The Universe Responds: Ruben Wills Wins Election Not Sean Bells Fiancé


Councilman Election for Queens District 28 was won by Ruben Wills.

Sean Bell’s fiancé was a candidate vying for the position and lost. It’s no wonder to me that this happened and it’s appropriate.

Sean Bell’s fiance Nicole Paultre-Bell was a “ride or die” chick that was able to keep that a secret. She was able to keep that a secret due to the fact that this race was not concerned with that point. This race was not concerned with the ENERGY of Sean Bell’s life, they simply wanted another example that would allow us to feel as if Black men are victims and not their own worst enemy.

She was able to benefit from being part of a race that would have ignored that fact even if they acknowledged it was the truth at the time of the incident. She was treated like Coretta Scott King and was able to play the victim for all it’s worth.

But let us take a DEEPER look at the Sean Bell case and a chain of events that happened after-wards.

A chain of events that prove that this Universe reveals all things. This Universe does not operate on the emotions of humans. This Universe will continue in its metaphysical way despite the facts that Black people would like to detract from, or leave out to keep their arguments of racism strong.

The mindset of this race is tragic. We have accepted the notion and revel in the ability to be viewed as “forever victims”. We refuse to self-reflect and understand that our mentalities lead to the actions and negativity that befall us metaphysically.

Having a higher sense of consciousness I have come to see exactly what Black people have found comfort in doing.

Black people refuse to bring up acknowledge or address any point that weakens their argument that they are “victims”. As I stated it’s comforting to feel as though you are a victim when you have a low spiritual vibration, and a low sense of consciousness. It’s the easiest and most simple way to explain the “why’s” of this race.

Now understand this mindset may seem to work. You can convince many people that you are a victim and not the cause of your problems. You can garner support from white liberals, you can convince other Black people to stay in line and not reveal the truth. You can even get Society to act as if they are trying to help you and save you from your “victim-hood”.


And there is a BIG HOWEVER

You CANNOT and WILL NOT fool, deceive or get sympathy from God or this UNIVERSE.
What’s scary is that he will lay it on THICKER. He will lay it on thicker because it’s his desire that you become a “higher conscious being” and understand why certain negatives befall you. Developing a higher sense of consciousness is the type of spiritual development that not only changes your life but also pleases  God.

He wants you to understand that your mind and mentalities is your saving grace no matter what obstacles someone places in front of you. There are no victims in God’s eyes, only those who have obstacles. And those who learn how to overcome them are the ones who are blessed.Your obstacles and how you get through them develops your higher consciousness.

Black people refuse to acknowledge this, instead we want everyone to know we are “victims”. We want to be able to transform incidents that revolve around metaphysics into an opportunity to shift responsibility. We lie in wait for instances we can claim are racially motivated. This fuels and drives our existence and allows us to refrain from self-reflection. We can create an ILLUSION that it’s impossible to succeed or rise up because we are the victim of others.

So once again let’s take a look at the events that followed the Sean Bell case:

Now the simple minded person would like to say the Sean Bell incident was racially motivated and “see, see” it’s hard for us to progress because of it, they're out to get Black men.

A higher conscious mind like me saw through the case just like the many other cases that have occurred in our communities.

Sean Bell was a street thug and his friends were also. They lived the street life and had the mentalities that supported that lifestyle. His fiancé was a “ride or die” chick who stood by him and "popped out" children despite knowing his lifestyle choices. She chose to build a life with him knowing there was a uncertainty surrounding his safety, hers and that of her children. Just like many Black women she learned to live and bear this type of existence for what her demented mind felt was sacrificial love.

This is something that she chose to do and that is her right, her business and the scenario of many woman,


We as a race chose to treat her like a martyr, we chose to act as if Sean Bell and his friends  where like Medgar Evers, or Emmett Till and had the ENERGY of what Black men in the past went through. Black men who despite how positive they were still became targets of the racist and ignorant of their time. Black men who were a threat because they where trying to progress and fight for civil rights. Black men in this era are not considered a threat when it comes to the empowerment of the Black community. There is no reason to target them, they make themselves targets in other ways. If Black men where considered a threat in this era, I think educated Black men would be the men who are targeted the most.

Yet, ironically it seems certain Black men metaphysically attract negative situations opposed to others.

Even when you think hiding the truth and ENERGY of a situation benefits you, it's important to remember that God reigns on this earth and he made a metaphysical world where all things hidden become revealed.

In the case with Sean Bell, God wished the community would have had a heighten sense of consciousness to realized that Sean Bell's lifestyle caught up to him. His mentalities which lead to his actions lead to his untimely death.

Sean Bell was shot and killed by police hours before his wedding day after leaving a strip club. As police attempted to stop him he fled. Hitting an officer then a undercover minivan.

Sean Bell died for 1 of 2 reasons:

  1. He was fearful that Black men from the community where trying to shoot him or get him. The first officer to shoot was black.
  2. He knew the men trying to stop him where officers but due to his guilt for deeds he's done and lifestyle (like many Black men) he had a “catch me if you can” attitude. He attempted to flee without hesitation.
Those are the ONLY two explanations for his reactions when they attempted to stop him. They weren't there to apprehend him. They didn't even know that he existed. And they certainly didn't know he and his friends would be there that night. Not to mention this was a Black neighborhood with many other Black men around to shoot in ways they wouldn't have to fill out reports or put their job and life on the line. How many police shootings where 51 shots are fired go under the radar? How many shootings like this one face no media coverage and scrutiny?

No it's metaphysics. Sean Bell chose a lifestyle that made him bold and/or paranoid. In his attempt to flee he hit the Black officer, then slammed into an unmarked minivan. This shows his desperation and determination to flee. His alcohol level being well over the legal limit surely contributed to his ability to make concise decisions.

Both his fiance and the mother of the other “victims” involved chose to ride with the support the community gave them. They did this despite knowing the TRUTH about him. The mother of the other passengers shot, knew her sons lived a crime filled life. This is something they would not share with the world or media unless they had to because it feels good to be a victim. You feel less guilty if you can be a victim, people feel sorry for you when you’re a victim. They weren’t taught that gaining respect through the truth is more satisfying and rewarding to the spirit. They weren’t taught that the truth allows freedom and educates people in the same situation, nor did they care. A higher conscious mind knows this; others opt for the comfort of feeling like a “victim”.

But as I told you God does not like victims, lies or deceit that point to the spirit not growing into a higher conscious being. Again  that is his goal for you. When you go with deceit it means you are ignoring the direction he wants you to go in, and through this metaphysical world ignoring him and his “laws of nature” is not an option.

Since the Sean Bell case, more ENERGY surrounding the lives of the men involved has been REVEALED. As I stated God REVEALS all things. He does not entertain the idea of us being slaves 400 years ago. He believes in spiritual growth and progression.

In August of 2010 Trent Benefield one the passengers in the Sean Bell case did not feel victorious despite the $900,000 settlement he received from the city. Just hours before his brother Tujuan Ford pictured on the bottom was shot and killed during a gambling dispute on St. Nicolas Avenue in Harlem. The settlement amount was announced a few hours later. But Trent Benefield was not there for the announcement, instead he was at the bedside of his brother Tujuan in the hospital.

The mother of Trent Benefield and Tujuan Ford is no stranger to her sons being shot. Tujuan Ford was shot twice before. In 1992 he was shot in Baltimore in a drug related dispute. He was shot again at club “Cheetah” a “Chelsea night club for bumping into a man. He was then shot again in this last incident while gambling. The last incident would be the final time he would be shot and fatally so.

A cousin Yohaun Wright 37 admitted "he always got shot"

The family thought he would pull through like the previous times, unfortunately he failed to.

In the aftermath of the shooting Trent Benefield (who has a different father) stated they both grew up without a father and he looked up to “Tujuan Ford” he filled a void he states:
"He gave the advice a parent was supposed to give," Benefield said. "That's my brother. My heart."

Ford leaves behind three kids - two daughters, 17 and 1, and a 14-year-old son.

The expected settlement amount to be received by Fords brother Trent Benefield wasn't enough of a deterrent to stop Tujuan from the behavior that had been ingrained in him, nor would it have. Many times we believe that money makes it all better, but without a shift in mentalities no matter how much money you have or where you go in life trouble will follow you.

It would be positive in God’s eyes for the mother of these two men to see and understand the type of lives that where lead by her sons which metaphysically resulted in them being shot on numerous occasions.

It would be positive for the community to learn from these situations and understand that many in our communities are metaphysically destine to suffer due to their mentalities. The ENERGY of our communities attracts negativity.

Some may say I’m mean, but the TRUTH will set us all free. The truth is something that God and this Universe honors. The TRUTH metaphysically allows change. It allows you to do more then just realize a problem, but prompts you to change it. Black people being stubborn or hesitant in facing the truth will not stop this world from turning or help curb the destructive actions of those in our communities.

It may feel good to support, cuddle and sympathize but if it deflects away from the truth and that doesn't benefit our lives.

I have put up two pictures. To show what Nicole Paultre-Bell looked like prior to the Sean Bell murders and how she looks now. I want to do this because though she will not free herself by stating the truth. She will not be honest about knowing that her fiancé was living a life in the street. It’s important to see that the Universe will force you to carry the burden of lies and negative ENERGY and it will sometimes wear you down physically. Remember it's only been four years since this incident happened.
I sometimes wonder about “ride or die” chicks who feel that standing behind their man is the ultimate symbol of love. I know in my heart I couldn’t bear to do the same. I know in my heart I could not accept my boyfriend living such a life. I would rather separate myself, then feel guilty for condoning it. When these men wind up in jail or worst dead, how does the spirit deal with it?

Not every woman in the community is like Nicole Bell, not every woman has the benefit of hiding the truth and at the same time receive "no questions asked", unbiased support from the community. That is the benefit Nicole has had for years.

I do not want to attack her but she could have such a positive effect on other women who are in her situation. She could warn them about the repercussions of being passive to men who live this lifestyle. Yet she chooses not to. She chooses to wear one face in the public and simply deal with her confliction in private at moments where she cannot escape her subconscious mind.

Ultimately that is her choice but “no” she does not deserve to be Councilwoman of Queens and it’s a good thing she did not win.


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