Can You Remain Strong As the Number of Those Sexually Confused Grow?

High, possessed and emulating ENERGIES they have been saturated with.

As time goes on you will see people promoting, taking part in and encouraging deviant sexual behavior that is besides themselves and their spirit. Many of these people must, must, be high or intoxicated to engage in these activities. When they are the Dark ENERGIES that are behind these actions will overtake them.

Never trust someone who acts one way when they are under the influence and another way when they are not. It is an indication that they welcome possession and allow their bodies to be used by Dark ENERGIES. If you took all drugs out of sex parties, orgies and places where deviant non-spiritual sex occurred these people would be weakened and  would not be able to do most of the things they do when they are high.

I pose the question in the title of this post because we are in an era where the ENERGY of people's confusion is being harnessed for dark purposes. They are being urged blatantly to be deviant and sexually confused.

As I pointed out in my article about Frank Ocean: "Should Heterosexual Men Support Frank Ocean", there are many pawns and puppets that are being used to create sexual confusion, Frank Ocean is just one of them.
The bankers want heterosexuals to suffer from the same gender confusion as homosexuals do, which makes it impossible to bond permanently with the opposite sex. As result, the vast majority of people will substitute promiscuity for love, marriage and family. Eventually the State will take over reproduction and indoctrination of the young.

The bankers represent the elite and secret societies those who dominate over the media and other aspects of life.
Most celebrities HAVE TO promote sexual deviance in order to be accepted in the Dark industry, that is why there's no surprise that many engage in same sex intimacy in order to confuse the minds of the masses by making them sexually confused. Most "throw-away" media whore celebrities are chosen to do this. Major celebrities usually have to produce a human sacrifice, but on occasion they will use someone like Rihanna who was a whore before her career and turn her out and becomes nothing but common trash like D-List whore Draya.

Many low level reality stars are used to indoctrinate woman on woman sexual acts into the minds of the masses who watch them.
Evelyn Lozada getting her brownie points from the Dark Industry by indoctrinating woman on woman sexual acts
The biggest international whore Rihanna, not only promoting woman on woman sexual acts but the idea that violent sex is pleasurable in her video S and M
Making Dark ENERGY Happy with their chose to push her
All women are being targeted with sexual confusion so that they will be confused about their sexuality. A Lesbian viewer wrote me about being upset about what she sees occurring.

It seems the first to fall into this OPENLY is woman. You can clearly see many women are engaging in intimate acts with other women, though they would not categorize themselves as homosexual.

I say OPENLY because I think many men engage in sexual acts with each other in secrecy. Women have always been egged on and encouraged to degrade themselves even by men who will talk about these women behind their back in a disrespectful way. When women are being promiscuous, engaging sexually with other women and degrading themselves men do not object openly. Men have been programmed that doing so make them less of a man and bizarre. They are suppose to welcome women engaging in sex with other women.
Men are told they are more of a man if they find enjoyment in watching drugged out sexually confused women

Most men do not realize they have been programmed that way and become overtaken by the Dark lust that is used to create these images and actions. It's when the repercussions of allowing this type of confusion takes over they begin to complain. When they can't snap their fingers and wake women up to be respectable women but instead see the ENERGY grow.

Take a look at this comment from someone who claim to be at the party in Memphis the opening picture was taken from:

I couldn get a girl to dance with me I was in no danger of an STD hahaha

you just clowned yoself
The first commenter responds again and tries to reclaim his masculinity by backing out of his initial statement:

Shit it's true wait......... I should have lied right got you ;) man the hoes was all on my shit that night ;)
My Response:

You're so weak, he just tried to punk you because you made it seem like you couldn't pull one of these ratchet chicks so supposedly you're less than a man and you can't even slay him but instead break to him, likes he's more dominate for being able to pull ratchet chicks. Prime example of why negative Black men dominate over more positive one.
The above demonstrates why women can act this way openly. Men have been forced into accepting it, their masculinity is at risk and they only seem to complain silently, or passively because they don't come against the ENERGY with force.

On the other hand men cannot engage with each other in front of others who might not be OK with that type of behavior. Of course that type of behavior being displayed openly is yet to come. When you are broken down to accept those who engage in that type of behaviors you will be expected to witness it. If Frank Ocean was in the club and decided to be provocative with another man you are expected to accept this, because you accept him. Just like as a woman I would have to accept women doing this in my presence or have the strength to leave. I say this even though I wouldn't be there in the first place.

The point is, the more normalized these behaviors become the more weak spirits will try these behaviors. They don't realize the spiritual confusion that comes when the act is done. There is a pain that one feels when they live a life of no conviction and can be led in any direction. Once you commit an act you must live with it and the weakness that drove you to do it.

The men around you will begin to break and try homosexual acts while convincing themselves they are not homosexual. In the same way it has happen to many women. Are you strong enough to stand your ground? Or will you be weak like many women have proven to be?

I say this because most people are certainly not strong enough to TEAR DOWN the culture and NOT SUPPORT it. So in essence they feed temptations and spiritually draining ENERGIES that confuse the mind.

I will be discussing homosexuality more, but I'm trying to make my articles shorter, so let me end with a few comments that demonstrate the type of confusion and mutations taking place. Also I have included the video that features the above picture. It was taken at a party in Memphis. At the party women were engaging in sexual acts with each other, penetrating each other and also engaging in sexual acts with men.

Here's an example how the ENERGY in an atmosphere can take over and mutate the minds of those in it's realm.. As more women realize the men they are dating are participating in male on male sex acts in jail, many will break down and rationalize these actions in the same way the men who commit the acts do. It's the only thing that allows a person to maintain a sense of sanity even when they are confused. They must lie to themselves.

Here's a response that reflects Breaking Down:
You know what one silly ass black chick told me a few years ago? she said a man fucking another man is not an act of Homosexuality because he is doing the fucking. wtf? this was her rationale in why she allowed her thug boyfriend to fuck punks in prison while he was doing a 2yr bit.
Yeah, the sons-of bitches have that mentality. There are some gang bangers now that recruit niggas by doing that fag shit. Oh yeah!! A brotha from Chi-town even told me that.
I spoke about this inevitable mutation in my article "The New Way Black Men Insult Each Other"

Second Response:
I heard all about it! I also heard from family members that are still active in the street organizations that a lot of the old school gang leaders have put out a contract on the head of any renegade gang leader that is practicing that bullshit!!!
Great attempt by old school gang leaders, but they will be powerless to ENERGIES that are supported by The many men who enter jail. It's the same with the media, woman cannot be told what they're doing is wrong because it's being presented to them as normal through people they admire...........Agents of Destruction.

Whether people realize it or not people feel a sense of being unsure about many actions until they're actions are validated by the media and culture. This applies to many things. For example a man or woman won't feel like an idiot having many tattoos even in a world where most people don't have any. This is because celebrities who have them have great dominance in the culture. What could you tell someone who is emulating a celebrity that has them? I will be writing an article about tattoos soon and the destruction the culture has prompted others to take part in. A bodily destruction that leaves them useless to any productive environment in society and the numbers are growing.

My ENERGY is being drained so I will address this more in the future, I just hope people can remain strong and not succumb to propaganda and programming. Many will fall an I'm not here to try to save those people but there are those out there who need encouragement to remain strong.

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Don't Be Scared to Be Deeper and Different Share My Articles, Help Souls to at least think, after-all we all must bear the consequences of the others actions and decisions.

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