The Energy of the Internet: Husband Faces Charges After Reading Wife's Emails


A man faces charges for reading his wife's emails. Thirty-three yr old Leon Walker used his wife's password to gain access to her email account at which time he discovered her extramarital affair.

This story does not surprise me; in fact it brings to light what I expected the internet to reveal. This story does not specify whether his wife met the person she was having an affair with online or not. However she was able to be very discreet due to the internet.


Sometimes I think the world is slowly imploding metaphysically.

What could I possibly mean by that?

I feel that technology has created a cloth of illusion in the world. Now we all love and enjoy the internet. It's something that has transformed our lives in many positive ways. It's made our lives more convenient. It's made our lives more fulfilling because we can use the Internet to reach the world and research many topics.

We also know the internet has become a way to communicate in ways never possible to man. The internet allows you to talk to anyone, anywhere, at any time. The internet also allows you to communicate with many people secretly in through many forms.

With the internet being one of the main sources of communication in our era, people are meeting and dating by meeting online. People are able to discreetly get to know a person and develop a connection with them even before meeting them.

This is the ultimate scenario for people who are trying to have affairs or connect with others who are open to having an affair.

Of course prior to the internet, infidelity was an issue for many but with the emergence of the internet have affairs become more prevalent?

It's hard to conceive this not being the case.

A person can talk to multiple people and pick through millions of people on line. When a person makes a connection in that way how could it not become a continuous means of connecting with others? After-all it's easier to start a conversation online then in person. Online a person does not have to feel personally rejected. Online a person can disguise themselves and create any illusion that they want.

Also it's hard for people to resist being solicited online. Unlike in everyday life where there is hesitance when a person thinks to approach another; online people are less inhibited and feel that they can create a perception before meeting a person. In everyday life that's a barrier that is not an option. One must present themselves, talk while looking into a person eyes and have an ENERGY of being genuine. 

All of this can be masked online

Serial dating online is something that is rarely discussed. I can only assume it’s because it’s a touchy issue for many. People aren’t sure if they fall into that category, or they wonder could they. People also like to believe they have control over their lives and their relationships.

The internet has unfortunately put relationships to the test. There is no more control unless the person chooses to practice it. And unlike times prior the odds go up. A person can attempt to have an affair just by approaching someone but there can be a lack of a connection and that can be a deterrence to many.

On the internet a person can talk to many people simultaneously and it’s constant. Even when a person is not looking; just having a profile solicits attention. A person can talk to and connect with multiple people in one day and can also specify criteria.

In everyday life you meet people, online it’s possible to shop for people. People are grouped like objects and display themselves in the same manner. You simply have to pick through those that you would like to meet. Again this is constant. This never ceases unless the person chooses to.

I’ve seen women complain that men do not change their status once in a relationship. Why do they have to, it’s too contagious for them to keep getting attention without having to put in great effort.

Society has become very impersonal, people live by illusion. People subconsciously feel the ENERGY of being within a pool of people. They are mere bodies amongst other bodies waiting to be chosen. There are millions of profiles online and these people are expecting you to solicit them. The door is already half way open, the person is has already invited you to approach them.

It’s important to weigh the ENERGY of things and have an anticipated idea of the direction something might go in.

Its risky meeting someone online. Not only for the obvious reasons, but because it’s easy. No great effort is required. In this fast paced society where millions are congregating online relationships grow more and more impersonal. There is always someone else around the corner, someone who has already opened the door for you to approach them.

This is an ENERGY I will continue to follow and write articles about.

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