Freak Bus Crash In the Bronx Kills 15


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This accident really hit me. Being from the Bronx I have driven past this location many times and I have family that travel the area. I don't I've ever seen or heard of a more severe accident in the Bronx.This can be described as nothing less then a freak accident.

 Thirteen passengers where killed in an accident on the Southbound 1-95 highway at the Hutchinson Pkwy exit.

The bus which was operated by World Wide Tours was traveling back from Mohegan Sun a casino in Uncasville. As the bus was making it's way back to Chinatown in Manhattan the bus flipped onto it's side and was sliced open by a "sign support pole". Details are not clear as to the exact cause of the accident.

The driver of the bus claims he lost control when he was trying to avoid a swerving tractor trailer which didn't stop after the accident. A full investigation is being made.

Freak part of this accident is the fact that the bus was literally sliced all the way through. It's said that apart from 13 passengers dying virtually all where injured in some way. It has the ENERGY of a wind just siping through your life and changing it instantly.

Fifty-nine year old Chung Ninh said he awoke to find himself hanging upside down by his seat belt. The scene looked like a massacre. Carnage as well as screaming and dying people where everywhere. Good Samaritan's looking to help where warn of the severity of the horrific scene.

Could this have been a preventable accident? Was the driver at fault, did he practice self-defense driving? Time will tell but those involved in this accident will have many dramatic images to get out of their head in the years to come.
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Well seems just seem to get messier and more peculiar as details arise about this Freak bus accident in the Bronx.

First I would have to say this is a mess, World Wide Tours should be ready to file for bankruptcy because they will need to shortly. New details have emerged about the bus driver Ophadell Williams. It seems he has a lengthy criminal record including a conviction of murder and a flawed driving record.

Investigators are investigating how a man with such a record could obtain a commercial driving license. As

Black people we have decided to be united. So it's like a Black man's fellow Brother committed a crime. I can assure you there will be more caution because of it. Here's a man who seemed to be given another chance and in turn was involved in one of the worst bus accidents in U.S. history.

Investigators do not believe that a truck clipped the bus, which resulted in the accident. There is no evidence that this is true.

Read the drivers past crimes and infractions Here:

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