I Felt the Humilation of a Prostitute

One of the Best Fantasy Movies of all Time

Pretty Woman a movie that's loved by many women was filled with complete fantasy. A street hooker who meets a rich handsome man who takes her to a five star hotel, falls in love with her. The hooker was not on drugs, strung out or emotionally unstable, she was just a pretty woman waiting to be saved. I loved the movie just like many other did, but it's hardly the life of real woman who sell their body on the streets.
I just wanted to share this quick story with you, a story that shows how subconscious ENERGY can be. People make quick perceptions of things based on the ENERGY they feel radiating from the person or situation they are observing.

Recently I got a chance to realize this fact walking down the road of one of the main streets in my neighborhood.

In my community everyone drives. Ninety-nine percent of the population travels by car. We don't have a public transportation system aside from a shuttle bus that takes you to the main transportation system in another town. And this bus only runs on the weekdays during business hours.

So absorb that ENERGY as I continue

You rarely see people walking in my town down the side of the road. To be honest you rarely see people walking period unless its around the walking path at one of our parks.

Well recently I had to walk, my car needs to be repaired because the head gaskets are leaking. The oil looks like milk because it has antifreeze in it and I didn't want to take a chance driving the car even though I was only going a short distance.

So around 10PM while it was pouring down raining, wearing simple Capri's jeans, a Black top, Black flats and holding my umbrella, I had to walk in order to catch the supermarket before it closed. As I was walking a Black man driving a utility pick-up truck made a stop at one of the side streets when he came to the stop sign. He asked me if I needed a ride and though I was close to the supermarket I agreed because it was raining really hard. When I got up to the car his car was packed with stuff I couldn't distinguish, probably utility equipment. Both the backseat and the passenger seat was cluttered So I said to him " there's no room". He patted the top of the clutter on the passenger side and said "there's room" with his hopeful "I can't believe this is about to happen" eyes.

There was so much clutter on the passenger seat I would've been forced to sit arch backed to fit and my back still would have been pressing against the roof interior of the car. Of course I'm sure there was room on the floor. In any case, I told him "forget it" and he said "Ok and drove off".

In an instant I knew he thought I might be out at night, in the rain, selling myself as a prostitute. So what's the ENERGIES of this situation?

When you are selling yourself on the street, that does not have the ENERGY of being particular so men won't be particular with you. It has the ENERGY of desperation and men will take advantage of that and try to do as least as possible to "get their rocks off". Men do not respect a woman who's in that situation and expect them to demean themselves for a buck.  I'm sure he figured I would be just fine getting on the floor and giving him a blow job. Or sitting on the clutter and leaning over in order to "get the job done".

At that moment I was able to feel how a prostitute is treated when she comes across men in the street. This is why prostitution is one of those jobs where a person has to be able to disassociate themselves mentally in order to cope with what they are doing. Most use the aid of drugs to disconnect themselves from their reality. If they did not have the ability to do this they would feel humiliated, disrespected and used, which reflects their true reality and how they're treated.

Do you know a persons ability to disassociate is one of the top qualities Dark ENERGY and those in the entertainment industry look for. When a person is able to disassociate, they can become something aside from their true self and do and say things they normally couldn't do. I will talk more about that later.

The moral of the story is, ENERGY is equated to everything, it's how we judge our surroundings, judge people we don't know and create instant judgements and perceptions. The ENERGY of me walking at night in a neighborhood where people rarely walk, in a desperate situation(while it was raining) allowed this man to assume I was a prostitute. We as humans are sensitive to ENERGY that's why it has to be regulated and we must understand our own ENERGY and the ENERGY those around us are radiating and bring around us.

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