Do Black Women Feel Empowered by Molestation and Disrespect?

I think that Black women are bizarre, particularly black women of this generation and the younger generation coming up.

I’ve always had my issues when trying to connect with Black women I simply think my standards are higher then many Black women when it comes to pride and image. I have a HIGHER spiritual vibration and can resist things most can't.

Most Black women seem to be in the mode of trying to survive and attract attention to feel validated. Any attention will do. This is particularly true for a group of women who already feel underrepresented. 

I realized this as I witnessed “thicker” women allow the dirtiest, grimmest, low standard men tell the world that they love their body. They’re not following after the foot steps of classier men doing this, “no” they were the first and will be the last. Now “thicker” women are tainted and they automatically have an aura of being ghetto and usable. Their bodies have been exploited and “shitted” on before the world. To add insult to injury most lower standard men are simply like the witch in “Hazel and Gretal” and love big butts so that they can enjoy “trampoline”, aggressive sex with the unsuspecting simple female. A woman who equates any attention with genuine interest.

In any case.

The title of this piece is “Do Black Women Feel Empowered by Molestation and Disrespect?

Why do I ask that? Does your mind instantly think of child molestation?

Well there are many ways to be molested and not only children are molested.

I’m sure many of you are molested and/or disrespected daily. You’ve learned to accept it, you’ve learned to deal with it, and shrug it off. You might even convince yourself that you're irresistible” and desirable and that's why men aggressively pursue you, even though when you walk down the street the next chic gets the same response. You might even subconsciously think “I’m bad like those chicks I see on T.V. or in the videos”.

Well, the type of molestation I’m talking about does not revolve around children. It revolves around the low standards that Black women have set and allowed.


Before you say you DON’T you do.

Look at the type of men Black women support in the spotlight. Look at the type of men who are able to reach a level of success or appear to do so. These men have an ENERGY that you have put in a position to spread.

I can’t begin to tell you how disappointed I am in Black woman.

Now only the simple minded and the escapist will try to wiggle out of this fact that deals with ENERGY by saying “not me”, "I don't support these type of men" or “me and my friends don’t”, “me and my family don’t”. If only you, your family and friends made up this race that would be great but they don’t.

This is about ENERGY it’s not about any one individual even me. It’s not about individual you or your “circle” of people. We must fight against the ENERGIES that effect our lives. Being passive or unconsciously supporting negative ENERGY makes you a culprit.

This type of support is EVIDENT not only in the spotlight but in our communities.

It's undeniable that men in the community emulate what they see as being successful in the spotlight. I've told many Black men to stop acting like a "rap song'.

Black women are subject to molestation and aggressive Brothers because they think they can do this. 

Brothers have been given the GREEN LIGHT to do this. They have been told its ok to do this due to the ENERGY of men in the spotlight doing this and being successful in the process.

Its human nature to gravitate to what you think brings respect and success. It's no different when it comes to social interactions and behaviors in the community. 

We have made NEGATIVE men seem successful.

For me not to be able to walk out of my house without having to experience the ENERGY of Black men who subconsciously play out the actions of disrespectful successful men in the spotlight is almost overwhelming.
It’s almost become “status quo” for men to act like this. The sad thing is many times this occurs on a subconscious level. In the case with our culture these “everyday men” will subconsciously feel validated when they behave like the successful men in the spotlight who seem to act the same. They feel as if they are in alignment with how they are suppose to be and on the right path to being respect and admired like them.. They feel like they are a mirror of successful Black men in the spotlight.

Again,  the conscious mind must ALWAYS remember that this happens on the subconscious level. Just like many of you going to the club doing the "Dougie" or “Beyonce Pump” like Michelle Obama did in India, because it’s been ingrained in your brain. You do not make the conscious decision to do so. You do not say to yourself when I go to the club I’m going to do the “Beyonce Pump” no, just like many others your subconscious mind has recorded the action and will replay it over and over again until something else replaces it.

This is pure metaphysics, what ever action or ENERGY you take in, effects your subconscious mind unless you do not embrace the thought or action. That’s why God instilled within us two consciouses the conscious and subconscious. The conscious mind when acting out the subconscious mind can eventually correct negative action through CRITICAL THINKING SKILLS. You simply must fish out your subconscious thoughts.

But that takes ENERGY and I don’t think we really care as long as we can escape with our families, friends fried chicken, collard greens or even liquor or drugs.

Many times I feel trapped in a race that simply shrugs it’s shoulders to low standards. A race that REFUSES to apply critical thinking skills to change the ENERGY of our culture and communities.

As I’ve said many times and will say many times more, I am a very analytical extra sensory person, so I have dissected this phenomenon. Not only have I dissected this phenomenon but with my spiritual relationship with God he will tell me exactly why these things occur in more depth:
             1. I know that we are rhythmic by nature.

This is something that we cannot escape, it comes from our spirit to be moved by rhythmic music. It comes from our spirit to be swayed by it. It’s hard to resist it. Africa’s roots revolve around an “Oral Tradition” society where song and dance was our main form of expression.

You can tell a Black woman to drag her ass across the floor to an infectious beat and she will gladly do so. You can tell her to spread her ass cheeks and touch her ankles and like the ENERGY of the hookers these lyrics are meant for and Black women will concede. They will concede through their actions and/or their support.
They will oblige to feel included. Feeling included feels like being accepted. 

This is the main reason I’ve found it difficult to be out in large numbers with Black people. Black people seem more then willing to simply embrace the culture that is placed in front of them; I'm not, so again I feel as if I stand alone or with a few and I am happy to do so.  I rarely meet a Sister who is spiritually strong, though there are many under the ILLUSION that they are, though they will SUPPORT this culture.

Another reason Black women accept this culture is:........

2   2.Black people crave representation and will Accept it in Any Form

I always felt this craving Black people have even when looking at times prior to my existence.
This is not new, Hattie McDaniel (R.I.P.) was a servant named “Mammy” in “Gone with the Wind” in fact her entire movie career was playing that of a maid. I do not fault Mrs. McDaniel’s for this as she stated herself when she was alive:

I'd rather play a maid than be one.
Why should I complain about making $700 a week playing a maid? If I didn't, I'd be making $7 a week being one.

I have to admit I feel a little sorry for the plight of Mrs. Hattie Black people had a lack of control in the past even in the slightest way. And at the end of the day people will ALWAYS want to gravitate to what is admired. Being in the spotlight and on the movie screen was an accomplishment Black people aspired to no matter the role they had to play. 

But that only reemphasizes my point that Black people will accept what they are given. To this day that cycle has not been broken.

The big screen was and has always been admired and Black people have seemed to always want t a part of it at any course.

The same is true when you look at the representation of Black women in this culture via the men of this race. I think Black women are mentally weak and feel that representation by any means makes them a little stronger because it offers visibility. This is the subconscious mind of Black women, this cannot be disputed.

It cannot be disputed because Black women prove this fact daily and as the years progress things get worst. The men who make it into the spotlight grow more and more disrespectful towards Black women each year. And the whip cream on top is they do it for the whole world to see.

The way that Black men speak to and treat Black women via this culture is eaten up and consumed with just a whimper of protest. A whimper of protest that in turn still supports the ENERGY that taints them.
It makes Black women seem pitiful, less than and simply a bridge to use on your way to success. How could the ENERGY of success be equivalent to being with or admiring Black women when they will accept anything?

As this scenario is constantly accepted through the years it’s hard not to become brainwashed. It’s hard not to associate the ENERGY of being less than with those that accept anything. In turn it solidifies within the subconscious mind that “this is not the best”, “other” is better.

It subconsciously reinforces within the mind that being accepted by “other” is true accomplishment.

In the meantime the image and ENERGY of Black woman will be tarnished, and Black men will simply do what I observe them doing:

They will go from one Black woman to another within our communities. You CANNOT hide desperation or mask having no-self worth. 

Metaphysics can lock you in a cycle. When you support your negative image, it turns off Black men, the more turned off they become, the more you will do anything to attract them. The more Black women do anything to seek them, the more they "graze the meadows", the more they can "graze the meadows" the less compiled they will feel to honor a monogamous relationship.

So I close this article by asking Black women how long will you continue to be a doormat, how long will you continue to be “the voice” that is least significant due to what you accept?

People judge you based on your values and what you accept in life…………PERIOD.

So fellow Black women, please refrain from your “rhythmic bestiality” and listen to the lyrics of the music you support and celebrate before the world. Pay attention to the ENERGY and character of the men you place in successful positions. Have standards that support your spiritual growth and sense of self-worth. In turn you will feel and be empowered and progress in a positive way.

It’s all METAPHYSICS……………………..Black Energy News!

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