Bouncers At the Family Dollar

Well you read the title, its clear "Bouncers at the Family Dollar".

Yes, bouncers where at the "Family Dollar" store.

But where?

Where do you think these bouncers were stationed in the store?

Drumroll please.................

They where the cashiers! lol, lol, lol, lol, lol

Now I can really laugh, that's why there’s so many lol's typed above, but is it really  funny? Particularly to those who live in the area?

I must be honest and say yes it is when you think about it in a comedy show way. But in reality it's just plain sad..........isn't it?

To have to live in a neighborhood where the ENERGY and character of people is so bad the cashiers have to be men is just plain sad. And not just any type of men. No these weren’t your ordinary type of men. But men who have to be beyond physically fit. Men who have big muscles and look like they can put up a fight with anybody, or maybe even take a bullet lol. Even the short guys had muscles and were big.

I don’t know which is worst this scenario and experience or another; where customers entering the store are told 'you better not steal in the store'. That was an experience I went through in another Family Dollar which was in a Black neighborhood.  

At this Family Dollar as customers enter the store they are told by an automated voice system that they are being watched and will be prosecuted for stealing.

Sighh! It’s always a joy shopping in some Black neighborhoods. You have the opportunity to feel like a criminal without being one.These types of tactics represent the concentrated ENERGY of crime that poisons the neighborhood making these types of measures necessary. It doesn't matter how many NICE people live their.


It's sad that Black people will sit like this for years and years without realizing or striving for a better environment. Just because you come from a low income area doesn't mean the community has to be in shambles. We have simply created an urge and determination within Black men to rob and steal to get materialistic things. We send a message by supporting their mentalities and this culture that when they have these things they are more of a man and more respectable.

Their mentality of robbing for money is certainly not due to hunger in 2011, anyone with an address can get food stamps. No it’s gone beyond that. Criminal activity not only brings money to Black men in this era, but a sense of power and respect. They don’t have many ways to feel or obtain this and seek the only route that would not be contested* by Society.

In the case of robbers; though these men are not necessarily idolized the way a drug dealer is. Robbing has become condonable in this era and an understandable way of getting money. It's not looked down on by other Black men in the streets. In fact there is an ENERGY of being clever surrounding it. Black men rob in this era even if they have a fridge full of food at home.

For that the community has to suffer until it decides it will not suffer anymore and come against this ENERGY.
Later I will describe how people who live under these types of conditions have the appearance of being less than due to the environment they live in. At the end of the day and outside of the idealistic mind you are judged by your environment. Even poor Black men die and kill themselves to stand out in their poor environments. They do this by using materialistic things to add distinction between themselves and others living in their situation. Not doing so brings the subconscious feeling of succumbing to the overall feeling of powerlessness and helplessness. Both are strong ENERGIES in their community.

*Look it up, don’t be a RETARD, expand your vocabulary. Why can I say this? Because I’m NOT Condoleezza Rice or Michelle Obama

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