Being Nice to the Ghetto Minded

"Ghetto is simply a mentality and I must Say to the Mentally Ghetto, sorry for this one but I must be honest."
I have to admit sometimes I can seem brutal. And not because I'm a hand snapping in your face diva type. It's simply because I will say something when it comes to negative ENERGY. I can't hold back sorry. And together with the fact that I'm a Pisces with my Moon in Leo, it's makes for a bizarre warrior type of combination.

As a Pisces I'm clairvoyant and see through most things, having Leo in my chart means I'm sometimes prone to being a dramatic extrovert type, mainly with my mouth of course. I will and must address certain ENERGIES. Doing so is like clearing air. I feel compelled to do it and I like it (see my warrior article, coming soon)

Ok let me explain the title of this article. Keep in mind while reading this article that this is coming from a former broke noodle soup eater. I would go to Walmart with my head held high and buy thirteen cent noodle soups when I had no money. Or I would shop at DollarTree and buy the cheapest foods at Aldi's supermarket.

So I don't have much sympathy for those who always need a handout. I respect someone more if they sacrifice and try to be self-sufficient. That it is more respectable then someone who settles for finding ways to live off of others, charity and the government. Especially those who do so long term.

Despite what I just said I just had to be nice to the cashier that rang me out at the "Foodlion" supermarket  today. She has cashed me out before and she's always a nice sweet person. So I didn't have the heart to be mean to her based on her saying the following.

"I would love to ask that lady to sell me some of her Foodstamps."

She explained that the lady she was referring to always uses EBT and always has a balance of about three thousand dollars though she only spends fifteen dollars at a time. I told her I was amazed and figured she must be saving her money to have such a large balance on her card. I mentioned that I didn't realize people who received Foodstamps could do this. She said they could. Then she stated how she wanted to ask the lady if she would sell her some of her Foodstamp credits. See this is where I separate from many low standard people. And as a Black person I know that our problems and ENERGIES are in concentration , so it's felt more intensely and this would be a common ENERGY amongst many of us.

Now I won't go into it now. In the future I will be writing many articles that explains this further. But I don't like government assistance, particularly when the person "sighs a sign of relief" when they think about receiving Foodstamps. Or does a "happy dance" when they think about the money they will get to buy fatty foods.

Some people might be saying to themselves " how is that a bad thing, government programs are a relief". To understand where I'm coming from you will have to absorb the ENERGY of what I'm saying. Don't get caught up in the fact that what I've said is not politically correct, like you would do a Juan Williams. lol

Anyhow let me explain. I think that anyone in a government program or receiving aid (in the case of this story foodstamps) should be humble and discrete.  I've seen the class level and ENERGY of Black people take a nosedive over the years. When I was in school in order to really insult someones pride a kid might tease another and say "your family gets foodstamps" or "your family family gets welfare".

Not now, we have become desensitized over the years, things have changed in current times. Welfare and Foodstamps have become a sense of currency in many of our communities. It's used in the same way also. It's traded and sold to others for money and other goods. It becomes a crutch and like a credit card for the whole family to pass around when needed.

This is something that Black people who receive Foodstamps do regularly. I have been asked before if I wanted to buy Foodstamps. On one particular occasion when I was asked I told the person 'I would die before I did such a thing'.


Because I have pride and dignity. The worst thing to have to do is pull out an EBT card and show the world you cannot support yourself. It's not something the Universe looks highly upon. You are suppose to sacrifice when things get hard and not look for handouts. Of course this is not a mentality that Black people have. We believe that we are owed something because of slavery. Again, the Universe does not feel this way that's why our existence is a constant struggle.

The Universe doesn't understand rich or poor. The Universe only knows that it gave everyone a brain to find their way out of their situation. You can choose to do this immediately, in the future, or never, the Universe only reacts and responds to your mental thoughts, which dictates your actions. Through the right actions the Universe can help you and push you through any obstacle. With a sense of helplessness, fear and inactivity the Universe cannot help you because you do not provide any channels for it to do so. And of course we know the Universe will not send good fortune knocking on your door. You have to go out and find it.

I won't make this long, it's just another example of the contrast in ENERGY when it comes to myself and many Black people in this era. In this case this was a nice Black person who not only had a job, but worked in the supermarket, but she would still like some sort of hand-out.

The Universe does not like hand-outs or weakness. The persistence of many Black people taking hand-outs sends a message to the Universe that that is how Black people choose to live and get by. So the Universe will always give you what you ask for and focus on.

So unfortunately we have generations of Black people who have made Foodstamps a part of their life. Their habitual actions in receiving Foodstamps makes it a fixture in their life. Others like the cashier in this article are desensitized when it comes to receiving hand-outs, so they don't mind the thought of receiving them.

There are times when people will judge the things you say and assess your mentality and class level based on your words. This is something that needs to be emphasized more in our communities. Not doing so creates a concentration of Black people who do not think before they speak. It validates the stereotypes about the mentalities of this race, as was the case in this story.

Of course I would like to point out that I don't look down on anyone that gets EBT, that would be ridiculous. My articles revolve around ENERGY and I am pointing out the ENERGY of some who receive EBT. Some receive EBT and can't wait to get off of it and understand it's temporary help. Some will get EBT and make it a part of their life. And often times when they cease receiving EBT they are still willing to purchase it from others.............................That is the ENERGY I speak of and the ENERGY of this story.

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