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Rachel Jeantel: Powerless People Shocked By Community Manifestations

Empowerment is understanding why things manifest and addressing these issues. Empowerment is not focusing on a behavior alone.

I think the minds of many Black people are snapping quickly under the pressure and realization that we have not gotten as far as we think. We haven't gotten very far economically, morally nor through harmony amongst ourselves. In fact I'm sure many can agree we have regressed in many of those areas. Whatever sense of those attributes we thought or felt we had seems to be hanging by a string just like our TOTAL dependence on others for our well-being. Most Black people are making it through the tolerance and charity of others. From jobs, charity, programs as well as through the educational system.

No, we are not back on the plantation yet, nor is it a day, week or year after the end of slavery but many of our comforting illusions are being revealed rapidly in this fast paced society that revolves around media exposure and the exposure of ourselves.

One of the things that keep coming back to haunt this race time and time again is our lack of economical power. At this point we are still riding on the backs of others for jobs and sympathetic charity. Economical power is fundamental to the development of any race, nation or even family household. Without it a trickle effect of disaster occurs and there can be NO STABILITY.

Let's tie a lack of economical power with how Black people have come to cope with this status.

Homeless Bum Uses Girl To Make Money

Teenage runaway befriends homeless bum who confines her to a broken down van and forces her into prostitution"
Though this girl was a runaway I want to reveal the ENERGY of how ALL children and teenagers are in this era.

Like no other time in history its very IMPORTANT to watch over teenagers and young children in our environments. Despite how inconceivable it may seem human sex trafficking has become so common in society and such a money maker for the scums of this earth, minors are being targeted more and more.

Think about it: Prostitution as well as the porn industry is luring in more and more souls to the point of addiction. What happens when demand out weighs the supply? How many impressionable adult women can be convinced, abducted, and intimidated into the lifestyle of prostitution and the porn industry?

Keep in mind I'm addressing the ENERGY of supply and demand. Many adult women slowly find their way into prostitution. They may start out being sexually explicit like video and magazine models and progress downhill. Some become strippers, enter the pornography industry and eventually become prostitutes. All the activities stated come with the reality that most of these women develop an alcohol and drug abuse problem. These types of abuses often lock these women into their destructive lifestyle.

But what is the ENERGY of adult women in the pornography industry and those who are prostitutes? Though they are in environments that have ENERGIES that convince them to go deeper and deeper into self-exploitation in most cases they make the decision to progress downhill. Yes it's an emotional decision! Yes in most cases these decisions revolve around the ENERGY of despair but at the end of the day it's a decision they make and they're exploited by it.

Children and teenagers on the other hand can easily be exploited.

Professor Griff Breaks Down Obama's Broken Promises

A small business is any business that is not categorized as a Fortune 500 business. 90% of Americans work at companies that are considered to be a small businesses. Both small business owners and their employees are begining to suffer due to the policies that restrict their growth. That can only spell disaster to the American people.More and more business are choosing to hire less people in order to sustain all the taxes they must pay and regulations they must follow.

The goal is to ELIMINATE the middle-class as we know it, the gap of wealth is growing and it results in a negative trickle effect. Obama is a robot for big bankers.

As a person who believes in entrepreneurship and would be categorized as a small business it disturbs me that people refuse to wake up before their families and love ones are affected. Charisma and being a facade of greatness coming from the Black community is not enough.

A Comment to Lift the Spirits

No! You wicked so call black women are the world's ( societies of nations) mockery being that you all are too stupid to see anything nor do you all listen but, that's why smart not simple black men happiness rightfully so else where.

It is written in Micah 7:10. Black women are our worst enemies as black men and any so call black man that can not see that, then he is blind as a bat and is not even on my conversational level at all so, you need to wake up before it's too late for simple ones.

I want two things to be felt when absorbing the ENERGY of the above statements.
  1. I want it to reflect the NECESSITY of Alpha Black men to come against this spirit and ENERGY to maintain the sanity of Black women.
  2. Black women must learn to block out this type of ENERGY and realize issues reside in men like this that go beyond them as an individual.

Supporting Black Beauty Companies: Make Your Move in 2013

Challenge yourself for the New Year and every year thereafter to do more than complain about the absence of economical power amongst Black people in our communities.

I don't want to condemn the lack of consciousness and ignorance that is prevalent in the community. Most people go through life seeking the easiest way to make it through their lives on a day by day basis. Often-times consumers purchase products based how easy it is to obtain them, the products price and the marketing appeal of the product.

When it comes to Black haircare many consumers will also get confused and purchase products that features Black models who appeal to the desired condition they would like their hair to reflect. These models create a glitch in the mind because they send an ENERGY that the product is a Black product for Black haircare. While the product might be designed for Black haircare, one must remember 9 out of 10 times, if the product is in a non-Black owed beauty supply store, the product was not created by a Black person*. People have the consciousness to look for products that have certain ingredients they deem necessary for their beauty needs, but there is a major link missing.

Who makes these products, who benefits from the revenue generated and which communities benefit from this revenue? Does the money you spend result in the creation of jobs and the strengthening of interests and programs that build Black families?

99 percent of the time the answer is "No". We have an uncanny habit and tendency to make others rich by giving them money that could help strengthen ourselves. Picture yourself standing on the rooftop of a high-rise building and throwing money into the air. Or better yet picture yourself taking a handful of money and flushing it down the toilet. This represents the ENERGY of how many Black people engage in their spending habits.

Taken Into A New World Of Sex

Due to the lack of respect many men have for women via this culture more and more men are feeling increasingly confident in asking women to perform anal sex and do other things with their anus. The innocent, delicate purity shield around the aura of women has cracked and dissipated years ago.

Once a culture is created and women can be humiliated and used in many ways with acceptance, many men begin to feel more confident in taking out their perversions on the women they bed.

Take a look at the following letter that was sent to my via my Black Celebrity Energy website:
What an amazing article! Thank you for sharing. Your points really resonated with me because of a relationship I engaged in that did not feel right. The man (Black) focused on my azz in a way that did not sit well with me. (Pardon the pun). This man is a minor celebrity - he has an Internet Radio show and I was a regular listener. At first he stated he wanted to marry me before moving on to what he would like to do to me in the bedroom. This included giving me a pedicure and "going down town" (as if these two things would clinch the deal...), however he soon moved onto the "stick a fork in that azz" talk. He called my vagina a "tunnel" ... Being a non-American I was polite but I did laugh at him... he asked why I was laughing. I said I thought he was a comedian... you can see by this exchange that cross cultural discourse can be fraught. I told him that no women wants her beautiful flower to be called a tunnel. We did, however, persevere with our dating. No actual sex yet, I have to add.

Very soon this lolly pop jock invited me to read a book he was writing and proudly sent me an except of the "love scene" he had written. I was appalled - the violence of the sex - in the "back door" across the arm of a chair, no foreplay, and lasting some four hours ("in the back door") before both parties collapsed in mutual ... aah... pleasure. Like I said the guy is a comedian. I told him I didn't think the sex scene was very sexy and that it read more like rape scene than a love scene. That's how Black people have sex, he told me... I doubted that at the time but since reading your article perhaps he was right.

There were other occasions when I, a lover of sensuality, and he, a back door azz pounder, tried to connect but it was never meant to be. It just did not feel right.

Oh, one other thing - he told me that other women (Black) who had read the "love scene" thought the characters were a "cute couple" and that they loved the "love scene." I guess when women stop enabling attitudes such as this man's then there will not be a lot of change. Once again - thanks for sharing. I'm sorry I missed the live broadcast!

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