in strong alignment to receive them, so it becomes wishful thinking.

Why do I "bust bubbles"? Because I think it's important to be honest and get to the core of our problems. And the fact of the matter is, minorities do not have the mentality, vision or true desire to advance this race. Without those qualities metaphysically we are out of alignment and could not change even if others tried to assist us in do so.

This culture has "dumbed down" minority youth. It is a strong barrier and ENERGY that prevents the absorption of better mentalities and critical thinking skills. This culture has a stronger ENERGY then those who are trying to lead the youth in the right way.

This culture offers Black men the temporary satisfaction, and illusions they need, want and desire. Black men and minorities want to feel, power, control and respect immediately, and those things are gained in the street. Going to school for 18 years will provide that, but they seek it now.

They come from communities and backgrounds that make them more determined to feel power and a sense of worthiness now. The only way to impact the minds of the youth is to dismantle the culture. This would release the pressure off of many Black men's masculinity. It would also help to intercept and feed contrasting ENERGIES into the culture for a counter effect to the negative ENERGIES that exist now.

Without attracting, penetrating then directing the brain, we as a race will continue to do what we have done for years; try to persuade Black men using the same method that doesn't work. We have allowed ENERGIES to grow and get to the extent where "Shame for Change" is the only thing that will work at this point. Black men must be made to feel ashamed of their actions. Stripping the culture away through lack of support is one of the first ways dismantling this culture can be done. I will be talking more about the need to do this later.


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