The Universe Reveals the Spiritual Hell of A Stripper


Stripper Passed out Drunk and High While Kids run around unsupervised

The ENERGY of the stripper in this article represents the true ENERGY of most strippers and what their children go through.

I have a couple of questions to set the mood for this article and access the consciousness of others:

"What type of environment and ENERGY do you think Strippers have to deal with?
  • Do you think they strip in conditions where they are surrounded by soft music and claps of appreciation? 
  • Do you think they are surrounded by men who are willing to treat them like Queens or Trash?
  • Do you think they strip in an environment where the men despite being drunk and/or high don't demean them and ask them to do more then just show their body and dance?
  • Do you think they are surrounded by an environment where their name means more then there body?
  • Do you think the men who come to these clubs say "wow what a beautiful body, I appreciate your dancing or do they say "Shake that ass Bi*tch, get low, get low, get low"?
  • Do you think that out of respect they refrain from asking for sexual favors? What if she says no, will the man say "oh that's ok I can understand? Or will he have the attitude "Bit*ch you a stripper I know you not acting like you somebody or worthy?

Stripper Quote:
  "You feel like this zoo animal that's always in a cage," Mrs. Krause said. You have all these strangers coming up to you, like coming up to the animals, and they are saying, 'Oh you are so pretty, I'd like to pet you, I want to take you home,' and then they leave you there in that cage."
It's Glamorous? Wrong - The day-to-day reality of acting friendly to perverts and degenerates is disgusting.  Being assaulted in the lap dance booth is traumatic and utterly humiliating.  Being regularly hit on by creepy guys making filthy comments at you  is not at all glamorous.  Being physically attacked by mentally unbalanced dancers is also unglamorous.
A Classy Man will Change in an Instant in an Environment where you Allow yourself to be Exploited. And let's face it without doing a survey I'm sure it's safe to say that most BALANCED men do not FREQUENT strip clubs.

To this day despite how it's been downplayed most women strip because they have a low self-esteem or feel they have to. Of course that is not true, but it's something that they convince to themselves. So metaphysically many strippers will be women who do not have the self-confidence, brain capacity, will-power, or true desire to take another route.

Many of these strippers have given up on life in some way or another and simply said "Fuc*k it" and decide to take what they think will be the easier route in life. They fail to realize that because God and this Universe does not want them to go that route it will be a very, very hard route to go.

Once you step into a life of stripping it's no longer about you. You have now walked into an environment that is bigger than you and has ENERGIES you didn't think you would have to deal with. This is the main reason many strippers depend on drugs and alcohol to maintain and give them a way to try to escape what they are doing. Unfortunately God and the Universe sees the stripper trying to escape in that way too and the drugs and alcohol will make things worst. Humans are forced to grow in life or slowly deteriorate and shrink due to a lack of doing so.

Why does this happen? Because God and the Universe is trying to PURGE the stripper away from that type of lifestyle. And the spirit and soul will naturally fail to feel content.

When it comes to strippers in this era, strippers are portrayed in a glossy, way. They are portrayed in a way that makes stripping seem glamorous, easy and worth it. Unfortunately this is done on purpose, and not just to lure woman into the lifestyle, but also to make men more comfortable with seeking out strippers. Most people will hide the truth of a situation in order to maintain their pride and dignity. Many people will hide the truth to convince themselves that they are the opposite of what they feel.

Unfortunately we have a culture that assists with allowing someone to escape this through thinking this way. After-all it's profitable. It's amazing that Black people fell into believing that Stripping is just another way to make money, just like we fell into believing that rappers would simply pick up the mic and talk about whats going on in the community and not glamorize the negativity of it.

You couldn't say this race is the brightest bunch. You could say this race is easily lead into hell however. Once we allow an ENERGY into our culture and communities it settles and then we look around like dumb asses as to what to do now.
Well Here's the Truth:

Most Strippers live in Spiritual Hell Filled with Drugs and Alcohol to Cope

Why?, as I stated there is no, no, no way God would allow a person to feel at ease doing something he didn't design them to do, something he doesn't want them to do. Substance abuse is usually used to cope with what the spirit knows is not right.

Let's take the following stripper for example
"She looks likes she's in another world and prefers it that way"

Corinthian Williams of Riviera Beach FL the mother of  four 1, 5, 6, 9 left her children while she went to work as a stripper. The neighbors had suspicions that the children where unsupervised and called the police. When police arrived they found Corinthian (love the Biblical name) passed out in the bedroom. The front door was answered by her 5-year old child.

When police told Williams why they were there she held up her 1-year old and said "Take her I don't wanna". The 1-year old had a very soiled diaper on and skin irritations due to this. The child also had an ear infection and was not taking medicine for the condition. The 9 year old claimed that Williams often had men over and would leave the children alone while she went into the bedroom with them.

This clearly shows that the children Williams had where just accidents along the way. Accidents that she found hard to deal with particularly at they're young age. They were not being adequately taken care of or loved. This is one of the reason why many children grow up evil and desensitized. When being raised under such conditions the only way to survive the pain is to become numb. Understand this ENERGY the next time you hear about a teenager or young adult who commits an unexplainable heinous act

Stripping did not provide Corinthian with an escape or a solution. It propelled her into a cycle of having to use substance abuse to cope with a life she hoped would free her. When these women fall deep into the stripper lifestyle they feel great despair. The thing that they thought would free them becomes a chain around their ankle. It's a lifestyle that allows a woman to escape as much as she wants through substance abuse. Once she falls into that trap, living a normal life and working a normal job becomes even more complicated. 

Source Corithian Williams Report
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