Keeping Wally Amos ENERGY Alive

I had the most wonderful experience recently. I had the chance to say hi to Wally Amos during a phone call he had with my mentor. I have always loved the spirit and ENERGY of Wally Amos. A clairvoyant person like myself doesn't necessarily need to meet someone in person to absorb their ENERGY.

And just as I expected he has a wonderful ENERGY and kind soul. I'm sure being in Hawaii helps. It's so sunny and beautiful their and it's where Wally calls home. He's the type of person to make you feel good when he talks to you. His ENERGY is so positive and inspirational. He's written a few children books which are now on my list of things to support. I'm sure they will make your kids smile.

I don't have kids but I know some and would love to maintain their youthful, playful, innocence as long as possible and just like Dr. Seuss, Wally's books seem to offer that. You can order Wally's inspirational books online on his website. You can order them on Amazon too, but of course he doesn't make as much of a profit. Let's make money bounce in the community please! In that way we will truly be an asset to ourselves, our communities and Society.

Anyway back to Wally.......

I have a sentimental ENERGY connection with Mr. Wally Amos.

One of my favorite crunchy cookies comes from Wally Amos; chocolate chip, and chocolate chip with pecans. When I was younger one of the joys of starting work at a young age was the fact that I could by Wally's "Famous Amos" cookies.My Mom would never buy such snacks. My Mom only brought those types of snacks on rare occasions. We did not get food-stamps growing up, so my Mom had to buy groceries with her own money (which is a good thing by the way).

Anyhow, she knew that buying snacks like that would result in my brother and I eating it up within days. As I stated my mother had to buy groceries so that required having a budget for them. She had to be more practical and frugal then a welfare Mom who is getting more food-stamps a month then she actually needs. My Mom would buy cookies but usually the a large pack of the store brand and I have to admit we lved them. You would be surprised how many people become "finicky" only after being exposed to what they don't necessarily need. At the end of the day good cookies are good cookies.

As far as Wally Amos's cookies............

Now I must point out the fact that you shouldn't necessarily run out and go buy Famous Amos cookies. Or what I should say is don't go out buying them thinking that they are still being made by Wally Amos. The recipe seems the same or closely similar, however he sold the company and after going through different hands "Keebler" now owns the Famous Amos brand.

I still eat Famous Amos cookies from time to time, but I had the great pleasure of trying his new cookie "Chip and Cookie". I have to say these cookies where so good I'm still thinking about them lol, I wish they where in a store near me. Instead I will have to order them online.I say "will" because they are currently unavailable. I'm sure  it's because they are sold out. Wally has a cookie store in Hawaii, when I go there I will definitely stop by and stock up.

As you will see Wally Amos lived a very colorful life. Hee had a strength and determination that metaphysically attracts good fortune even after a storm. I can absorb his ENERGY and I an tell he has a warm heart and soul, even throughout it all.

Make sure to check Wally's website periodically for a chance to try his wonderful cookies. At the same time support someone who cares and gives back to the community with his time and money. Someone who adds to the artistic beauty of our Culture and Universe. Not only with his wonderful cookies but also through his inspirational books for the youth and adults alike.

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