Universe Sends Harsh Reminder:

Sometimes ENERGIES have built up so much within the Universe over the years, the Universe is ready to react in a dramatic way. For years many have been trying to stress the importance of wearing a helmet. Well ironically many have tried to protest this.

Take 55-year-old Philip A. Contos of Parish, N.Y. and his biker group. During a resent protest against the new helmet laws. Contos and his biker group decided to of course decided to not wear helmets.

Well the Universe knows this is a problem. It doesn't matter if they think it's not a problem. One must wear a helmet when they are riding their motorcycles because traffic accidents are unpredictable. It's amazing when someone has to tell another how to save their life. When one care more about someone then they care about themselves.

So metaphysically the Universe had to use Philip A. Contos as an example. To make it more ironic, and dramatic it happened during the mist of Contos coming against the Universe. The Universe would like people to continue to be influenced by the horrifying stories of motorcycle accidents and wear their helmet. The Universe does not support any entity telling people differently.
So why is Phillip A. Contos an example? Well.......

Philip A. Contos died in a motorcycle accident while protesting the new helmet laws. He died when he hit his brakes and the motorcycle fishtailed. The bike spun out of control and Contos flipped over the handlebars and was pronounced dead at the hospital.

Authorities say if he was wearing a helmet he would have more then likely survived.

You can't come against the Universe. The human body was not designed where it can be traveling many miles per hour and upon impact it becomes like armor impact. No, the human body can not sustain these types of injuries. The fact that the body is in motion before impact only makes these accidents more severe. It's like smashing yourself against the wall going 20 or more miles per hour.

The following comments from motorcycle drivers sum up what I'm saying:

I don't wear a helmet because there's a law, I wear a helmet because I understand physics.

I was riding my bike on an Atlanta Ga. hwy.a driver cut Me off and I dumped My bike.I had a helmet on,when I stopped rolling was able to get up.The helmet was split down the middle,that could have been my head.I got a lot of road rash but i lived thanks to my head gear.

I ride, even on the hottest summer days, with full-face helmet, armored gloves, rugged leather boots, and full leathers. I prefer not to become a jellyfish-brain or raw hamburger.
And the best of all comes from a medical worker
I am a Respiratory Therapist in a hospital and occasionally have to see horrific road rash, crushed skulls, and brain matter oozing out of biker's ears while we try to keep the organ's alive long enough to harvest them. I only had to see that ONCE to decide that I'm wearing full leathers and the best helmet I can afford every single time I ride. Most people have no idea how quickly and how badly your life can end on a bike. We all have the right to risk our lives and our family's welfare... but why would you? To be macho? So you can have a benefit ride named after you?
I must be honest and say while I am fascinated with motorcycles, I don't like the ENERGY of them in most environments. In my opinion motorcycles are not practical and safe in most urban and populated areas. I say this knowing this for a fact.

My cousin is paralayzed from the waist down. He was in a motorcycle accident and though he was wearing his helmet he simply hit a pot hole in the streets of New York. He flew up in the air with the bike and when he landed a car hit him. Simple as that. Confused? Those who live in New York understand what I mean. Pot holes are common and you can be in a severe motorcycle accident just by hitting one.

When I think of carefree bike riding, I think of riding along Hwy 66 in the California desert. Or I think of areas where the pavement is smooth because there is a small population and not as many cars as the big city.

Please Wear Your Helmet Folks!

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