Voodoo Sex Ceremony Starts Fire


Sigh, we all know we live in a country where we must all learn to live together. America is a melting pot of all ethnic groups and cultures and sometimes we must feel the ramifications of things we do not understand.

A Brooklyn woman having bad luck decided she would visit a known Voodoo doctor to make it all better. His solution to her situation involved having sex with candles on the floor. To make being a Voodoo doctor even more fascinating and the envy of some men, she also paid him $300 for this service. So to cure her of her bad luck she had to have sex with the Voodoo priest and pay him $300. Sounds like a situation that needs to be reversed.

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Now I don't want to make a joke of this story, simply because this scenario turned into a tragedy. A fast-moving fire swept through the Brooklyn apartment building after the candles set nearby linen and clothes on fire The fire was made worst by the Voodoo priest trying to extinguish the fire with water instead of calling 911 immediately.  Another resident also made the fire worst by opening up a window. The fire quickly got out of hand when the window was opened. The wind gust coming from the open window blew the flames back into the apartment resulting in the apartment being engulf in fire.

To make matters worst when the residents ran out of the apartment they left the door open and the fire spread to the fourth, fifth and sixth floors.

The fire was so extreme that nearly 200 firefighters from 44 companies spent seven hours to bring the fire under control.

I originate from the Bronx, luckily I did not live in those areas where the residents are literally sitting on top of each other. However in many neighborhoods especially those that are poor, fire's occur in the most bizarre way. From ovens that are left on because the heat was cut off, to candles catching fire to clutter like in this case there are many reasons why fires in poor neighborhoods are more prevalent.

Unfortunately, one woman was killed in this tragedy. One can only wonder if the luck of the woman seeking the services of the Voodoo priest will go from bad to tragic due to this situation.

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