The Universe Leaves Detroit Barren of Fruit and Vegetables


We live in an increasingly Liberal society so the media reflects that fact. Being comforted by liberals because they withhold part of the truth in situations seems comforting to Black people, but keeps many in the state of feeling like a "victim". 

When you convince someone that they are a victim they do not explore ways they can change a situation. They fail to explore the "why" of a situation or realize that they play a part in their obstacles. Being a "victim" or escapist allows a person to deflect away from the responsibilities of their own mentalities and actions. It allows a person to feel a sense of dignity to be a "victim". They can convince themselves that failure is not their fault.

Here's a story that caught my attention because once again it doesn't reveal the whole truth.

A couple of years ago I read an alarming article that spoke about the lack of supermarkets in Detroit. The article pointed out the fact that there where virtually no supermarkets in Detroit. Most of those living in downtown Detroit outside of the suburbs have to rely on the "Bodegas" and convenience stores. Stores that do not sell fresh produce or meats. Many residents are forced to go to the suburbs and out of the way to shop for their fresh meats and produce.

Now before I go on, I must state what I always say when it comes to addressing our problems. The truth leads to self-pride and respect. The truth brings shame which prompts change. Without those components in the community, there can be no order. There becomes a lack of caring, a lack of responsibility and as a result negativity feels protected.

The only way to free a community is for POSITIVE ENERGY to overshadow NEGATIVE ENERGY.

That is a metaphysical statement. 

You must incite shame in someone so that they have PRIDE and feel pressure to fight for their dignity and quality of life. Without doing so they will become sluggish in their environments and simply sit in the "crap" they live in, as you can see.

As a race we do not incite PRIDE into each other. We will treat any living conditions that many Black people live in as normal and not their fault. We actually allow them to find PRIDE in their dreary, destructive environments which further protects them from having to self-reflect. A Black person could come from a community where 10 children where killed that year and they will still brag, protect and honor the negativity of their environment.

The strong NEGATIVITY that the community must constantly go against requires constant determination. And nothing brings determination like sending an ENERGY that you are not impressed by an area or someone. We allow communities that have been devestated by negativity to fly under the radar. These neighborhoods have no standards and become like a wild jungle. And the people of the community do nothing because they are not forced to feel responsibility for their neighborhoods. They are not forced to feel shame. Instead they are comforted by being allowed to feel that their neighborhoods don't reflect them.

We don't emphasize having pride in our communities. We don't call out communities. So for many years Black people have been allowed to just exist. We do not believe that our communities reflect us. We fail to understand that our communities and environments are not only a reflection of our mentalities but also a reflection of how we live. Acknowledging and living with this understanding is the first step to promoting better communities.

This is why many Black neighborhoods decline. There is a responsiblility to those in the community to better their neighborhood. This is not something taught to Black people or a mentality instilled in the youth at an early age. Instead we are taught that others effect our community and they are the ones who should come in and change our communities.

The above statement is what constitutes a good neighborhood from a bad one. The above statement is what makes some people attractive to live with opposed to others. Those that do not understand that the above statement is true must understand that they would not be a desirable neighbor. It's the reason why many are hesitant to live around Black people. We have different standards when it comes to keeping up the quality of the neighborhood. When negative ENERGIES take over we hide in fear, live with the chaos and find ways to escape or down play it.

Back to the article.............


The high risk involved in operating a supermarket in Detroit is not worth it to many retail and grocery stores. Not only do the residents steal at a rate that surpasses the natural losses of food, they also pose a constant safety risk to the staff and patrons. The residents will steal everything from food to shopping carts which are surprisingly $300 dollars a piece. Together with these risks, Detroit is also a city in disarray due to the recession and the auto industry which has taken flight and left the area.

Now ok, I'm just going to come right out and say it. My mind spins and does circles when I think of Black People in 2010 and the way many of us live.

I don't respect the ENERGY of Detroit, I know that there are a lot of well  meaning, nice, respectable people in the area; but as you are told by your elders when you're young, you are judged by the company you keep. You are judged by your environment, what you allow and what you find comfort in.

How can the residents of Detroit sit back and let their neighborhood get so bad, that they have no supermarkets?

The quick answer is it's because they are DEFEATED, they are DEFEATED by the delusion of believing that someone will come save them. Just like in many of our communities, we don't exercise control or try to battle a situation, we as a people have always needed someone else to BRING ORDER.

The problems is, this will NEVER happen. Even those who have a dedication to try to help our communities and rid them of crime and negativity don't live in them. Because of this, metaphysically they will not be able to help the community like those who live there.

The Universe would not allow this anyway. Any ENERGY that you take in, are passive to and allow will become you. Once this metaphysical fact is acknowledged and accepted by Black people we will understand why God allows eternal suffering in our communities. He will not intercept or help, he gave you strength to do this yourself. But your fear which he does not respect gets in your way. God does not respect fear.

Law Enforcement could do a crack down tomorrow and within months things would go back to being like they where before. Again this is not societies fault. It's the fault of those that live in the community. Unfortunately many Black people simply live but have no standard of living. They don't have the mentality of creating a standard of living in their environments and not accepting anything less....... EVER.

Now let's take a look at the ENERGY of this situation in Detroit:

To allow a neighborhood to get so bad that there are no supermarkets is almost incomprehensible. That's an indication that a neighborhood is so bad money doesn't matter to business owners. In this case crime is so bad that despite there being no other supermarkets or competition they refuse to take a chance. There is a demand for supermarkets in the area, the neighborhoods would welcome them, but the risk, crime and negativity still OVERSHADOWS all other positive factors.

How do you make someone care about thier neighborhod or enviornemnt. How do we make Black people who live in nighborhoods like these have enough pride and dignity in themselves and community where they refuse to live like this?

The unfortunate reality is many of these neighborhoods have been saturated with negativity for many years. Many of the residents have become desensitized and simply deal with their conditions. They don't have the strength, pride or self-respect to try and change. The ENERGY of change requires a lot and most Black people don't have that type of strength and determination. Despite what many Black people say society is much easier now compared to times prior, there is nothing to spark determination. As I stated before we accept the way Black people live no matter the condition. Because of this people who live in negative communities can still feel a sense of pride even if the ENERGY of their environments says otherwise. This leads to many Black people simply navigating through the trash, and negative ENERGY of their communities where some make it out some don't. There's no reason for a person to concentrate, be involved in or truly care for their communities. How does one better their community when operating with these conscious or subconscious mentalities?

We have settled into the mode of being "victims" it allows us to escape self-reflection. It allows us to feel as if we have no control.

But again just like fear, This Universe does not respect this way of being. The Universe which is a metaphysical one, will be as stagnant as you are. Things will not miraculously change because you are a good person. If you don't make an effort to change them, they will not change.

It's time for the people of Detroit to have enough pride in themselves that they become enraged against the negativity of their neighborhood that makes them live like savages. They must try to fight it in any way possible.

I can see a small ray of hope. Many churches and community organizations are trying. Hopefully this ENERGY will grow. After all the world is watching. That fact alone should motivate the people of Detroit.

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