Ride or Die Chick Helps Her Boyfriend in His Demise


What's the next worst ENERGY in our community besides Brothers who lead other Brothers to their damaged lifestyle? The answer is a "Ride or Die" chick.

There is nothing that I despise more then a "Ride or Die" chick. I despise them because I know that through the power of true love anything is possible. True love motivates you, true love inspires you. Unfortunately many Black women in challenging communities don't know how to love a Black man. They don't know how to be there for them spiritually to lesson the effects and pressures that a Black man goes through in the street.

Instead these women think that sacrificial love, a love where they condone and stand by any action that their boyfriends want to take is true love. They don't have the capability in their pea brains to love their boyfriends so much that they come up with alternatives that can help him. Not one, alternative, not two but they should be in the constant mode of trying to expand the narrow minded way many of these men think in.

There are many ways Black men can be self-sufficient make money and feel proud, but because these ways take a lot of ENERGY in order to change it becomes exhausting to both people, and the easy route is chosen.

In this case Shaketa Jones decided to help her boyfriend Jessie Cooper rob a gas station, where he was subsequently murdered by the police.

It is believed that Shaketa was the mastermind in the robbery. She made a point of casing out the gas station days leading up to the robbery. She even followed the manager to his bank runs to become familiar with his routine.

At the time of the robbery the manager was making his daily bank run and had a $13,000 bank deposit on him. Jessie Cooper confronted the manager when he left the store in a ski mask holding a .380 caliber gun. The manager quickly threw the bag at him and ducked for cover when he saw the gun.

Unfortunately detectives where performing a stakeout of  the neighborhood due to a rise in robberies in the area. The detectives had been watching Shaketa plan the robbery all week. They where able to block her boyfriends vehicle in after he committed the robbery. The detectives ordered him to surrender but instead he chose to go out in a "blaze of glory". Instead of putting his hands up he put his gun up and detectives killed him on the scene.

Shaketa was in an adjacent driveway and was recognized by the detectives and arrested. She is now facing murder charges under Florida law which states that anyone involved in a crime that results in a death is responsible.

I agree and I hope that it's a deterrent to women who stand by their mates in weakness, instead of being the rock and strength when their significant other needs a voice of reason.

Stay tuned for my "Mega CD" which will be full of ideas and ways to make money by being self-sufficient and starting your own business. No matter how big or small.

Black women in the community are of no asset to Black men when they allow them to go down the wrong path. They are no asset to Black men when they mistake true sacrificial love with being a mere "Ride or Die" chick. A woman who stands behind the fast or slow demise of their boyfriends fate.

The best girlfriends offer solutions, and walk away if their boyfriends are determined to go the wrong route. They should walk away with love in their heart and emphasize that they will always be there for them when they need to talk or want support, but by no means should they aid and abide a budding criminal.

When I come across Black men who feel they have no options, I try to inspire them to be creative in the ways they can make money. I try to show them that they can be self-sufficient and carve their own path. I have a friend who I encouraged to start a lawn mower service in order to make money. He did so and now has several regular clients. I made him fliers to hand out and encouraged him to keep trying. Though he is not overly ambitious about it, he does resort to it when he needs money. He doesn't resort to robbery when he needs money, a mistake he made in the past.

Unfortunately, Shaketa didn't have the brain capacity or desire to do this. It takes less ENERGY and effort to take the easier route, and for that I think she should be held accountable.

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