Website that Brings People Together

Sometimes I think this race is so boring. It's hard to find stimulation in the Black race that does not revolve around the same ENERGIES over and over again. Everything is not about food, activism and music.

There are many other interesting hobbies, pastimes and escapes that can be had. So I want to lead the community to a wonderful site I stumbled across., now is not a dating site. It's a site that shares all the groups and activities going on in your area. From game nights, poetry nights, hiking and fitness clubs, shopping groups, and any other activity that is made more fun in a group.

This is how the website works: you simply type in the zip code of the area you're in or would like to find an activity in and it will list all the happenings in that area. I like this site because you have a chance to engage and interact with those who will be participating in the activity. It has an open RSVP style where you can see who will be attending and share tips and prepare up to the day of the activity.

It's an interactive site opposed to a site that simply tells you what is going on.

Have a look and discover how many activities you can do in your area. I also like how it allows you to naturally make friends and meet people who enjoy the things that you do.

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