Disgraceful Protesting!

Look it's a gathering for Civil Rights, no it's Black men who support another Black man who gets on the level of a woman.

Even if I sided with the bus driver's actions in the Cleveland Bus Incident, I would never protest in support of giving his job back. That would be in the hands of a higher power. I would not be able to ignore the lack of professionalism and control the bus driver demonstrated, no matter how vindicating I thought his reaction was in the incident.

I would have to ADMIT he was NOT Defending himself, he was proving a point and lashing out due to anger and principle. Defending himself would mean he's under unrelenting attack and has to physically respond to stop it. Defending oneself is not being pushed and then the person backs away and you decide to hit them. I would have to admit this and though I might have found contentment in him responding to a person who thinks they can hit another, I could not ignore all the facts of the incident.

He created a volatile, dangerous situation by agitating someone who seemed to be a loose cannon. He did not have control over the bus and allowed himself to become emotionally unstable by arguing with the female passenger. He put himself and all passengers in danger. The point has been often made: "what if she had a gun or razor"? The answer is, that's correct, what if she did have those weapons, it puts all others at risk.

Who should have control over the bus? The bus driver or a passenger?

It's beyond amazing that many people (particularly men) have gone beyond agreeing with his hitting the female passenger and have chosen to ignore the entirety of the incident. They've chosen to not only stand by his actions but chose to rally around him making their support visibly known. These are grown men who are inadvertently admitted that they are defeated by the young girls in the community and cannot handle them better than how the bus driver handled the female passenger on the bus.


Emasculation can come in many forms and displays such as this demonstrate the lack of control Black men have in their communities.

I do not have the ENERGY nor further desire to speak more about this incident, I did so before. But I will file it away and speak more about it in the future. I have a feeling more of these incidents will occur.

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