We Can Learn How Energy Affects Our Culture Through Amish People

I will periodically post examples and use them to demonstrate how we are all influenced by our surroundings. I will continue to pound this fact into the minds of Black people so that we can began to see how we MUST mold our culture and the ENERGIES that we allow to surround us.
We must do this by coming against celebrities we tend to support by ceasing this support. We cannot allow them to have a strong ENERGY in our culture. In addition, we must understand that our mentalities develop ENERGY, so they must be challenged also. We cannot be passive to them, we cannot simply talk about the action we have to expose the mentalities that cause these actions. And because many of our mentalities develop subconsciously through the culture we are exposed to, it's important to attack the core.
The negativity that results due to accepting these ENERGIES boomerangs back onto us. It changes the community, the youth, the way we socially interact and affects the quality of life in our surroundings.
As a race we have become a “lazy bunch”. We are lazy because the subconscious mind knows that many of our negativities will take alot of concentration to change at this point. This causes us to subconsciously think of ways of escaping responsibility.
When we speak we speak with convenience in mind. This can be on the conscious or subconscious level. It’s convenient to think that our culture DOESN’T influence our communities, children and our way of thinking. It's inconvenient to think that we contribute to our negative culture because it would require us to change. People instinctively resist change.
It’s more simplistic to escape.
In thinking this way we don’t have to be conscious of the ENERGIES around us, we can simply live. This leaves us free to do what we want and get back to our fried chicken, collard greens, music, sex, alcohol or any of the other things that allow us to escape and not address uncomfortable issues. It also allows us to give into these ENERGIES without feeling guilty in doing so.
We want to feel as if we have total control over ourselves. The irony is we do, but it takes a very high spiritual vibration to be conscious of all that is around us. It takes a very conscious mind to be able to shift through the ENERGIES we absorb and only adhere to the beneficial ones. Most people do not have the ability to do this, though they think they do. We can see that this is true by the state of society and our culture.
The truth is God truly wants us to develop a higher spiritual vibration, this is why we have obstacles and temptations in life. They are there to test us. These tests and obstacles mold us and develop our character. We have the ability to make life as easy or hard as we like based on the ENERGIES that we accept into our lives as well as the decisions we decide to make.

The culture we chose to absorb can bring more obstacles to our life if we allow it to grow and become a dominate ENERGY. It can also grow if when we passively support it.
Many would like to think that we are not affected by the ENERGY of our culture and surroundings. We believe that through proper parenting we can control the lives of our children. We believe that we can absorb any ENERGY and it won’t change our characters.
Unfortunately this is NOT so. God would NEVER allow this to be the case. This is a metaphysical world. because this is a metaphysical world the things that you absorb become apart of us. It will effect us. It affects how we think, move, dress, act and even more disastrous changes our perceptions in life.

We have seen this happen with many Black women. Due to this culture they will profess their admiration towards men who have a gangsta or thuggish vibe.

We have also seen this with Black men who have taken the idea of strippers and hookers from under their bed in magazine form to seemingly idolizing them before the world. It's no longer just a conversation between the guys. It has saturated this culture, and tainted the mindset of many Black men.
We have embraced jail culture so it has possessed this race. We have glorified strippers and hookers so it will effect the way women act. Again the scary part is many times this is carried out on the subconscious level.
You WILL always feel the impact of the ENERGIES that you allow into your life and surroundings. You will also face the physical and psychological consequences of doing so. You would NOT develop into a higher spiritual vibration without this. We would simply live and exist and truly be able to do what we want in life.
That type of existence is not God’s plan for the world.
So in this article I would like to bring up Amish people, and use them as an example of how you are influenced by your surroundings and the ENERGIES you take in.
I watched two wonderful documentaries depicting the lives of Amish people the other day, “Amish at the Altar, and “The Devil’s Playground”. I recommend that you view these documentaries in order to witness a perfect example of how much POWER influence has on our lives. I want to use Amish people and their conflictions to show that the ENERGIES that surround us will affect us.
In each of these documentaries you can see that no matter how much Amish people have tried to stick to their traditions, it’s simply not an easy task in a progressive society that has a focus on material things, monetary gain and a life geared towards as much leisure as possible. Year after year it becomes harder for them to resist these influences and ENERGIES.
Just like within our society the youth face the toughest dilemmas in the Amish community.
When an Amish youth tries to conform to Amish tradition that doesn’t reflect the overwhelming ENERGIES of mainstream society, they face obstacles and problems adjusting, no matter how they were raised by their parents.
In both of these documentaries even those Amish people who claim to stick to the old-time traditions of the Amish community and faith have gone astray. Some more evidently then others. But their confliction and difficulty in resisting the ENERGY and influence of mainstream society is apparent.

In both documentaries I witnessed the youth dressing and styling their hair in similar ways that we do in mainstream society. Many of the Amish teenagers drive cars. One young couple spoke about having a radio. One of the couples to be married in the documentary “Amish at the Altar” featured a bride, who was dressed in traditional Amish attire, but the groom who was completely clean shaven, had on cargo pants a logo shirt and flip flops, he would blend in at any mall or neighborhood in America.
Another couple, who was raised within the Amish community to grow up and practice the Amish tradition, decided they would rather not live the conforming life of an Amish person. Despite this they wanted to stay close to the Amish community and some of it's traditions.

However they both where dressed like a modern young couple. The female had on “short shorts” a sleeveless top and had bleach blonde hair. The groom also had on modern attire he wore a logo T-shirt, jeans and sneakers. They sought the help of an ex-Amish official to perform a traditional Amish wedding that included American traditions.. A strict Amish practitioner would not do such a ceremony. They wouldn't have been able to kiss or change into modern attire after the wedding as they did if they where married by a strict Amish reverend.
This couple had the ENERGY of not being able to conform to Amish tradition completely even though they acknowledge growing up Amish. Going out into the world and absorbing the ENERGY of society at large was too much for them to bear and resist. The conformity of the Amish community became to restraining for them. They gave into to the ENERGY of society and created their own rules despite growing up Amish. For their Amish themed wedding they rode to the wedding in a horse and carriage ‘buggy” but left in an SUV. This was their intention. They wanted to blend the Amish culture they were raised by with the customs of a traditional American wedding.
Of course the Amish have a peculiar way of self-destructing their own communities by exposing its youth to “Rumspringa”.
“Rumspringa is a period of time where a 16 year old Amish youth is encouraged to explore the outside world in order to make a decision as to whether they will join the Amish church or not.
One of the Amish teenagers chose to be Amish but he smoked. Another Amish girl chose to practice the religion but she had a modern oven and dabbled in makeup. Another youth pointed out that most Amish teenager’s have cellphones.
Don’t laugh but one of the Amish teenagers was “pumping his butt” like you see in the latest southern rap video while dancing at one of the many parties they attend during “Rumspringa”. Amish teenagers have been influenced by rap music just as most teens have (see link below) so it's no wonder that they have also been influenced by the dances portrayed through this music.

At these parties they also drank, did drugs and let loose as they have observed our society do. I’m sure we can agree these influences don’t come from their traditions, though they have been influenced by them.
Many of the Amish, including those who wish to eventually live Amish in a devoted way can’t resist automobiles. There is an attempt by the Amish community to overlook and reserve this to those who have yet to commit themselves to the church. So many of the youth drive automobiles, but when they decide to join the church they are expected to surrender this luxury. Most do so entirely, some don’t.
There are many other ways the Amish have been influenced by our society:
I saw basketball nets, the kids where playing baseball. The teenagers played football.These are sports that have been inspired by mainstream society and learned through traditional American culture.
Even in terms of employment many of the Amish now work outside of the farm. Many of them work in factories. When Amish teenagers do so it gives them access to money and they use that money to emulate the youth within American society. They simply CANNOT RESIST. One youth spoke about how hard it is to drive a horse and buggy while vehicles are zooming past them.
Just the fact that they've never driven a vehicle is not enough. Most people would think a person could resist something they've never tried, this is not true. And once they begin to drive it’s even harder to resist it and go back to riding a horse and "buggy". After-all, our lives revolve around transportation by vehicles. That strong ENERGY overwhelms them, and they wish to fit in and go at the pace of their peers in mainstream society.
After being exposed to society two of the Amish teenagers featured in the documentary became drug dealers selling crystal meth and got hooked on their supply.
One of the Amish elders explained that the Amish community faces many of the same problems that those in everyday society have: premarital sex, drinking, drug use etc. They simply require that once they join the church they leave that all behind. This reality is very dramatic because neither Amish people nor their culture promote or create the ENERGIES that would lead to these community problems.They have no media and shun traditional forms of media known to mainstream society.
Like many of us Amish people can’t resist the ENERGY of what they feel dominates in mainstream society. Often times this results in being shunned by the church and community, particularly if these rebellious acts occur after becoming part of the church.
What is my point in using the Amish to address this race? I do so because we are under a GREAT ILLUSION that we can completely control our kids based on how we raise them. We believe that if we raise them well they will NOT be influenced by the culture they ABSORB and their surroundings.
Not only is this FALSE God would not allow this.
As I stated before, God wants every human, every individual to develop into a higher spiritual being through the choices and decisions THEY choose to make. God would NEVER allow for a world where one person’s good choices automatically bring salvation to another. Your choices are individual ones no matter how you where raised, this is purposeful, because God wants us to develop individually.
Just as you came into the world an individual, you will die that way also. Your character will be judged not based on someone else’s character and choices but your own.
This is why there are many positive parents who are left scratching their heads wondering “where did I go wrong”, “I raised my child well”.
It’s a hard lesson for a parent to realize they cannot completely control their children; they can only try their best to rear them. The ENERGY of their environment will determine the obstacles and the temptations they will have to face and resist during their spiritual development.
That’s why those who live in better environments typically have a better chance of falling in alignment with positivity.
The parents who have the best chance of raising their children without them going astray are those who not only raise their children in better environments as stated, but they also COME AGAINST the ENERGIES their children are exposed to.
This principle applies to our culture too. Having a balanced culture where the dominating ENERGY is more positive, creates better social environments, better people, and better mentalities. It improves the quality of life in our surroundings. This is a metaphysical statement that can’t be disputed.
Now let’s face it; we don’t live in Amish communities away from others where we have a choice as to whether we adhere to society or not.
You do not have the option of trying to protect your children from the world like the Amish by living in isolation. We do not have the option of escaping once we let certain ENERGIES take over our culture.
And as pointed out when the Amish chose to challenge their children's faith and decision making skills by exposing them to “Rumspringa”, many go astray. They do this despite their upbringing and the many Amish people around them conforming and doing the opposite. Society at large is still a dominating ENERGY that is hard to resist for many of these youths.
Each and every teenager featured in the movie, were changed in some way, after being exposed to the world at large through “Rumspringa”.
Many of those exposures during “Rumspringa” lingered. They smoked, cursed, read magazines, and longed for mainstream jobs and to go to college. Out of the four teenagers featured in the documentary “The Devil’s Playground” only one decided to live by the Amish community’s strict religious beliefs. One youth tried but could not conform entirely. He moved to an Amish community in another state to maintain a sense of culture while being able to live outside the church and away from the expectations of his parents and their hope that he would eventually join the church.
I speak about ENERGY so it’s fair to point out again that God designed us in a special way.
God gave us all explorative minds. This is a blessing however it can also become a hindrance. Having an explorative mind can lead to more obstacles being placed in our path to force us to develop into higher spiritual beings. Our boundless minds can lead us in any direction. Our true character is exposed based on the decisions we make in life. When we leave this earth that is all that we will take with us, our character.
We will not be able to take our materialistic gains, our education, our families, children or spouses with us when we die. We will only have our character which will reflect our spiritual development or lack of while here on earth. It will determine how spiritually developed we have become.
So I write this to demonstrate further that we MUST come against the ENERGIES that influence our culture. Just as American culture has influenced the Amish, our culture influences us and our communities.
Therefore we cannot have a culture where ANYONE is allowed to make it to the forefront and succeed. Once you allow multiple people with the same ENERGY to do so, it creates a STRONG ENERGY and it will influence all, no matter how much your idealistic mind would love to escape this fact.
You are are effected by the ENERGIES you absorb…………PERIOD
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