Officers Punch the "Doo-Doo" out of Youth

Well, actually they knocked the "crap" out of him.

Did Tyre Davis feel the negative ENERGY people have towards Black kids in this era?

17 year old Trye Davis of the Bronx made a little slight(?) comment to two New York police officers when one stepped in “doo-doo”. He claims that as he was walking with a friend and made the comment “smells like doo-doo” that’s when he saw an officer scraping feces off of his shoe. He states.......

that as soon as he said it he regretted it? Lol

He was arrested, received a disorderly conduct summons, and claims that the officers took him in the back alley after he was released and assaulted him. He claims both officers Joseph Murphy, and Jose Ocasio punched him in his right ear and forehead.

Davis said he fell and hit his head on a brick wall during the 30-second attack. "I thought I was going to die," he said. Lol, lol (I’m adding the lol’s)

He contacted Internal Affairs, which investigated his claim and arrested the officers. The officers expect to be vindicated, their lawyer said after the arrest.

It’s clear to me that Trye Davis came across two officers who are stressed by the attitudes of minority kids in this era. It’s apparent that based on how quickly these officers reacted they have probably done this before and deal with the disrespectful attitudes of the youth daily.

There is no way I believe the story as Tyre Davis tells it. I believe that he clearly saw that the officer stepped in “doo-doo” and then made the comment “Smells like sh*t” or as he says it “Smells like doo-doo” lol, lol. When’s the last time you heard a Black youth of this era bypass the word sh*t for a lighter one like “doo-doo”. Lol And of course I think he purposely sent the ENERGY that he was talking about the officer.

It’s very challenging to work with minority kids. Many of them lack respect and it takes a person with a heart, ego and mind of steel to ALWAYS ignore this disrespect.

The idealistic mind of the Black community would believe that officers should be up to the task. They think they should “grin and bear it”. We think this despite the fact that we are unable to handle the kids in the community ourselves. Many adults in this era simply ignore the kids coming up in this era due to their attitudes and demeanor.

Here's an example of that ENERGY:

Just like everything else we ignore the disrespectful nature of our children and just assume society will deal with it. This is not the case. And when it comes to officers, there are good ones and bad ones, just like there are officers who are more hot tempered then others. That is reality, that is natural and that should be expected.

I can post many videos, of Black children flipping out, being rude and agitating others and I will do so in the future. It’s time to be honest with Black children and let them know their ENERGY. This is important because society will not do so and the average person will not do so. Many people will simply react.

I truly believe that officers should have frequent time off with pay. They should have time to to escape and engage in activities with the community in order to relate better to the community. I believe that officers should be allowed to speak to the children in a school setting and let them know how to have better relations with law enforcement and realize that they are human at the end of the day.

Good Luck Tyre, I know you and your family will look for a major pay out, after-all ‘you thought you where going to die’, lol, lol, lol, lol, lol

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