Are You An Extreme Couponer

I've always been a peculiar person because I love coupons and the idea of them but I usually don't use them. I don't use them often because I forget them, and I never organized myself to where I have a coupon organizer. Seems so simple right, just get an organizer, lol. If humans only weren't so peculiar. I do remember coupons sometimes and I have to admit I do get a rush when I'm able to get a bigger discount with coupons. It makes me feel clever. I'm pretty balanced, my lack of consistency fails to make me a customer a store hates to see coming.

Unfortunately others aren't so inconsistent. There are people who are taking the balance out of couponing. What do I mean by that? well imagine if everyone where aggressive couponers, stores would have to discontinue them.  Stores would loss too much money. Click Full Story to watch video

Well, since the emergence of shows like "Extreme Couponing" people have been trying to match the savings accomplishments of those on the show. It becomes like a game to many people. After-all they didn't do it before being influenced, but if someone asked them before the show "Extreme Couponing" if they knew that there where extreme couponer's out there they would say 'yes, they are sure there are'.

Now I must say there is nothing wrong with using coupons, and I'm sure the show is fun. But it becomes a dilemma because a show like "Extreme Couponing" not only helps people learn to save, but brings out the scam artist, complainers and those who want the same exact experience of those in the show.

A cashier had this to say:
"I wish they'd take that show and shove it!" because apparently they've had a lot of customers come in wanting to save like the shoppers on the show and they try to break the store's coupon policies with the limits, complain when they can't, etc. I really hope this backlash doesn't ruin it for the rest of us . . . sounds like it might be heading that direction.
Many customers are photocopying coupons and stripping all the sale item from the shelf, in order to get that surge and rush the show give them when they see people save.

I can tell you one thing a person has the potential to become possessive over coupons, they don't like to share, or let you find them because you might take all the good and useful ones.  I worked with a lady not long ago who would make a point of taking all the coupons out the Sunday paper and then saying she didn't see them. It was race to see who would get the coupons first lol,. She usually won because often times she had exposure to the paper first

Here is a video about the 'Extreme Couponing' problem that is surging in society.

It's important to remember that it's ok to look for ways to save but at the same time one must be considerate. When we don't remember this the Universe takes things away. We must always be conscious of our ENERGY.

Here are some of the restrictions:

Rite Aid
  • A buy-one-get-one-free​ coupon can't be used with a BOGO promotion to get both items for free. You can find Rite Aid's coupon policy here (.pdf file).
  • "The chain is also limiting the number of coupons a shopper can use per item to four, as long as there is enough stock," CBS MoneyWatch's Farnoosh Torabi said.
  • Target no longer accepts online coupons "for free items with no purchase requirements," its coupon policy says.
  • A BOGO store coupon can't be combined with a manufacturer's coupon to get both items for free.
  • Target is "limiting the number of store coupons that can be printed off its website to two (there used to be no limit)," Mitchell wrote in the Tribune.
  • The chain has banned triple stacking and "now formally allows, per item, one manufacturer's coupon and one from either Publix or a competing store," Kelli B. Grant wrote at SmartMoney.

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