Dealing With Social Service Moms


To me life is not just about helping others, it's also about being honest with people too. The reason why I point this out is because people seem to think the opposite. Most people seem hesitant when it comes to being honest about another person's mentalities or behavior, even when these people make up their environment.

Not long ago I felt compelled to be honest. I ran into a "social service" mother and had to let her know her ENERGY.

In trying to promote this wonderful book designed to motivate Black youth, I had an eye-opening experience with a "social service" mother.

As I handed her the book and encouraged her to buy it for her kids, she held out her hand and asked was it free. When I told her it wasn't she said "it should be" and withdrew her hand. This irritated me and I knew she lived a life where people have simply felt sorry for her, looked down on her, ignored her but failed to be honest with her.

I on the other hand had to be honest. It's important to point out that she did not even look at the book. She did not flip through it's pages therefore concluding it should be free. Nope, she's simply a "social service" mom who waits for the government to help her children. She doesn't realize it can be both ways and should be both ways.

I told her she's the reason why I don't like to go out selling to Black people. I told her she was ghetto and low standard and asked her why should the book be free? The writer had to compile it, spend money to edit and publish it, so why should it be free? Of course she had no answer. I knew she wouldn't have an answer but I always question ghetto and low conscious minded people. Many times people talk about their actions but don't question them about these actions.

Now let me explain "social service" minded mothers. Of course these are mothers who often receive help from the government. Through this help they consciously and subconsciously get use to most things being free when it comes to their children. After all the government basically supports the children of such a mother. Reducing and spending the little cash they have at times to help fill their child up with the books and resources the government will not supply, is foreign to a "social service" mother. They don't understand the mentality that "you reap what you sow" that includes what you "sow" into your children.

So when one comes across a "social service" mother they quickly realize that these mothers learn to revolve any expenditures that has to do with the child around the hand-outs that they receive. The mentality of a social service mother is "why should I pay out of my pocket when I get a check". They don't look outside of their situation even when it comes to something that will empower and help their child.

So you can't expect a "social service" mother to think beyond her own reality. Most "social service" mothers come from environments that enable their behavior. They don't take into consideration the outside world. A "social service" mother would never be eager to exchange commerce or money with someone who made an effort to help their child. If it's not free they will pass. It doesn't matter if it's $1, $2 or $10 they will pass. In this case I had reduced the book to $5 for that day.

To a "social service" mother that's alot of money. In fact any amount of money is a lot of money to a "social service" mother even when it comes to an investment. Spending money on an investment or growth takes away from them being able to buy beer, cigarettes or the fried chicken they would like to stuff down their face to escape the choices they've made and life's trials and tribulations.

Are you social service minded too? It's a mentality that is a disease running through our communities. It is also another example of why we can't build our economy. We don't know how to make money bounce between us in our communities. All money that enters the community is poured out into other economy's almost immediately.

You can check out this wonderful mind stimulating, inspiring book for Black youth here:

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