Aaron Shannon Show’s Why It’s Important to Cleanse Your Neighborhood

As a race we must become critical thinkers. We cannot just have simple minds just because simple minds require less exhaustion. People do not like changing their ways of thinking and habits.
That is one thing that has always separated me from most I constantly weigh the ENERGY of a situation when I’m assessing it.
I have always noticed how Black people REFUSE to reevaluate the way we think about issues, because it would take away from our arguments. It would lesson the positions we concluded to so long ago. It would force us to face the WHOLE TRUTH.
Aaron Shannon’s KILLING  is example 1 billion trillion of this tendency.
 I feel like we go over the same thing over and over again:
This is NOT the PAST.
You cannot protect Black people just because they are Black. You are doing yourself, your children and community a disservice.
The mentality of those in the community have shifted and changed over the years. You cannot equate the past with the present in order to feel a sense of unity which is really an ILLUSION.
This is why I don’t like to live around Black people. We will harbor and protect criminals in a subconscious effort to feel like Black people in the past. We think that doing so makes us more Black.
We are Bizarre.
Here we have the story of Aaron Shannon, the cutest little “Superman” ever. He was so excited about wearing his Halloween costume he couldn’t wait to show his grandpa and friends. At the time of his death he was completely oblivious to how callous and uncaring those around him could be towards their community. He had a sense of innocence that metaphysically didn’t match the neighborhood.

As he was enjoying the spirit of the day showing off his costume, he was fatally shot by two “Crip” gang members in the community. Two gang members whose minds had snapped long before this incident. The community has to realize that these guys don’t care. They stopped caring a long time ago.
Guess why they don’t care?
They don’t care because their life is so confusing to them. They have many internal “whys” and are lost and tortured in their own thoughts and ways of thinking that lead them to their life choices. They don’t have anyone around them to tell them their life is hard and challenging due to metaphysics and their mentalities draw negativity to them. They even have a culture that is HAILED before the eyes of the world and allows them to feel POWERFUL.
Despite this they know they are living wrong deep down, God gave us all conscious spirits that can figure this out, most people simply don’t reach for this consciousness. So they live like “Bill Murphy” in “Groundhog Day” and repeat cycles over and over and over again.
Due to their confusion they couldn’t possibly care about others, if they said they did it’s only words. There is no way they can care for someone else when they don’t care about themselves.
That makes them a danger to the community. This danger is intensified by the fact that in order to feel a sense of sanity they will try to mask their feelings of confusion and despair with drugs and alcohol. I can assure you that was the case with these boys. They were completely oblivious to their surroundings. They where numb to the possible consequences of shooting around homes in broad daylight, they didn’t care. Being numb allows this.
Of course that is no excuse. No it’s actually the opposite it further demonstrates why they cannot be on the streets.
Sometimes I think our heads are so “hard”, that each and every family would have to lose a son or daughter for us to realize this.
I’m all for trying to help kids before these types of things happen, or before they become an adult. I realize once that happens it’s usually too late. There lives have to be intercepted before they get used to living the type of lives they lead. But you cannot act as if they young me have the ENERGY of Black men of the past and are being TARGETED in any way.
If their lives aren’t intercepted at a very young age, ideally before the age of 10, it’s almost impossible to steer them in the right direction.
You must remember as I’ve said, humans subconsciously RESIST change, no matter how bizarre or ineffective their life is they will habitually do the same thing over and over and over again.
We can see that that is true just by observing many people within a career or doing a job that they “hate”. They could be happier going another route or making their own way, but they are scared by that uncertainty.
They have become certain about their lives through habit and when it comes to actions they are use to taking and mentalities they are use to having, they will resist change. This is true even if their actions aren’t exactly effective. You ask a “street person” about their life all they can say is “this is how I was raised, this is what we do in my neighborhood, and this is how you survive”. If you dissect this they are robotically repeating what others have said or carrying out the ENERGY of those in the community before them.
A conscious mind knows this DOES NOT have to be the TRUTH, but try telling them that.
You cannot get caught up in this or allow those in the community to get caught up in this. Protecting those with this mentality has dangerous repercussions. It’s not love, it’s not Black power it’s a sure way to have to face the ENERGY of these people.
God would NEVER release you from their ENERGY if you harbor and protect it. That metaphysically signals that you want to be a part of it.
In the case of Aaron Shannon’s KILLING, I’m glad that this community refused to harbor these criminals. And until the day comes when we realize that all lives are valuable and we should react before tragedy strikes, this will be a cycle. Until we understand the importance of working with those who can take these guys off the street, this will be a cycle……..PERIOD
Once again, let’s go into the ENERGY of our actions.
I understand you don’t want to see a Black person arrested or locked up, but you have to be a critical thinker. A lot of times it’s out of your hands. Many of these kids grow up and don’t stand a chance. There are many reasons for that, but God sees all and the ones that can be saved will be given that opportunity to change their life around. Don’t try to do God and the Universe’s job. Your attempts will simply harbor and grow NEGATIVE ENERGY.
As communities there are many things we can do before it gets to this state, but we have yet to understand this fully. In any case we cannot allow the children of the community to be in danger and suffer. We cannot allow their chances to be ripped from them, their dreams to be taken and cut short.
Why can’t Aaron Shannon’s death be a testament to that? Why can’t we finally say enough is enough and start to corporate with society in weeding these lost souls out of the community? Ironically, a criminal’s obstacles based on being caught give them a chance to grow spiritually, and become a higher spiritual consciousness and vibration. God knows this, that’s why they will always exist in some way in their life.
Until then, like many others I feel it’s just not worth taking a chance living with Black people. We don’t have the mentality of protecting the youth in the community. It’s not worth taking a chance with a community who allows negativity to rule and be the strongest ENERGY. A community that does the same with its culture. This leads to suffering for all, the Universe will make sure of it.
One thing that isn’t RESPECTED by God and the Universe is FEAR. You will sit in your FEAR and it will GROW, not subside. If you accept FEAR and you don’t let it drive you to fight, it will take over you and your surroundings and you will empower the ENERGIES you FEAR.
Doesn’t that seem to be the TRUTH, can’t you FEEL that ENERGY?
It's a Metaphysical Truth.
Please understand this when you hear someone say they are SCARED to live around Black people. People instinctively go by ENERGY and this ENERGY overshadows the idea of Black neighborhoods that are better. These neighborhoods are more PLENTIFUL too. So in the minds of many this behavior is reflective of the Black community. Even in our minds though we won’t admit it openly, that would weaken our points and positions. Of course that doesn’t mean the Universe doesn’t see through this, in turn it would NEVER relieve the pressure in our communities.
I wonder how many of you will listen to a song that speaks of “putting a gun to the brow then pow” or any song that speaks of gun violence. The Universe sees and determines metaphysically if you’re growing and becoming a higher spiritual consciousness. Having a higher spiritual consciousness simply means you develop a heighten awareness to the fact that your mentalities cause action and results in an ENERGY.
R.I.P  Aaron Shannon you Truly did die a Superhero!


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