The Things "Tranny's" Will Do to Feel Like a Woman


Just like many others it's hard to find a way to place "Tranny's" it's hard to fathom them and think of their role in society. A large part of this is due to the confusion that lies within themselves. They want to be something they are not, and expect others to accept this. They do not mirror the ENERGY of gay and lesbian homosexuals in my opinion. Gay and Lesbian people have intentions that are clear. A gay man might think of a male heterosexual and find him attractive but they gravitate to those who are like them. Those who will embrace their existence. The same with Lesbian women.

I often wonder about "Tranny's" and how they think. I wonder about them for so many reasons. Being a tall woman I can clearly see how much confusion they put into society. Even the ugliest, dusty, dirty person will sometimes look at me as if I might be a Tranny. This happens particularly when dressed up and looking my best. Many times speculation is not long-lasting because after all I am a woman so I have the essence of a woman. I don't have to try to be a woman, but it's still irritating. I'm attractive but God told me whether I was Naomi Campbell or Tyra Banks the same reaction would occur it's just an unbelievable look at this point.

Furthermore it's a look that many "Tranny's try to achieve, they're convinced that they can emulate models. They gravitate towards the model look because many men are taller than the average woman and it's something that seems achievable. They hope that you will think they're simply tall women and if they are really attractive, they hope that you think they are a tall woman who looks like model.

Of course there is an emerging variety of "Tranny's" spreading within Society those who don't opt for a glamour model look. You have the everyday looking Tranny like the one in this picture. Who looks like Black women I see everyday, overweight and regular. As well as the more ghetto, around the way Tranny's like Sidney Starr below.

I think it's fair to say that "Tranny's" have advanced past the Wesley Snipes in a dress stage. Due to advancements in medical procedures they can truly emulate woman and walk through society as a lie. God told me we are going into a period where there will be much confusion. When you don't adhere to his laws of nature, he will turn your whole environment into a confusing one. This goes for all aspects of life, even when it comes to women who are opting to get a lot of surgery done. Like Mark Simmons said in the video within my post about Black comedy, you need an X-RAY these days to get a true perception of what a woman truly looks like.

In any case,

What bothers me about "Tranny's", is they don't seem willingly honest and truthful with society. Their mental confusion and disease leads them to believe that they are women. They feel no obligation to show that they are not women, but were actually born men.

Any type of deception or lie is not supported by God and this Universe and as you can see they suffer a great deal when they go against this metaphysical fact that relates to his laws of nature.

They fail to realize that God made them men. No human being can touch them with their human hands and change that. No doctor can change the fact that they were born men. You cannot supersede God and this Universe.
So that brings society to a dilemma. A dilemma where one must wonder; how much do we entertain the mental condition of "Tranny's". How far do we allow them to go?

I say this because many "Tranny's" have convinced themselves that they can get a heterosexual man to look past the fact that they are truly men. They think they can find love with a heterosexual man who views them as a woman despite them not being born or equipped like a woman. No surgeon in the world could give a "Tranny" the anatomy of a woman, he can only make it appear that way and even then they cannot create an exact replica.

One of my business associates experienced the attempted seduction of a "Tranny". We went to the Bronner Brothers show in Atlanta and he spoke about a "Tranny" making eyes at him. This seems very offensive to me. This is a heterosexual man who had to face his masculinity being challenged just for the gratification of someone who's confused mentally.

Is that fair?

Is this what we are giving "Tranny's" a green light to do?

In this case he knew it was a "Tranny" but he was still bothered by the "Tranny's" actions. Many men struggle with the fear that a "Tranny" might attempt targeting them. They ask themselves "why"? They wonder if the "Tranny" is saying they think there's a chance because they are gay, an effeminate man, or can be "turned out". Why target me is their question? "Why do they think they have a chance with me, is what they wonder?"

A heterosexual man does not take well to his masculinity being challenged. He feels he should exude he's a man in such a way, that fact should never be challenged.

Now let's look at an astounding case that recently happened:
Two "Tranny's" met an underage boy on Facebook and decided to lure him into their web of deceit. After conversing with this young man back and forth on Facebook, these "Tranny's" arranged to meet him at a swanky hotel. The young man thought he was going to meet two women. They even went as far as sending a limo to pick him up to entice him more, make him feel special and get him to let his guard down.

Once going to the hotel they began to have sexual relations with him, at which time he realized that they were in-deed men. Reports aren't clear if they raped him or not. But law enforcement in the Cleveland area are suspecting that this is not the first time these "Tranny's" have done this.

I won't talk about how appalling this story is, I hate obvious, cliché conversation. What I do want to talk about is how far will we allow "Tranny's" to go in effecting our lives and how we live.

When you choose to live a lie and bring an ENERGY of deception into the world is it fair for others to deal with it?

I would like to show some of the comments and reactions people have made about this. The most telling comment brings up the fact that these "Tranny's" have a history of their actions and a 3rd member of their group was murdered due to their deception:

these same two freaks were on crime 360 a few years ago because a kid got killed over the same situation. they tricked a guy to thinking they were women, so he came back to shoot them\one of their trio. these menaces to society must be stopped!!!
5 days ago, 12:01:20 AM
the name of the episode is crime 360: deadly secret
5 days ago, 12:07:56 AM
These two comments show that there is a growing problem in our communities and it needs to be addressed:
_diamondstyles_Dec. 4th, 2010
at 11:10 am
Im a transsexual….and i have been in this situation before….some young dude lie to you and tell you they are older then they are just like females….
that hwy i ask for id…lol
You can only wonder how he's unable to tell an underage boy from a man and it sounds like he is a prostitute like many "Tranny's". Here's a response to this comment:
CaliFemme23Dec. 4th, 2010
at 3:04 pm
You ask for ID? You’re just as deceptive as the next person really…Now here you say you are trannsexual…Yet on your page it isn’t mentioned ANYWHERE, you even go so far as to tag yourself as a woman……The end of your message says “if you want a traditional a traditional man…”
What the hell about YOU is traditional? You are as UNnatural as they come. I wonder how many men come to your page or hit you up and have NO CLUE that you are a male….That’s the shyt that gets people killed and beaten in the world….When you liars decide to switch genders, you should be required to wear a star of tranny on your damn foreheads and stop all that damn trickery!
Now above I made a comment that the LGBT would love to attack. I mentioned that many "Tranny's" are prostitutes. Unfortunately this is the truth. Until the LGBT understand the ENERGY and true lives of this segment of the homosexual community (if that's what you want to call it) they will forever feel the need to attack things that are the truth even if it's the uncomfortable truth.

"Tranny" prostitutes exist in all races but have become prominent in the Black community. This is because there are many "jail culture" Black men who solicit them and are willing to have sex with them due to a "feeling" they have become addicted to while in jail. They will secretly long to re-create that feeling despite the heterosexual relationships they might have or be in.

This becomes a sad reality for many "Tranny's" because most of the time they're subjected to abuse and aggressive sex that mirrors the penitentiary by a man who wishes he was normal. However it gives a "Tranny" the momentary opportunity to feel like a woman, by being able to attract a man who likes women and considers himself a heterosexual. Despite this many are kept secrets and many times are simply resorted to for sex.

Ok, Ok, I know when to break up my topics, I'm running on and on about a topic that could be a dissertation. I will be posting more articles addressing this epidemic that is affecting our communities.I will also write about how confusion about who is a man or women is expanding and effecting perceptions of many women in the spotlight and in our communities.I particularly want to discuss how deception fuels homophobia due to the challenge it poses on men's masculinity.

As far as this story goes; be prepared to hear more incidents such as this one, where "Tranny's" in their desperation to feel normal will go through extreme measures to feel accepted. They have been lied to by the LGBT community. They have been told that all they have to do is change their name, take hormones and/or get surgery and they can be true women.

They struggle with this ILLUSION and always will because The Universe would not allow them to do this. The Universe does not stand by deception. As the saying goes "All things become revealed". This applies to all facets of life.

I hope the spirit of this young man understands that this is bigger than him. I hope that he doesn't think there is something wrong with him for being lured into this situation.

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