Is Detroit the Strip Club Mecca


As the country struggles with unemployment and the recession; Detroit has a solution. Detroit has become what seems a Strip Club Mecca. There are over 33 strip clubs within the "8 Mile" area of Detroit. These strip clubs are in concentration and often on every other corner.

Though it’s an area where the population is predominately Black, men of other races frequent these strip clubs also. But just like standard the clubs are focused in the Black community. White people aren’t so willing to change the ENERGY of their neighborhood for some cheap thrills.

To Solve This

You Need This:............................

Black people have never had a problem destroying themselves for what seems like immediate gratification and easy money. 

Black people do not have visionary skills or understand the ramifications of giving into what is easy. They fail to realize that struggle, sacrifice and critical thinking skills is what develops a race, builds character and strength and creates a better community.

If you’ve read some of my other articles its common knowledge that I prefer to live outside neighborhoods that are predominately Black. I will never deal with the uncertainty of this type of scenario ever again in life. It’s not worth it and because I am a person who cannot escape ENERGY it’s in my best interest to avoid negative environments. It’s my best interest to stay away from environments where people are passive to the ENERGY of their surroundings.

One can only imagine how dirty and diseased many of the Black people happen to be due to this contaminating ENERGY.

Strip clubs revolve around alcohol and drugs. When you create an environment like that inhibitions lower, risky behavior, violence and moral decay occurs. God and this Universe would not allow any different.

Any ENERGY that you take in will become and affect your environment. That is a metaphysical fact that cannot be disputed.

The strip clubs in Detroit attract the most desperate and lost women in the community. These are the women who are mentally unstable, desperate, beaten down spiritually and do not know their self-worth.

Of course that is not the concern of the men who frequent these clubs. They are able to ignore these facts by simply getting intoxicated or being high. When they are in that state they do not have to absorb the true ENERGY of their surroundings. They do not have to feel and see the pathetic, desperation of the women they are exploiting.

Aside from the moral aspect of the situation is COMMON SENSE and as I stated Black people historically have a tendency to make decisions that lack this important thinking skill.

When you create a neighborhood where strip clubs have taken over. What other businesses will want to come to the area. What other businesses or development would want to operate in close proximity to a strip club? What visual contamination does it bring, what type of customers come in and out of the business and how many children observe what is going on?

We can learn a lot from Detroit in the coming years as we see the neighborhood continue to disintegrate and the people of the community back their economy into the corner.

One of the arguments of those in favor of the strip clubs is that these clubs generate revenue and give jobs which contribute to tax dollars.

My question is to whom do they give jobs to. Honest people trying to make a living. Or those possessed by weakness and easy money? Is it an asset to give these type of people money in this way or counterproductive considering the lifestyle many of them live?

What happens to the honest people who truly want to work no matter the job? How will they overcome this? Being able to employ a mere 6,000 people seems great but it’s an illusion. Certain type of people are making money through this and prospering because of this. And I’m sure we can agree they are not the pillars of the community. There are approximately 910,000 people in Detroit, supplying jobs for 6,000 people is not impressive. Particularly because in doing so you stop other legit businesses from coming into the area.

Because of the potential lack of development when it comes to other businesses the masses in Detroit will continue to struggle. They will not benefit from any incoming legitimate business that would otherwise set up shop, if the strip clubs weren’t there.
I’ve always thought of the adjective DIRTY when I think of Detroit. I’ve always felt the ENERGY of the environment being a broken down, crime ridden, hell hole, where the lowest spirited Blacks live. Those Blacks that contribute to the negativity or those who sit in the trash of their community and deal with it.

My heart breaks when I look at the state of this race. I want you to watch the featured video and witness two White men defend having these strip clubs. White men who would NEVER create an environment like this in their communities. White men who would not want their daughters to live in and walk through communities with many strip clubs.

Also in the featured video you will see an older woman who was a former stripper shed light on what goes on in strip clubs.

A question wposed was, could it be possible to have a strip club that doesn't pose the potential for violence, drugs and prostitution? The answer is NO. You cannot control an environment that fosters all the negative ENERGIES that create these scenarios.

It’s important to understand that prostitution in some form is always prevalent at many of these clubs.
Whether the stripper goes into VIP, whether the stripper gives oral sex, or whether they fall into the clutches of human trafficking. The risk and potential is always there to the extent that you would NEVER seek to have 33 strip clubs in one concentrated area.

Doing so ups competition and each club has to find a way to retain patrons and lure them from other clubs. To do this it’s almost inevitable to offer “Extras” and try to be the club where a man can do the most. Again we are talking about lost girls, and women who do this are easily manipulated for money. I know this because I am a woman, a woman who at times only had sauerkraut in the refrigerator and no other food, but still I would NEVER do this.

Many of these strippers have already made it known how desperately they need their jobs. When a club directs them to do something, such as sell drinks like the woman stated in the video, how could one say no. There are many other lost women in the community ready to become strippers for easy cash too. So I can promise you that when a club instructs a stripper to do “Extras” they will do it. Just the fact that they are there indicates they have given up on themselves and don’t value themselves. Giving $20.00 lap dances is not a woman’s worth. This explains why most strippers have a sad background and low self-esteem.

But I guess Detroit can be happy. They complain that businesses don’t come to the area. Well White men found a solution with strip clubs. Unlike a supermarket which refuses to open in Detroit, a strip club has less risks outside of violence. You cannot steal from a strip club you can only give your money. It’s the perfect way to make money with minimal risks. Operating other businesses in Detroit still poses the risk of violence being an issue. But with these businesses there are also other risks such as theft, robbery, vandalism and lack of revenue.  Operating a strip club solves those obstacles. It’s a money pit where men throw their money in it for a cheap thrill.

So Detroit you have been freed of your problem. Even though these clubs only supply 6,000 jobs to a certain class of people. Don’t worry these people will pay your bills when other companies refuse to operate in the community because of the environment.

Just like customary we are geniuses we always have the right solution. It also shows how you can walk all over the Black community because they have no self-respect or pride. They force their children to live in and walk through CRAP neighborhoods. Black communities are dumping grounds for shady businesses, because they're desensitized to living in CRAP. Can you really blame a White businessman for using these opportunities to prosper?

I look down on the ENERGY of Detroit and have NO RESPECT for the environment. It’s become an example of a concentrated area where you can find Black people who have the least amount of self-pride and dignity and when things get hard they simply give up.

The negative ENERGY overshadows the positive and makes the positive insignificant. Until the positive has the strength to fight the negative (and not through a few people) they will always be enslaved and their neighborhood will be like a toilet to take a dump-in within Society.

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