Genius Alert: Robbing to Start a Record Company


I rack my brain trying to think of why these guys would think that what they where doing was ok.

Well actually I don't rack my brain, I know immediately I just say that to Black people because we need to be comforted. So to it's better to act like some of our actions are unbelievable even though at this point God has shown us why they happen.

It takes a higher consciousness to admit that many street minded people have been cuddled and excused to the point where they think they are SLICK.

They are VERY SLICK, but they can't fool the Universe they can only fool people.

We like to tell people that Black people commit crimes because they have to. The Universe has shown that's not true. People commit crimes because they would rather take the easier route which seems instantly gratifying............PERIOD. God did not create a Universe where you HAVE TO do anything that is outside his laws of nature.

It's a case of simply being honest with yourself and saying it's too hard to go the honest route.

Let's take :
Xzavian Wong 21
Joseph Suce 24
Aruel Bullock 40
Fred Littles 41

These four geniuses decided that they would jump-start their music career and start a record label by robbing stores to collect money. I wonder where they got that "brainy act" idea. I wonder if it's through a culture that tells them that it's ok to rob for what they want.

"You do what you gotta do"

I wonder if it's through a culture that continuously talks about robbing one another as well as others.

Is this another case where metaphysics prevails.

You cannot escape metaphysics.

Your Mentality leads to ENERGY. You either correct an ENERGY or fuel and support it.

This culture has sent a message to Black men that robbing is "doing what you gotta do to survive".

We have not sent messages that suggest we look down on that, "No", we have done the opposite. So why should these men feel shame in their actions. They are upset they got caught but why should they feel shame?

Together they have robbed over 19 businesses including seven-Seven-Eleven stores, laundermats, Baskin Robbins and gas stations. A Palisades Park, NJ cop stopped the suspects for having a stolen license plate and a BB gun in the car. After seeing a description of the alleged perpetrators, he submitted the names of those riding in the car he stopped earlier. One of the passengers fingerprints came back as a positive match to those found at the scene of one of the robberies. He was then placed under surveillance and all four where arrested once they reunited.

Now let's go over how RETARDED they are. During each robbery they where able to steal between $200-$600 dollars.

Now remember they want to start a RECORD COMPANY, not by a new wardrobe. So let's go back to school and go over these figures, it will show how SIMPLE they are.

Let's say they made an average of $400 dollars per robbery. We don't know how much they made for each robbery but let's create a median amount using $200-$600 which would be $400 dollars. Now let's multiply $400 dollars with 19 robberies.

You get $7,600 dollars lol, lol, lol. There are four of them and the fact of the matter is that amount is about enough to buy a really good microphone, lol, lol. Drugs and alcohol must have come into play to allow them to feel invincible. They would have had to commit well over a hundred robberies to even see $40,000 and of course robbery sprees are almost always publicized and businesses are notified so they would find that businesses would have made sure to have less and less cash available. Talk about a thought out plan, RETARDS.

Raise your hand if you want to stop supporting music that has the ENERGY of telling Black men they are simply doing what they have to do when it comes to robbing? Raise your hand if the thought of them feeling empowered by this representation makes you want to "hurl"?

I'm sick of it. Just like a self-help book encourages people to change their life for the better and motivates them to do so. This culture sends an ENERGY that a Brother robbing is what any street negro would do to make it. Robbing can always be an option they don't have to feel bad about.

That's why despite us being further away from slavery with more options and resources robbery is on the rise. 'A Brothers just doing what he gotta do'.


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