Do The Oscars Bring Out Black Peoples Low Self-Esteem?


I’m weird and I like being weird. I like being weird when my weird revolves around simply being in contrast to most Black people.

Anyway, I must say I’ve NEVER EVER, cared, wished for, thought it would occur nor felt bad it wasn’t happening that the Oscar’s didn’t feature a lot of Black actors.

We don’t understand that we continue being second class citizens by our own actions and beliefs. We don’t understand that many things befall this race due to metaphysics. Now Society told you the Oscar’s was the sh*t, you drank the Kool-Aid that said the Oscars is the sh*t and now because Black people didn’t create the Oscars nor do we dominate Hollywood we feel bad about not being well represented.

We are always giving power to the things that other people have created. We give power to the things that we are told should have a power over us. We don’t concentrate on empowering ourselves and being proud of the things we create. It’s impossible for us to do this because we don’t feel good about ourselves as Black people. So when we are accepted by non-blacks deep down inside within our subconscious minds we feel as if we’re “moving on up”. We have no one to blame for this weakness but ourselves.

Are you confused? Because I know some people were made to be controlled they just don’t get it.

So again, are you confused?

Well, let me ask you a question so that you understand what I mean. What makes the Oscars so special? Who made it so special and why? Who gives the Oscars power?

If Black people weren’t concerned with the Oscars and didn’t fixate on the Oscars, it wouldn’t be relevant in our communities. It would take away its power. This is not a militant action, it would be genuine, when where’re interested we would watch it, when we are not we wouldn’t. But to stand by year after year and wait to be represented because it would mean we are accepted by the superior people therefore we are worthy, is insane.

Here’s another way to look at it. Let’s say we didn’t represent or acknowledge White people, would they care? No they wouldn’t we don’t seem to have significance. We have yet to create a significant ENERGY in society, besides hip-hop.

Now, I speak in a tone that represents ENERGY and metaphysics, and I know that many Black people are saying “no, no, they should represent us we deserve it”.

It’s true I think the Oscars should represent more Black people. But I believe in taking power away from what you’re giving power to. Why give power to something that doesn’t empower you? strengthen you, or represent you? I don’t believe in demonstrating weakness by whining about the fact that you’re not being accepted. Does the Oscars give out awards to heaven? Why is the Oscars such a significant event?

Just think about how brainwashed you are. Some of you are saying “the Oscars are big”. Who made them big, who have they awarded and represented over the years?

Now understand I am not being militant when I take this approach. I don’t believe in militancy. In fact I believe in metaphysics and what is human nature. The Oscars where created by Caucasian culture it focuses on movies made by Caucasians or for Caucasians. So metaphysically the movies represented and honored would have the same ENERGY.

The idealistic mind of Black people believes we should be represented equally. We believe this despite not creating the Oscars. We believe this because it would be the right thing to do. We want to be honored at an event that attracts many different viewers.

It makes us feel accepted. So we put our emotions in the hands of others and it becomes like a rollercoaster ride.

“The Oscars aren’t designed for us…let’s focus on making more films.”

I think it’s pathetic to even care. When they acknowledge Black people and send an ENERGY of being fair then we watch when they don’t we won’t. But it is not something that this race created. Nor is Hollywood and it’s a sign of weakness to need and concentrate on what someone else has created when you can be creating your own.

I like these comments:
Mspeelicious via atlantapost

I am black and i stayed up late watching the OSCARS. It didnt affect me one bit that there was no black representation at the awards. Why should i as a black person feel obligated to watch something just because it has black in it, i watch movies that are good. And i also feel its unfair to expect the Academy Award or The Hollywood Foreign Press to nominate a black actor/actress/director or movie just to fulfill the quota. I cannnot recall a black movie or actor that excelled in 2010. Non of the black movies out there are worth any mention. I suggest black people stop whining and start working, and stop with usual roles i.e. gang bangers, swearing thugs, fat old women (yes I am talking about Big Momma and Medea). and hopefully we might get somewhere in the industry

Michelle T via atlantapost

"Finances allocated to Blacks ... " ? At this point Blacks should be well beyond finances being allocated. In the African American community alone there is more than enough money and connections to be beyond waiting for a welfare hand out. The fact that our independent screen writers and film makers are waiting for an allocation is ABSURD! lets take a closer look at the financial situations within our communities as opposed to waiting for a handout or acknowledgment from the Oscars. Ridiculous!
So "no" I don’t feel the same or sympathize with this race for admiring, praising and giving power to something that does not mean anything at the end of the day. Let’s celebrate what we create and those that truly want to collaborate with our culture.

 Here is a list of Black actors awarded an Oscar since the shows first ceremony May 10, 1929

Hattie McDaniel
Gone With the Wind
Best Supporting Actress
Sidney Poitier
Liles of the Field
Homer Smith
Best Actor
Louis Gossett Jr.
An Officer and a Gentleman
Gunnery Sergeant Emil Foley
Best Supporting Actor
Denzel Washington
Put. Trip
Best Supporting Actor
Whoopie Goldberg
Ode Mae Brown
Best Supporting Actress
Cuba Gooding Jr.
Jerry Maguire
Rod Tidwell
Best Supporting Actor
Denzel Washington
Training Day
Alonzo Harris
Best Actor
Halle Berry
Monstar’s Ball
Leticia Musgrove
Best Actress
Jamie Fox
Ray Charles
Best Actor
Morgan Freeman
Million Dollar Baby
Eddi ‘Scrap-Iron”Dupris
Best Supporting Actor
Forrest Whitaker
The Last King of Scotland
Idi Amin
Best Actor
Jennifer Hudson
Effie White
Best Supporting Actress
Mary Lee Johnston
Best Supporting Actress

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