What Happens When Some Mothers Fart Out Children?

Here we have another case of a female having a child and being desensitized by it. In this incident the mother is a child herself.

I bring up and speak about things that would annoy the average person. No one wants to go as deep as I go. People like to stick to the cliché way of discussing topics and conversations which allows them to get back to their fried chicken, collard greens, music, sex, drugs and alcohol the quickest.

Even reading this "long" (2 minute) article would be TORTURE FOR MANY.

I’ve always wanted to go beyond talking about kids having kids, or women having children out of wedlock in our communities.

Blah, blah, blah we know about that.

I always wanted Black people to face the truth and go DEEPER.

Let’s talk about what happens to these unwanted children once they are born. Let’s talk about how the child becomes a “thing” an obstacle to the mother many times until it becomes convenient for her to act otherwise. The child is a “thing” but the mother would not portray that to the world. She tries to hide that fact from those who will possible judge her or look down on her actions. Her subconscious spirit which is pure would NEVER allow her to feel completely at ease with her actions. Unfortunately many of these women find ways to block out their subconscious mind that urges them to become higher conscious beings and better mothers in many ways. They do this through drugs, alcohol, men or by simply becoming numb.

Despite this they are NEVER at ease with blocking out their eternal spirit so they live tortured lives and constantly look for momentary releases, in forms that usually take them deeper into despair. The Universe would not have it any other way. This is because you are not growing as you where designed to.
In the case I’m about to talk about, there was no way in the world the child involved would get in between this mother and the life she had before him. She definitely wouldn’t allow this “thing” to get in-between the attention of a male or those males who might seem to be interested in her. The welfare of the child goes out the window or is put on the back burner with females like this at those times.

The child becomes an annoying “thing” that can be used in any way.

As a community we sit around and ask ourselves, why many children grow up and seem as if they don’t care about anything. We wonder why these children grow up and have desensitized attitudes and demeanor's. We don’t even want to think about the way they grew up. We would like to continue to comfort ourselves with the notion that a mother loves her child through her heart and her actions. But this is not always the case.

Many of these women have children hoping that the child will become a symbol of “sentimental love” to the father of the child. They think they are living out the beginning of Jodeci’s song “Forever my lady”. If you remember the song, the first verse says:
So you're having my baby
And it means so much to me
There's nothing more precious
Than to raise a family
If there's any doubt in your mind
You can count on me
I'll never let you down
Lady believe in me
I remember being in high school at the time that song came out, and many of the girls in school started proclaiming who they where going to have a baby with. That type of sentimentality has always been prevalent in our community. It’s simply fueled more in this generation through our culture.

What could a poor Black woman give a Brother in the hood? What credentials or assets could she offer that would make her someone he would be hesitant to detach himself from? Or how does she link herself to him?

In their demented brainwashed, weak minds they think a child will offer them a loving connection with the father. They think a child will make him care more and give them a higher status in his life due to them being his child’s mother. And though time after time this has been proven not to be the case it does not penetrate. The words and the suggestions by him ‘that it will’ matter becomes too strong to resist. It feels loving at the moment, and in many cases that is a feeling in their life that they lack.

There is no wonder to me that many Brothers in this generation will proclaim “I want you to have my baby, or let’s make a baby”. It’s the way into the mind of a lost Sista, after all she can accomplish that, that’s easy and doable. Our culture is DRENCHED with those references in order to affect the women of this race emotionally.

However as we see it’s usually a lie.

Once the baby comes and that fairy tale scenario does not play out the baby becomes an extreme annoyance.
The mother becomes frustrated by the child’s mere existence. This reveals itself in many ways. Maybe the mother puts cigarette butts out on the child’s body, maybe she yells and screams at the child, or maybe she leaves the child with anybody.

In this case 18 year old Shakera Suncelaree Wright decided she would allow her child to be a punching bag. She allowed her child to be endangered and to become a “thing” that a person facing aggression and frustration issues could use. She allowed this in order to keep her ties with those she felt could immediately gratify her emotionally.

She would not sacrifice her relationship with those who could give her a sense of being wanted. Having more mature minds we know this is an illusion, but she does not. It’s her hope and hearts longing that it’s true.
Just like a mother who turns her head when her child is molested by her boyfriend, breaking the connection is not an option. Again after-all the child has become an annoying “thing”, that can offer love but not in the way she craves. Not in a way that allows her to feel worthy.

Shakera allowed Tyrek Varnes and two of his other friends to hang her 18 month year old baby Louis Wright upside down by the ankles and use him as a punching bag.

Upon visiting 16 year old Tyrek Varnes she claimed he and his friends wrestled with the child hitting him repeatedly in the chest and stomach. Wright claims that when it started to get out of hand she stopped it.
She then took the “thing” that is her child and put him in the bed with Tyrek Varnes and claims she went into another room to go to sleep.

Tyrek Varnes admitted to hanging the toddler by the ankles in the closet and beating him. The next day Shakera saw that the boy was dazed and sluggish. She called the boys father who advised her to called an ambulance.

After a CAT scan was done at the hospital it was discovered that he had suffered from Face swelling, five fractured ribs, air and blood in his thorax and multiple lacerations of the liver, spleen and pancreas. It also revealed he had a previous skull fracture that was in the process of healing.

The Department of Social Services called the police and Shakera Wright and all three of her friends were charged with infliction or allowing infliction of great bodily injury to a child. 16- year old Tyrek Varnes was charged as an adult and admitted the role of his other two friends.

Is there a wonder why I don’t smile when I see young women with children? It’s, particularly disturbing to see those who have children without a CARING father. It’s disturbing to see those who have “Baby Daddy’s” who are not active, concerned, criminals or hateful that the child was even born. That becomes hard for the spirit of the mother to bear, and she will react in many unfortunate ways toward the child.

Being able to see and hear things that lie beyond the surface is part of my higher consciousness. I see those things, while others wait to see those things, and fake concern and sympathy.

It’s fake because the signs were there before, but it’s inconvenient and uncomfortable for people to focus on it or discuss it.

I sometimes wonder if my high sense of consciousness is a curse. At those moments God quickly intervenes and tells me I’m on the right track to being an even higher conscious being. I cannot escape the ENERGY of truth that I know lies beyond the surface many times. There is nothing worst than an unwanted child being born into poverty. All of life’s frustrations will be taken out on the child. Unlike the rich, these children aren’t raised by nannies or sent to boarding schools because they are an annoyance to the mother and father. These children have to bear the pain of their existence every step of the way and there is no barrier or shield of money to cushion this pain.

Because I absorb ENERGY nine times out of ten, I can tell when a child grew up in an abusive household and simply doesn’t care about themselves or their actions because no one cared about them.

We must understand the ENERGY of our actions and the actions of others to realize why our communities go beyond simply being environments where the poor live, but are riddled with desensitized human beings.
Thank God the abusive life of this child will be intercepted, but think about all the children that grow up like this, all those children who had to bear this type of abuse, which makes them “rabid” human beings.

Do you really think they care about you or the world?

The HARSH TRUTH is, it’s ok to place shame back onto women who have children out of wedlock. It will deter those who have even the slightest sense of pride, or those who think their sentiment will be looked upon favorably. It worked in generations prior. Only a fool wouldn’t see the alternative that we have allowed is not working.

When a female of this generation looks up she sees many like her and there’s no sense of shame in her actions. Our communities have become desensitized by women having children out of wedlock, and now we are up to 72%, as I stated in my intro podcast who ever thought it would get past 70%? Maybe 80% will make my comment less politically incorrect.

You have to do these things for the sake of the children. Being liberal about everything is not wise. These children grow up to be like “Cujo” and “The Children of the Corn”, they become a “Menace to Society” and our communities. This is not healthy for our communities or them. Jails are being built to house these children, and that’s not fair. They suffer emotional and psychological ailments that can’t be cured with a drug.
This is why I am a STRONG ADVOCATE in not supporting men and women in the spotlight who are “Baby mommas” or “Baby Daddy’s”.

But we are desensitized in this culture and will even support a multiple time “Baby Daddy”, but expect more from those in our communities. That alone makes us insane and simple minded. We don't know how to create standards, anything goes in this race.

There are always those who slip up and though they should not be condemned they should live with the pressure and reality of their mishap. I know women who were placed in that situation and their children turned out wonderful because of that ENERGY. Also, their daughters DID NOT do the same, a cycle was not created. They felt and lived with the ENERGY that there mothers love them but made a mistake. Once cycles are created they become just that. It becomes hard to intercept these cycles as we can see.

One must understand that the LONG TERM repercussions have to OVERSHADOW the urge for supplying immediate comfort. When someone is comforted and cuddled despite their actions they will be hesitant to budge.

Hence the STATISTICS RISING, hence the many children who grow up with aggressive, “volatile”, desensitized attitudes. Let’s hope this child is given the chance to grow up in the presence of those who can truly love him.

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