African's Help Prevent HIV

I wanted to write about this article I just came across. The article claims that there might be new drugs that helps prevent HIV in heterosexuals.

These drugs work best with heterosexual patients who are at high risk for HIV. Studies show that if the patient is given the drug while their immune system is strong it greatly prevents infection.

Now you see the title right? Well there’s a reason for it.

Guess where these studies where conducted and which patients where used? The title gives it away of course.

Yes Africans where the test subjects:
Both trials were done in Africa. In one, a daily dose of Truvada, a combination pill that includes tenofovir disoproxil fumarate and emtricitabine, reduced the risk of getting HIV from infected partners by about 63 percent.

The other study found that two different regimens -- tenofovir, sold as Viread, and Truvada -- also reduced the risk of transmission through heterosexual sex.
Before I go into why I am disturbed by this, I want to point out that it is natural. It is natural for the weaker to be used and picked on. Note I didn’t say it was right. But God clearly designed a world where only the strongest survives. Only the strongest can protect themselves and release themselves from oppression.

And because this world is made up of many people, all with different intentions, it’s no mystery Africa attracts scientist’s who need human subjects, not rats. It’s no mystery that there is no hesitation in using a group of people that have no voice and no power.

Many might say, well Africa has an AIDS and HIV epidemic so it’s fitting to use them as experiments. And that too has some validity but it’s still disturbing.
For example:
Researchers assigned 1,219 HIV-negative men and women to a daily dose of Truvada or a dummy pill. All the participants also received HIV prevention services, including condoms, risk-reduction counseling and testing and treatment for sexually transmitted diseases, according to the CDC.

Nine of those taking Truvada became HIV-positive, compared with 24 of those taking the placebo. That is a 62.6 percent reduced risk for those on Truvada, the researchers said.
Among those who continued taking the pill, the risk reduction was greater -- 77.9 percent.

No significant safety concerns were associated with Truvada, the study said, although people taking it were more likely to report nausea, vomiting and dizziness than those taking placebo.

So basically some of the African patients had to “fall”.  They where given placebo “dummy” pills instead of the pills that could have prevented them contracting HIV. They where given “dummy” pills, so that the study could be conducted and comparisons could be done.

This is an example of why it’s so important to concentrate on strengthening yourself and your environment. When you leave your well-being to someone else because you are in a vulnerable situation and have no power, you are at their mercy.

Africa has long sense been a target for scientist and those wanting to conduct experiments while receiving the least resistance. You could tell African people anything. My ancestors come from Africa but it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to see that the continent has not progressed much amongst the people. They are not capable of creating advancements within their society.

Due to this they are considered “free game”. It’s also important to point out that many of the African people, just like African Americans have become accustomed to others helping them, and finding a way for them. Others do the hardest work which revolves around details, planning, sacrifice and persistence; we simply make a choice of what direction we will go in. There’s nothing new we are creating in society, we simply chose from what is handed to us.

The Universe does not respect or reward a group of people who are stuck in helplessness and can’t find their way out. These people simply become pawns in life and they are used at will. Africans will always be an enslave people, and African Americans can offer little help.

Africans need to be taught to be self-reliant. There is no way others could carry and direct a nation of people in the right way. In a way that benefits the people. But the question becomes: Who will help them become self-reliant and not just pawns to use at will?

I’m sure there are many scientific studies conducted on the African people. Many of these studies have been rationalized and approved by institutions in Africa, so the situation becomes dismal. We must continuously reflect on Africa and realize what we could become without self-empowerment.

The world is currently moving at a fast pace technology wise. As things continue to advance many Black people will be left in the dust and will seem to be regressive and primitive.

To read the full article of the case study performed click here

Stay tuned I will be writing an article revealing how Africa is dealing with it's AIDS epidemic in the most bizarre ways by criminalizing those who have AIDS. 

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