Woman Whacked With A Crowbar

 As the years go on, it's becoming more and more risky living in concentration with Black people. Black youth are too riled up by the culture they are exposed to. A culture that encourages extreme violence to send a message. Anything else would be considered weak.

Well, as you will see in the video that follows; here's another demonstration as to why my above statement is annoying, shocking and maybe even hurtful, but it's true. It's sad but true. Again, living in concentration with Black people and Black children is becoming too risky.

Here's the thing: the first thing that needs to be understood by those living in the hood is you can't fight each other.

Doesn't that sound simple, dumb and unrealistic. Well let me explain exactly why, you can't fight people in the hood. The reason has nothing to do with the fact that it's wrong. or the fact that doing so is not civilized.

No you can't fight people in the hood, (particularly today) because they have mutated mentally. Many Black people who live in extreme crap areas have problems and frustrations and they would love to beat it out on your head.
Ghetto people go overboard. They go beyond just settling a score. They are letting out all the aggression and frustrations of their life. Who knows what the issue was with the girl in the video. Maybe "Frank" didn't call after she gave it all up and let him "beat it (her vagina)like a baseball bat" (terminology of this generation by the way).

Maybe the paternity test came back negative and a potential child support check is wishful thinking now.

Whatever the case maybe anyone who takes the time to absorb the ENERGY of this video can clearly see that this is well beyond two school girls fighting. Fighting is the way street people express themselves. They deal with such aggressive conditions, that simply being verbal is not enough. They feel the need to crush and destroy. Sought of like a person who hits the wall when they are angry. They need to take their aggression out physically.

Their vocabulary and way of expressing themselves is too closely identical to the person they feel aggression towards. So simply exchanging verbal insults and trying to express themselves with their limited vocabulary is not satisfying. Feeling as if they are crushing or destroying what is annoying them is more satisfying.

Confused? well I never feel the need to destroy someone physically...............guess why........because my words have an impact that can be likened to a slap, I don't have to and if I destroy them I won't be able to continue to beat them with my words. A greater torture I can promise you. It's something ghetto people don't understand nor care to. The only way they would slightly adjust themselves is if we sent a strong ENERGY that 'We are not impressed by their violent nature". This must be done in a way that crushes ego, and brings shame.

But we do the opposite, instead we give them a culture to feel empowered by. We allow them to have a strong ENERGY in the culture which is intoxicating to someone with a low self-esteem. They feel feared, admired and powerful. We must understand these ENERGIES take them away to the point it breaks down the person entirely, then their minds can be molded better, because they are not eager to hold on to what makes people look down on them.

This must be done. Negative ENERGIES have gotten so strong within our communities the only way to do this is to make those who are negative feel like crap, in the process we must strip the culture from them. We cannot allow them to use our culture to feel empowered............Period.

Anyway, I hope that this girl is ok, though from the looks of the video she may never be the same. St. Louis is the number one crime area right now. This just shows how senseless many of these crimes are. I call these crimes, crimes of frustration. This is why I would never live like sardines with low standard Black people. I would rather live in a better neighborhood and eat noodle soups because I can only afford the rent.

It's a better scenario then living in crap, eating steaks or even chicken, lol, and I say this coming from the Bronx. I lived in one of the more middle class areas of the Bronx, but crime is still in the air, I would never chose to think differently because I'm Black. When I have kids they will come first, not the color they share with other Black people.

The character of Black people over the years has only gotten worst. It's no longer worth the risk.

UPDATE: Here is a photo of the suspect Malia Merriweather


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