Pet Ferret Chews Off Toddlers Fingers


This is one of the most unbelievable stories. It's a story that should never be told, because it should have never happened it's hard to believe that it could have happened.

In GRAIN VALLEY, MO a pet Ferrett chewed off seven of a toddlers fingers leaving only his two thumbs and a pinky.

This incident goes far beyond what would be considered an accident............

Ahh! don't they look so cute and cuddly. They seem harmless and like the perfect pet. This was the misconception that this family had. They did not research and understand the challenges of having a pet Ferrett.

I wish I could end it with just that. I wish I could simply say that this family was naive in having a pet Ferret around such a young child. But I cannot do this, there is more to this story. The ENERGY of this story blows me away.

At the time of the incident both parents where home. The baby was in it's rocker and one parent was in another room while one parent was in the bedroom with the toddler.

Here's where the story becomes perplexing. Despite not having kids I have been around babies and know that because they cannot talk they express themselves through their crying and fretting.

Unless these parents where knocked unconscious it's absolutely inconceivable that they could not hear the screams of pain and terror coming from this child. In such an incident a child would not simply cry they will holla in a way you have never known if an animal is chewing their fingers off.

Even as I type this I still say "what" when I think of this story. It leaves me stumped.

In absorbing the ENERGY of this story I can only assume that the parents were not supervising the child, and no a parent was not in the room with the child sleep. Instead the parents where possibly home but simply ignored the customary crying of this baby. This baby was probably left to cry many times and ignored.

When the parents heard the baby crying like it normally does it simply chose to ignore the baby.

However it's hard to imagine that a parent can't distinguish between the different type of cries the baby has. I can promise you this baby was hollering like never before. Eventually after some time the parents decided to check in on the baby who would not stop hollering due to seven of his fingers being chewed off. My only hope is that they did not wait an hour to check on the baby due to them regularly letting the baby cry until it stops.

Another ENERGY assesment that revolves around specualtion is that parents who reside in Missouri a "Meth" haven where "Meth" heads and fell into a deep sleep which is common for "Meth" addicts after being awake for long periods of time. Meth addicts::
Experience altered wake and sleep patterns. Some methamphetamine addicts use the drug for up to two weeks with little to no sleep. This is followed by a period of 24 to 72 hours of deep sleep.
That would explain why the Ferret was able to chew off seven fingers...................SEVEN before the babies parents intercepted.

I will be awaiting more details and updates on this case will this be one of the most unbelievable child neglect cases of 2011, we will see.


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