Using Other Races as Weapons!

"Never Kill the Spirit of the Women of Your Race"

This video post goes in hand with the above article "Will Black Men Continue to Go Down the Same Road Black Women Went Down?"

In this post I would like to give you an example of what I see occurring in this race amidst the gender war that is taking place within this race. We use people of other races as tools to gauge, effect, hurt, and piss off the other gender. We do not know how to resolve issues that arise amongst ourselves.

It seems like anything can divide Black people. It's the main reason we became slaves. European simply went to Africa and used the fact the tribes where at odd with each other to capture slaves. They promised each tribe imports if they brought them slaves, and each tribe commenced to capturing slaves from the other.

We allow others to feel dominate by looking outside of ourselves for a solution, a savior, a cure to our problems. Problems that will never go away but only grow more severe.

Click more and check out this video which features a Black man using a White woman to insult Black women by addressing all the negative ENERGIES and stereotypes displayed by only negative Black women. He does this without realizing he will only sop the power of Black women as a whole, which only creates resentment.

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