Sistas: Is Your Boyfriend a "Spark" Like This?

I recently came across a movie that reflects the ENERGY I feel coming from many relationships in this race.

Here we have the movie "Spark", an adjective rightfully used to describe Terrance Howard's character "Bryon" in the movie. The movie is about a boyfriend and girlfriend making a road trip from Chicago to California. Their car breaks down along the way in a small backwoods town and both have to try to find a way to deal with their confinement and Bryon's paranoia of racism.

The demeanor of Terrance Howard's character becomes the focus of this movie. His temperament is one that's accepted by many Black women in this generation. Women who confuse aggression with passion. Women who think that the more volatile a man is the more masculine he is.

In reality: You can't navigate society with someone who does not know how to express themselves without hostility.

Watch the Following Clip for an example of what I mean:

Notice how he is indeed a "Spark" How would you deal with this? Is his behavior exciting or dangerous?

Now the problem with a "Spark" is a spark is unpredictable and goes off at anytime. Dating a "Spark" would be like dating Jim Jones, The Game, Beanie Siegel or any of the other Black men who have demonstrated they cannot control their tempers. Men who have made it clear that any situation can turn bad when they are around people and it doesn't take much for that to happen.

Sparks are men who go from 0 to 60 in a second and they cannot be controlled. Usually something dramatic has to occur for them to tone down. Though oftentimes it's embedded so deep in their character, their demeanor simply dictates the type of life they live.

Unlike many women in this era, one of the things I look for in a Black man is his ability to control himself and use critical thinking skills. The worst thing imaginable is being with someone who attracts trouble because they don't know how to deal with life or others. And because this culture promotes and urges Black men to act in this way, it's very important to understand what signs to avoid.

Finally I want young Black women to truly absorb and feel the ENERGY of this movie. I want them to feel how Terrance Howard's character speaks to his girlfriend "Nina". This is not something you have to deal with in a relationship. The way you allow someone to speak to you will dictate how much they listen to you and respect you.

The way someone speaks to you can ultimately make you a harsher person also. I witness this often. Many black women come across harsh, loud and rough because those are the ENERGIES of the environment that she is coming from and she can't help but absorb it. Often times a Black woman will metaphysically attract overly aggressive men and not understand why.

Being with a man like Terrance Howard's character Bryon can only create confrontational, challenging situations that get out of hand and make things worst as the movie demonstrates.

Watch the FULL movie and see why "Alvin" from The Cosby Show should look more and more attractive to Black women. Particularly as we progress further into a less primitive, physical universe into a more technology driven, cerebral one.

Chapter One
Chapter Two
Chapter Three
Chapter Four
Chapter Five
Chapter Six
Chapter Seven
Chapter Eight
Chapter Nine
Though this movie came out in 1998 Please Support the movie and add it to your Video Collection if you Enjoy it!

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