Rachel Jeantel: Powerless People Shocked By Community Manifestations

Empowerment is understanding why things manifest and addressing these issues. Empowerment is not focusing on a behavior alone.

I think the minds of many Black people are snapping quickly under the pressure and realization that we have not gotten as far as we think. We haven't gotten very far economically, morally nor through harmony amongst ourselves. In fact I'm sure many can agree we have regressed in many of those areas. Whatever sense of those attributes we thought or felt we had seems to be hanging by a string just like our TOTAL dependence on others for our well-being. Most Black people are making it through the tolerance and charity of others. From jobs, charity, programs as well as through the educational system.

No, we are not back on the plantation yet, nor is it a day, week or year after the end of slavery but many of our comforting illusions are being revealed rapidly in this fast paced society that revolves around media exposure and the exposure of ourselves.

One of the things that keep coming back to haunt this race time and time again is our lack of economical power. At this point we are still riding on the backs of others for jobs and sympathetic charity. Economical power is fundamental to the development of any race, nation or even family household. Without it a trickle effect of disaster occurs and there can be NO STABILITY.

Let's tie a lack of economical power with how Black people have come to cope with this status.

Black people try to cope with two things:
  1. A sense of not having any true power or say over their lives, families and communities
  2. The reality of how hard it would be to overturn the passive state we have been in for over 400 years. Many sacrifices would have to be made in order to build up ourselves, communities and culture.
So instead of coping, what do many Black people do? Many Black people adopt the mentality of "individualism". They secretly hope they can continue to worry only about themselves and family while working towards the ideal of being accepted integrationist. They never think about those moments of annoyance and second thoughts from others. They don't think of the of "ah we're tired of you", "ah I think I'm going to hire a White or Hispanic person instead" moments. What a wonderful life we leave behind for the next generation right? Wrong and you know it's wrong.

Here's two other ENERGIES that result in Black people taking the "easy way" out and simply seeking to milk whatever benefits they can from TOTAL intergration:

1. A subconscious or concious sense of lack of respect from others:
Have you ever built a nation or stable community? Have you been able to fight against the obstacles put in place to annihilate your mind, spirit and economic advancement? Let me know, maybe I'm living in an alternate Universe and Black people have built something and strived to improve their conditions beyond an "individualistic" way. I don't think that example exist and neither do you.

It's one thing to have a strong foundation and go searching for other ways to anchor yourself in order to have ultimate stability and it's another to search for a "harness" because you're too weak to walk, fight and manifest what's best for you.

Quick ENERGY Equation: Picture a Black person riding on the back of others like a "piggy back" because their legs are too weak to walk on there own. You can also picture a Black person being dragged behind a non-Black because they offer a slight use but the person doesn't care how "banged up" they get.

Another ENERGY result:

2. You can't be trusted because the weak cannot be trusted at the end of the day:
Just like a Black Cointelpro agent who can be used to help the oppressors of Black people. At the end of the day they cannot be trusted. Any group of people who cannot demonstrate strength on their own but seek to gain strength outside themselves cannot run from the ENERGY of weakness. Someone who would turn from themselves in order to gain meager crumbs from those who enjoy the position of dominance can only be in a position were they can be used. They simply become highly paid, highly recognized slaves.

The sad thing about this scenerio is that Black people would have to do just that, they would have to intergrate to the point where they become "other", not Black with a Black culture, Black economical stability and the ability to provide more to the next generation. They can only pass on the hope they'll continue to be accepted and directions on how to become less Black to make them less intimidating so they can do so.

Nope, merging with what's already been created an never truly be respected. The sad thing is most of what's been created has been created through Black people's "sweat and tears" but still many are dismissed and led to believe they are receiving charity. Why? Because everything goes by ENERGY and it does not feel as if Black people could stand on their own two feet despite what's been created by them through force in times past.

So lets go into the ENERGY of attacking Rachel Jeantel

When seeing Rachel Jeantel on stand many Black people became embarrassed because she seem to possess many negative stereotypes. What are those stereotypes and ENERGIES?

Confidently, Unknowingly Ignorant

Those are the ENERGIES that brought a feeling of shame to many Black people.

But let's be honest, should she be a shock to our system? Was she like an alien from outer space? A rare two headed bird (not a two headed eagle) or maybe her ENERGY was like a genetically modified square watermelon, something I've become aware of only recently? Pic

No, she is common in our communities, so once you get pass the natural reaction of "damn, damn, I wish she wasn't a reflection of our dysfunction, how does one go on to attack her as if she is a deformity amongst perfection? In fact she was a metaphysical match to Trayvon Martin, just like she's a metaphysical match to the ENERGIES of many our our neighborhoods.

Now don't get me wrong, I understand why many Black people had the natural instinct of wanting to separate themselves from Rachel Jeanel and wrongfully did so by trying to shame her existence. I understand it's hard to face the reflections created by a lack of strength, perseverance, sacrifice, and self-respect needed for the progression of one's race when they are behind.

I also know when digging a little deeper we would have to admit we like Rachel Jeantel in the realm of entertainment. We would not be entertained by Condelezza Rice even if she was comedic, we're just fine with Monique being the one to make us laugh. In fact many comedians act coonish to the delight of this race.Comedians don't act Black stereotypically are considered too White washed for many.

But Let's get back to how having a lack of economical power results in many Rachel Jeantel's therefore this teenager cannot be attacked. Instead she should have been embraced because just like all youth she is here to teach us lessons about ourselves. She's here to reveal our lack of progress in order to get on track. Joining with others in their attack does NOT vindicate her ENERGY from the community. It just symbolizes a willingness to ignore what is being manifested and a desire to show a facade to the world.

But, let's face it passivity and the idealistic hope that others will assist in making our conditions better has manifested a condition that can only GET WORST OVER THE YEARS. If we start with no real economical power and continue this way over the years what SHOULD be the condition of
  • Men
  • Women
  • Children
  • The Neighborhood
  • The Schools system
  • Resources
  • The Culture/Media
  • Law Enforcement
  • Political Climate---Politicians are elected by the people but abide by the wishes of those who have money
  • Current Employment Status
  • Future Employment Status

Again when you have no control over these things the reality of this lack of control becomes manifested in all things around you. You begin to the see the exceptions to these negative manifestations become far and few in between.

Now I can make this article 10 pages long indicating the trickle effect of these lack of powers and how we should own up to them, face them to correct them, but I won't!  Instead I want to end this article by saying tow things:

  1. Never join in on any attack of an innocently ignorant Black person before the world:
It's like attacking a slave who can't read or write as well as their counterparts

Many Black people become confused. They don't realize that though non-Blacks won't point out certain things because it's not in their best interest due to feeling indifferent to the causes of our problems, they know you realize that Rachel Jeantel is typical in many of our communities. Therefore what you are really conveying when you take part in these attacks is that it's "OK" to do so, this only creates more incidents where it will be done. And that is not good for the developing minds of our communities.a "green light" for others to do so, in turn creating more incidents where they will.

It's very comforting for ignorant people to see Black people take part in validating the stereotypes they have of Black people. It makes them more comfortable with displaying their sense of superiority. Again this is damaging to developing minds and makes them feel defenseless. 

    2.  It's important to assess how ALL negative, repetitive incidents that affects Black people stems from a lack of economical power and self-sufficiency.

Most Black people who are considered a defect are not in the state of tearing down and effecting a nation or culture that has been built. They are in a state of "acting up" or reflecting a nation and culture that was never built.  

My last ENERGY point makes me want to elaborate and go into another action I see growing amongst Black people.  Those who keep pointing out SYMPTOMS and not CAUSES. But due to the length and the distracting nature of people during these fast paced times, i will write another article about this sick phenomenon. Stay Tuned!

Help Build Black Economical Power, Pick Black Companies TODAY and Support Their Progression

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