Happy Fathers Day

Just because I rant and rave sometimes about fathers in our community, doesn't mean I don't realize there are wonderful fathers out there. My Dad is one of them. I love my Dad so much for always showing that he cares. Not to mention he has always been there for me.

The little things mean so much. From taking my brother and I places when we where younger and not seeming burdened by it like some fathers. From having patience with me and letting me find my way. When you have a wonderful Dad you want to show him you can do it and they drive you to try. All  the love and guidance my Dad has given I can't imagine not making it.

I could go on and on about my Dad, but I will be writing him a personal letter. I don't want Black people to get discouraged if they didn't have a father or feel bad about it. You can help change things for the next generation and let them experience how wonderful it is to have a father who cares

Happy Fathers Day to all the Wonderful Father's out there
I Love You Dad!

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