Will the Energy of the TSA Push People to the Edge

The Transportation Security Administration "TSA" seems to be pushing people to the breaking point. In most major airports it is now regulation that you must either get a hand delivered "pat down" or a "full body scan" the choice is yours. Well, actually that's if you don't set of the scanner for any number of reasons, in that case you have to get a "pat down" too.

I have to admit before they implemented the X-ray scanners and it was just being talked about, I found no fault with it. Of course I had no idea how invasive the X-rays could be. I had visions of the movie "The Running Man" with Arnold Schwarzenegger which had a scanning machine at the airport but showed only the skeletal image of the person, and used infrared light to determine objects on the body. After-all everybody's skeletal body pretty much looks the same aside from height differences.

Well that's not the case, the scanners don't show the skeletal body at all, instead it shows the outline of the body and the anatomy of the person in detail. Despite being someone that doesn’t have body image problems, in fact not to brag but I have a nice shape, but maybe that’s my issue. I'm just glad I don't have a big freakish butt like some in this generation.

Still one must wonder:

How many “TSA” agents are getting a kick out of watching people go through the scanner? The “TSA” claimed that the images where being erased immediately but this was proven not to be the case.

As the years progress the notion that America is the land of the free will become challenged more and more by these types of actions. And let’s face it not every “TSA” agent will have the same demeanor. Some will be more then happy to give you a hard-time based on their moods and their own issues. And we all know what happens when someone feels a sense of power sometimes. I can assure you that I hope they understand they need to be extra courteous considering what they are putting people through.

I wonder if there will be a lot of Black female “TSA” agents we know how nice and courteous Black women can be especially in customer service positions (see my article about Black women in customer service) lol, lol.

But Seriously,

I probably would opt for a pat down. I’ll simply be clever about it. I will wear clothing that would make an aggressive “pat down” seem ridiculous, like leggings and a fitted shirt. Let’s see them try to vigorously pat me down wearing that. When you have on jeans they can pat you down more under the guise that they have to really feel you up to make sure there is nothing under you jeans.

Again try getting frisky with me with a “cat suit” on lol I can’t imagine those who have children, I think it’s inappropriate, I certainly wouldn’t want to risk them saving the scan picture of my child.
I’m conflicted with the idea of just letting this go, as they say once you let one thing go then comes another, how far will they go next.

I guess time will tell.

I did come across two comments that were really eye-openers and makes you wonder:

Can we stop wasting time and money and get to the heart of the matter -- which is intent. Fly out of Israel -- no removing shoes, no taking off your belt. Why? Because they interview you. They scan your luggage -- because that is the only location where enough explosives can be stored to really do any damage -- and then they interview you. They look into your eyes to see if you might be a threat -- no scans of naked bodies, no intrusive pat downs. Can we not learn from a country surrounded by enemies who are committed to its annihilation?
this is pure political 'security theatre' not security as many zenophobes like to crow about. If the government was really serious about airline security they'd do what the Israelies do - profile the biggest threats by asking a series of questions. We don't need to treat every person who flies as a potential terrorist. They don't use groping and full body xray scans in Israel and they haven't had an airline terrorist problem in decades. What we're doing now is exactly what the terrorists hoped for - we're playing into their hands.

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