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Here's an unbelievable story. Chris Boudreau of Brooksville Florida came home to find his home trashed and his possessions stolen.

Chris Boudreau says:
Walking through the living room, "I used to have a couch, a sofa, a couple of end tables, a TV, DVD  player, tapes and cabinet... but  they are now gone."

Apparently Chris Boudreau’s mortgage lender 21 Mortgage Corporation in Knoxville hired a local company to trash his home and destroy his possessions. Chris Boudreau’s attorney Tom Altman claims a company spokesperson explained that they where in the right to take such action because Florida is a “Self Help” state. Another term for “civil despite”. Read More to Watch Video Clip
 In fact when Chris Bourdreau contacted authorities to report the incident and the fact that his possessions where stolen, police claimed they could not get involved. They pointed out that it is a civil matter.

The most disturbing fact of the story is the way the company handled the situation. They trashed and stripped Chris Boudreau’s house with malice and contempt. They even shredded the wedding dress of his wife and put many possessions in the dumpster.

Though Chris Boudreau was behind on his mortgage payments no foreclosure proceedings had been filed. Chris’s lawyer Altman claims that due to this fact the matter should be treated like a criminal case. He believes the accused company should be charged with burglary and breaking and entering like any other criminal would.

I agree. I think that whatever law is in place (if there is one) should not allow for these types of actions to take place. To trash someone’s home and take their possessions is beyond unreasonable. To strip someone’s life, memories and sense of calm is out of order.

I hope that Chris Boudreau is successful in court. And I think that others can learn from his experience. It’s so important to know the laws that govern you and the things you purchase. People will sometimes dig deep within the law books to get what they want and do what benefits them. There’s no sense in being ignorant when it comes to something like a home which is the foundation of your life. You must be aware of the dangers that pose a threat to your most prized possession.

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