Woman Becomes Double Amputee After Simple Operation

This is something that is beyond a freak accident. Stacy Galette went into the hospital for a gynecological procedure and became an amputee.

Stacy Galette a trained medical technician believes that her doctors accidentally punctured her intestine during the procedure triggering an infection, blood poisoning and gangrene in her lower legs. As a result both of her legs and feet had to be removed from the calf down.

This has left Stacey Galette with extreme pain as she learns to use and walk around in her new prosthetic legs. She States:
"I have prosthetics, and I'm just starting to walk. It's very painful, but I'm trying. It's very hard," said Galette, insisting she was perfectly healthy before going to the Mineola hospital.

Galette who has a 10 year old daughter to care for, has filed a lawsuit against the hospital for their extreme malpractice, claiming that she was perfectly healthy prior to this incident.

These are the stories that make people fearful about "going under the knife". To go to the hospital for one procedure and have to have your legs amputated is unbelievable. 
I like to make note of cases where malpractice is so evident, no one could dispute it and this is one of those cases.

Stacy Galette must now live her life in an unimaginable altered state. She will have to learn how to manage life in a way no one should be forced to have to manage it. I've never heard of "Mineola" hospital but I will never forget the name now.

I wish the best for this family

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