Facebook Feud Turns to Murder

Two friends get into a feud on facebook,19 year-old Alysha Tann and 18 year-old Nikki Bogan. Things turn deadly and Alysha Tann winds up dead.

This story is almost unbelievable. I have a heighten consciousness and had to put on my conscious "thinking cap" to dissect the ENERGY of this case which has few details thus far. I like to go deeper than the level most people go. Through ENERGY the answers are always there

There are a couple of things that stand out about this case:

1. This wasn't just a Facebook feud, this was a clash of egos that could have happened at any moment. Due to the ego of all those involved they chose to have an audience. Meaning everybody knows that on Facebook you can block someone, you can make sure their comments are read by only you. You can make sure their comments don't appear on your wall for all to see. You don't have to have an audience if you don't want to. They wanted to and the situation escalated from there. That created an ENERGY of having to defend and vindicate themselves, their pride and dignity was on the line.

2. Next they decided to meet and fight it out. They both showed up with a group of people who "egged" them on and instigated the fight. Alysha Tann wound up winning the fight and Nikki Bogan couldn't handle it. Her pride got the best of her. She couldn't deal with the humiliation.

It's hard to believe that due to the ENERGY within this generation that any teenager could think they could have a fair fight. The ENERGY of guns is so strong. I can only guess that because they where both female neither were thinking about that when they decided to fight.

Unfortunately Nikki Bogan didn't realize how powerful the ENERGY of defeat and humiliation is, particularly in front of a crowd. She wasn't mature enough or conscious enough of her spirit to realize she couldn't handle it. Despite her not having a gun herself she had the ENERGY of guns in her presence. She had the ENERGY of guns via her boyfriend who knows all to well that there are no fair fights between Black men in this generation. He had in his possession something that gave him the ILLUSION of protection and used it without hesitance when his girlfriend asked him to. I'm sure he never failed to have his gun with him and had the mentality of always needing it just in case. With that type of mentality it was only a matter of time before tragedy struck.

When he fired his gun he momentarily forgot that Alysha was a girl, he forgot that the fight was fair and his girlfriend simply lost. For that moment he was within the adrenaline of his own world. He reacted like he would in his own world by handling things the way Black men do, with guns.

I am glad that Nikki Bogan is off the streets but I'm especially glad that her boyfriend Darrius Howard is.
Judging by how the events played out and the split second reaction of her boyfriend in shooting Alysha you can tell he's done this before. You can tell he had become desensitized to shooting a person. You can tell it was not his first time doing so. It was not the first time he used his gun to speak and make a point. You can tell that this is true due to the fact that this wasn't a situation where anybody's life was in danger. His girlfriend wasn't in danger nor was he, she simply lost.

You can also tell that this was an instinctive split second reaction by the fact that he did not hesitate in doing this in front of many witnesses. Not just his friends but Alysha's also.

Things like this rarely hits a youth that's been desensitized by their environment unitl they enter one that makes the ENERGIES of their communities look like a walk in the park. Jail is a concentrated environment where there are many like him forced together. And unlike that scenario being a fact in the community there is NO ESCAPE , there is no walking away or avoiding trouble in jail. The ENERGIES of jail are inescapable and must be dealt with.

So it will be interesting to see what details emerge and how this plays out once Darrius Howard and Nikki Bogan begin to wake up to the reality that faces them in the future.

R.I.P Alysha Tann, may the community learn from your murder.

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