3 Men Raped and Sodomized for 9 Hours By Home Invaders

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Male primates in the wild have been known to rape each other to exert dominance. 

I want you to enter the world of Jail Culture men, a world that is not openly talked about by those who become victims and it's predators.

Three men were raped for 9 hours at a home on Orr Street in Memphis Tennessee by three assailants. One of the victims was taken into a room, while the other two victims were taken into another room. Each victim had their mouths and eyes covered with tape and their wrists and ankles bound with plastic ties. According to a police affidavit, they were beaten with a baseball bat and broom handle. All three of the men were sodomized and sexually assaulted with the weapons.

After the act the suspects left

One of the suspects, Cornelius Banks is under arrested and is charged with multiple counts of aggravated burglary, aggravated rape, aggravated sexual battery, especially aggravated kidnapping, especially aggravated robbery, and carrying a firearm with the intent of committing a felony.

A couple of days prior to the crime a violent incident occurred which allegedly involved the suspect Banks  being shot or shot at.

There's so much the community must know and understand about the ENERGIES of jail.
First of all, the minds of many men who go to jail "snap". They snap in order to cope with the new environment they are subjected to, an environment that goes by street codes but in a more brutal atmosphere due to confinement. Due to this type of confinement the rules of the streets mutate and become more savage like. Inmates are forced to to survive and establish a sense of respect and fear for their own protection.

There's no walking away in jail, you MUST prove yourself by being ruthless and unemotional when challenged.

So what do you think happens after years of men living in environments like this? As I said the rules and codes become more savage, especially as the ENERGY of street gangs define jail. Many of the men who enter jail are affiliated with gangs. Those who are not are at great risk, and usually become affiliated once in jail. Inmates in jail are constantly challenged with trying to establish and maintain a sense of dominance over others.

Now I want you to absorb this ENERGY. A while ago rapper Lil B exposed a mentality of many Jail Culture men who live in savage conditions. When talking about Kanye West, he said 'If Kanye West does not work with me I'm going to rape him'.

Again, absorb the ENERGY of this statement. Does it sound like a statement made due to wanting sexual gratification, or does it sound like a statement made that shows the willingness to exert control over someone else in a brutal savage way? In one of my articles that speaks about this incident, "The New Way Black Men Insult Each Other", I included a quote that reveals how apes in the wild behave:
Male primates in the wild have been known to rape each other to exert dominance. 
Many people in society don't realize that men are raped in jail for many different reasons. They're not just raped for sexual gratification, many are raped due to a man or group of men wanting to break another man down and exert power over them. Some men are raped due to owing a debt and some are raped as retaliation for an act they have committed.

Think about it what would be the most dramatic way to exert power over a man and  take away his sense of manhood and pride? When men are forced to be savages due to living in conditions that create that scenario, they will continuously dehumanize those around them.

Without the full details of this case, that seems to be the ENERGY of this incident. The suspects did not rob the home for it's valuables, they came to the home, raped and sodomized these men and then left.

I'm sure we can all agree this is not something an average burglar would do. In fact it's not something an average person seeking revenge would do. This is an incident that went beyond physical harm. An incident that sought to impose a humiliating message.

Take a look at a comment a Brother from the streets left pertaining to this incident. Notice how he exposes the same ENERGY I have about this incident:
wtf really bruh i got one thing to say shit im str8 them niggas must hav ben to the pin cuz only niggas do dat if they jus cam otu prison were dey b fucn niggas inside the pin nd wen they get out the pin they will fuc a nigga if they want to idk y they do it and ran into a couple insidents wit dat shit
I can think of a thousand reasons why we can't continue to be passive to the ENERGIES that lead many Black men to jail, a place where their minds and mentalities mutate and they develop a harden attitude.

These men will bring home the ENERGIES they develop in prison. In my article "Mega Jails are Pits of Hell" I exposed the fact that many men in jail have to fight for everything. They have to fight to keep their sneakers, fight for their food, phone time, positions on a bunk bed, everything imaginable. After breaking and succumbing to these types of conditions they can't help but become a part of a mans mental programming.

Now I will end this by conveying what the Universe told me would greatly help this situation and help prevent Black men from entering prison. We must attack all the power sources that make men in the community feel empowered when involved in crime and negativity. This means we must TEAR DOWN THIS CULTURE. We must tear down the culture because the culture:
  • Sends a message that a Black man is nothing without money or materialistic things
  • Sends a message that when a Black man is affiliated with the streets and gangs he's more of a man
  • Sends a message that when a Black man has money he will be able to have the "baddest chicks"---This might appear true but is an illusion because they only attract possessed women who are gold-diggers, and lost themselves.
  • Sends a message that when you are broke you rob a Nig*ga or set a Nig*ga up
  • Sends a message you can transition from the streets to making money in a more legit way if you make the right moves. Many have inspirations of being rappers or in the music industry in some form.
  • Sends a message that if you are slick enough and make the right moves you won't get caught.
In order to release Black men from Bondage, these mentalities and ENERGIES have to be replaced with shame and a sense of feeling weak due to falling into a trap. In order for Black men to feel a lost of power when they get caught up negative actions, Black men must know:
  • Society wants you to go to jail, in this day and age they can make money off of you, prisoners pay for everything in jail.
  • Society wants you in jail because Big businesses need cheap labor, so an inmate is like a slave with no rights
  • Society wants you in jail because stock holders on Wall Street who buy stocks given by private jails become rich. Jail is big business in this era, and there are jails being built now that need to be filled with inmates.
  • Society wants you in jail because it reduces the number of Black men on the streets
  • Society wants you in jail because it weakens the race and community and allows Black people to continue to be dependent on the government.
The only way for these messages to sink in, Black men can't look into the spotlight and media and see their negative ENERGIES celebrated. They can't see what appears to be successful men claiming all the negative things they do. When we allow this, they can't help but feel not only empowered, but a sense of being in relation to what seems powerful. When they are consumed with those feelings it takes away the sense of shame and gullibility they should feel in their actions. Instead they convince themselves they are fulfilling there destiny as "Real Men".

This incident does not shock me. The community will continue to deal with the ENERGIES coming from jail. Some communities are like living in a big prison. They are in bondage by the ENERGIES men in their environment pick up when they go to jail. We must send a message that being "the man" is someone who does not become a slave and can avoid these obstacles.

I will talk more about this later. In my next article about prison I want to address the validity of this statement:
Black Men get locked up because they know that to live a life of crime is what will attract negro women. If negro women mostly desired men that were positive and constructive then the prisons would be empty. But since they don't want a man to be constructive the prison experience is the nigger rites of passage to manhood all thanks to the negro woman.
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