Blindly Supporting Black Genocide

One day we will become tired of being "Silly Rabbits" lured into destruction by toxic carrots".
One of my determinations is to put constant pressure on the community by exposing the ENERGY of the culture so many people will wake up. I don't want people to just wake up, I want them to become enraged by the idea that someone is attempting to control them and strengthen themselves spiritually to avoid that from happening.

As people navigate and tread through their chaotic and sometimes crazy lives they become weakened and constantly seek out comforts that allow them to escape and find temporary satisfactions.

Change seems like such an imposing word and a word that's filled with the ENERGY of having to take action in a way that seems burdensome. A way that seems like a "Pain in the Ass".

What people don't realize is that change, when it comes to spiritual strength doesn't require any physical effort. It only requires being aware and the resistance of absorbing and taking part in YOUR OWN DESTRUCTION.

It means ceasing all support to those things that contribute to your life and communities becoming shattered.

We have to concentrate on coming against the POWER and EGO illusion Mainstream culture instills in the minds of those around us that leads them down the wrong path.

Hopefully this video will make people become disgusted with much of mainstream culture. Do you know the more you assimilate that ENERGY the less POWERFUL those who are being used to destroy us will feel? Do it for yourself, do it for your kids, do it for the next generation coming. The time is now!

Click Here to view a video that breaks down how we take part in destroying ourselves. 

For Full Screen Click Here

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