Merry Christmas Unemployment Benefits to End After Thanksgiving


Of course my sarcasm is not directed to those who have to deal with this untimely dilemma. Instead it’s directed to those decision makers who didn’t absorb the ENERGY of this decision.
The House of Representatives voted down a measure to extend unemployment benefits for another 3 months. This means that 2 million long-term unemployed benefit receivers will stop receiving benefits before the end of the year.
How said is this, the timing could not be worst. The holidays is a time to relax and enjoy the company of family and friends, it’s not a time that should be plagued with thoughts of doom and gloom soon to come. One can only imagine the trickle effect this can have on society.
Democrats claim that Republicans have an agenda. They claim that they are more focused on cutting taxes for the rich, then focusing on those who are truly in need. The bill was brought to the house as a “suspension of the rules” bill allowing benefits to be extended beyond the typical time frame of 73 weeks of federal benefits and 26 weeks of state benefits. In order for the bill to have passed two-thirds of the house would have had to vote in favor of the bill.
The bill failed with a 258 to 154 vote most democrats supported the bill only 21 republicans voted in favor and 11 democrats voted against it. Even if the bill would have made it to the Senate for the bill to pass at least 3 Republicans would have had to change their position.
Democrats may attempt to attach a reauthorization of the extended benefits to a broader bill, such as a measure reauthorizing some of the Bush-era tax cuts set to expire at the end of the year.
Will people who find themselves in this predicament be in a joyful spirit this holiday? How will that effect the ENERGY of our communities. How will this affect the economy? Putting people in this situation makes the hopes of starting a great New Year dim.
Many people will have to concentrate on how to get themselves out of this predicament and take care of bills that are sure to back up.
This changes the mood of society. Unemployment benefits are surely to end and many people know that when they receive them. But to end them at a time when people should be rejuvenating themselves through the closeness of family and friends is harsh.
Many people have had a rough year and to have to begin it just as roughly brings a negative ENERGY to society.
So be prepared and willing to be sympathetic to your family, friends, fellow neighbors and those who are forced to bear this obstacle. Living with the sense of instability even in the slightest form is hard, Having to deal with that feeling during the holidays makes it even tougher.
Happy Holidays

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