It's "Black Friday" Once Again we Get Put on the Map

Ok I'm sure we can all imagine that all over the country people lose their minds for "Black Friday". They push they shove shout, yell, curse give threatening looks and basically act a fool.

My question is why do we have to go beyond that. Now that we have the Internet will we hold the crown for incidents and reactions during "Black Friday" that just make no sense?

In 2008 Jdimytai Damour a poor security guard who was working a seasonal position through an agency was flaten like a pancake and killed during a stampede at "Wal-Mart". The sick part was the fact that people just kept going, even after realizing he was killed. Even when the store was being cleared out the people complained about being online for hours waiting.

This took place at the Green Acres Mall in Valley Stream N.Y. I am all too familiar with the area. I worked at the Red Lobster on Queens Blvd, when I was younger and I had thought about going to the one in Valley Stream. This was until I was told that unlike the Red Lobster I was working at which simply had a security guard, the Red Lobster in Valley Stream had a security that carried a gun. That was enough for me to change my mind. After all the security guard had on a visible uniform, so I figured if that alone did not deter trouble., you are most likely dealing with a really tough crowd.

I bring that up because it speaks a lot about the ENERGY of the area. the different type of precautions that need to be taken in certain areas or environments reveals the ENERGY of the people.

This year thanks to the Internet and the fact that all news spreads like Wild Fire, the most ridiuclous "Black Friday" story goes to 21-year-old Lanessa Lattimore from Wisconsin. She puts Black people on the map in Wisconsin, I don't think of Black people when I think of Wisconsin, though I know we reside everywhere.
We can thank Ms. Lattimore for reminding us of that fact through her actions. Her actions which show that the violitle ENERGY that is portrayed via this culture comes out anywhere we reside and is not an exaggeration.

Ms. Lattimore tried to cut into line at "Toys R Us" where she was waiting for the doors to open at 10pm with hundreds of other shoppers. They tried to stop her from doing this and she responded by threatening to get a gun and shoot the shoppers. She claims that one shopper threatened her so she responded in that way. Of course she wasn't specific as to how she was threatened.

No weapon was found, but cops arrested the woman on a tentative charge of disorderly conduct, and was taken to Dane County Jail.

As the officer put it:
"She's now spending her shopping money to post bond," said Madison Police Sgt. Erik Fuhremann.

Now it might be irritating to many that I would bring this up to point fingers at this race. But we must do so. We must face the fact that we come from violtle communities and our viotile culture fuels this. It doesn't shock me that her subconsious mind said she would get a gun and use it.

We have gone beyond the fist in our culture, we speak through guns and we are desentiized by it. We sometimes think others will also be desensitized in the same way. I hope that is never the case. We have to have some stability in society.

I will always link my post to the fact that we must come against this culture, before it's too late. This is something that God told me is necessary. We don't understand why we can't penetrate them minds of the youth, but we refuse to come against what is brainwashing them.

That would be no fun, that would require effort and we don't want to have to think about our actions, so we have to suffer the ENERGIES of what we support.

Aren't you sick of hearing about Guns?


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