Is the Racial Profiling of Black Men Simply Metaphysics?

Sometimes I get winded I don’t know what to say to this race. We seem to be a race that has formed a concrete position on issues and will not re-evaluate them ever.

I however feel the need and have a compulsion to constantly re-evaluate and weigh the ENERGY of a situation. I would never act like Black men have the mentalities and the ENERGY of Black men in the past. I would never do this for the satisfaction of this race nor for the comfort of myself just because I’m Black.

In an era where Black people racially profile themselves and Black men are more scared of each other then anyone else in the world; I just don’t understand how others wouldn’t do and feel the same.

It’s metaphysics, Society didn’t fear Black men in the past. They would call a grown Black man a Nigg*a to his face.

Black men today are not only scared of each other but they will lie and say another Black man did a crime. He will do this because he knows it’s believable. He knows that it will release him off the hook. So how could it not be the same with others?

I just saw an episode of 48 hours and a Black young man claimed he was in the house of a drug dealer and men came in and murdered the dealer. He was very vague, but a retard could figure out that he either shot him or set him up. He claims that other Black men did it. That is the way of the Black man in this era, and his ways will ALWAYS metaphysically come back to get him.

On the same episode a Hispanic man claimed that a woman was killed by drug dealers because she snitched. Now here’s an example that doesn’t revolve around race, but reflects the true thinking process of someone that lies. What he claimed was believable, based on the neighborhood’s ENERGY. However, the investigators didn’t believe him, they felt that he was lying. They believed he was involved and was simply distancing himself from the crime. He told them what he thought would be the most believable.

Black men not only commit a significant amount of crime, but they brag about it. While they are bragging about it they possess other Black people to do the same through this culture. They make it clear to the world that they are criminals and are criminal minded.

Why wouldn’t a manipulating person blame a Black man for a crime they committed? Why wouldn’t a manipulating person choose to blame a Black man over another race?

We all know the answer, it’s not simply racism or the desire to believe a Black man did the crime, it’s simply believable. We have set into place every ENERGY to make it believable.

If “blue” people created the most crimes in this country wherever they habitat and where known to commit particular crimes; a manipulating person would claim that they where the culprits.

Why don’t people frame Black men for white collar crimes, or ??????? (wow I can’t think of a crime we don’t do lol) But you get my point.

Car jacking, a Black man did it. Robbery, a Black man did it. Murder, a Black man did it. Any type of senseless violence, a Black man did it.

Unfortunately these are crimes that Black men not only prevalently commit in concentration but they are crimes that have been a source of power for Black men. Black men seem to be empowered by crime and criminal activity. And we being the geniuses that we, are allowed that ENERGY to make it all the way to the forefront of our culture. It’s the perfect scenario to being able to possess others.

This is not simply racism, as I said its metaphysics.

Whatever ENERGY that you portray, take in, or are passive to in your environment becomes you. This is a statement that only a person who understands metaphysics could understand. An idealistic person would ignore this metaphysical fact and rely on idealism to protect the dignity, and image of what they are attached to.

In the video posted Dr. Boyce asked “Oliver Grant” the executive producer of “Wutang” what does it mean when rappers like Rick Ross who didn’t live the criminal lifestyle portrays himself as one.

Of course Oliver Grant could not answer or articulate an answer to this. One must wonder if he could, without saying that we are insane as a race.

How could someone answer that question without pointing out the ENERGY that Black men like Rick Ross go out of their way to portray themselves as criminals to connect with this race? Black people where initially upset that he wasn’t the criminal he claimed, that’s why they supported him. Can these ENERGY facts really be disputed?

It’s speaks about the mentalities of this race and the fact that there is a large segment who have no dedication in doing better.

Instead we allowed them to created a means of making money through our race, and the suffering God and the Universe allows due to this is metaphysically correct. We must suffer with those that we protect and are passive to.

In the video Detective Resheen Peppers in my opinion DEFLATED the entire claim of the video. He stated that from his experience Black officers racially profile and suspect Black men constantly. When a Black man is suspected of a crime he noted that many Black officers go with it and believe it.

You know why? It’s because they are racist too. They deal with Black crime day in and day out and it would be ridiculous for them to believe a Black man did it, right? Wrong

Just like society they have been desensitized. Due to the high crime committed by Black men them being a suspect is believable and probable.

Once again don’t get confused by an idealistic mind, this is human nature. This is how the human mind works. The human mind makes quick assessments based on ENERGY and probability.

I’m sure we can see that this is true by looking at our own race. We can’t ask more from others then we expect or do for ourselves.

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