New HIV Test Continues the Attack on Spiritual Love and Sex

This article is not intended to offend or disregard those who have AIDS/HIV it is merely an article that warns people of the dangers of embracing things that result in dehumanizing society by allowing it to become less spiritual. It's intent is to open people's eyes to the mistake of embracing things that seem innocent and helpful but help destroy the human spirit and the morals of mankind.
The new at home HIV test, reminds of an article I read about the "Morning After Pill" being in medical vending machines at Shippensburg University in Pennsylvania. All you have to do is insert $25.00, out drops a pill and all your problems are solved. Therefore you can commence to having unprotected sex freely with whomever you like.

Now the FDA is considering the approval of a HIV Home testing kit that will allow people to test for HIV simply by swiping a cotton swab in their mouth and waiting 20 minutes for the results.

Of course many contend that this will cut down on the rate HIV spreads and that may be true but what other ENERGIES do you feel?

Will technology replace spirituality?

If people can simply take a pill and abort a pregnancy and test for HIV in the comforts of their home, how many souls in this era will be less discriminating when it comes to the partners they choose?

When people are less discriminating about the partners they choose it causes a whirlwind of effects, that impact humanity. I often find it funny when some Black men ask why do so many Black women walk around with an attitude. I can write a list of many reasons why some do, but there's one strong ENERGY on the list.

People are simply having sex because we live in a Society where sex is being used to define a person. Women are being sent the message that sex gives them power and creates a lasting connection. It is becoming an act that is second nature, even when a close bond and relationship has not been established. Again, the message being sent is that sex will create this bond.

When that does not happen people spiritually cannot cope. Many women are being fu*cked (I use this term because sex and making love is two different things) in many different directions and ways and being discarded. This can only breed resentment and it's the reason why people need to learn to be spiritually strong and not driven by the illusions they witness on T.V.

Many people write causal sex off as being "free" and "living life", but does it seem that that cavalier attitude is working in an harmonious way in society?

Or does it seem like what's being considered as being "carefree" and "living life" is turning around to bite societies ass. Does it not seem that the more people become driven by sex the more frustrated, hateful and resentful they become? Does it seem that being "carefree" and "free" eventually turns into a feeling of being used and discarded because sex alone is not spiritually fulfilling.

Doesn't it seem like many woman resent the fact that they cannot keep a man through sex, like they have been told they could, through the media?

And doesn't it seem that men are able to acquire sex more easily but will turn around and call a woman a whore and disrespect her, which in turn lowers her sense of self-respect and makes her resentful and harden emotionally?

I know I speak on a deeper more spiritual level, so let me break-down what I'm trying to say as concisely as I can. 

We don't need any more ENERGIES that make being less spiritual easier. Men in the past had to use more caution and many subdued themselves to focusing on the woman that they were with or their wife, because they didn't want to get another woman pregnant.

Of course in the past, men weren't sexually agitated and aroused by a media that constantly sent the message that they should be sleeping around and it makes them more of a man when they are able to do so. 

As of now we have condoms, which I think should be the only alternative for men and women who are determined to sleep around. I don't think technology should be created that makes it easier for men and woman who choose to have multiple partners in an indiscriminate way.

Many men do not like wearing condoms but I think in those cases they should be in a relationship and get tested with their partner while choosing to be monogamous.

Now many people are rolling their eyes and sucking their teeth and saying, 'who cares what I think, this will help society'. As I pointed out and will point out further, opening a gate that allows people to sleep with many people with ease is detrimental to society as a whole in the long run.

Now absorb the number of men and women who sleep with multiple partners and call themselves being cautionary, when only having condoms at their disposal?

With this technology you can compound that number and add a shift in the type of men and women they would be willing to sleep with to the mix.

Always remember I go deeper and allow the Universe to speak through me!

When you make aborting a baby, and taking an HIV test at home before sex, so easily accessible to society, the morals change. People naturally adapt themselves to their new environments and opportunities. So spirituality and morals definitely won't go up, they will absolutely lower. They can't help but lower, it's metaphysics. It takes away the fact that sex should be something viewed with particularity and caution and replaces it with just being another act that can be engaged in with anyone.

Isn't that the problem now?

When you convince people they can be reckless because there is a cure, more people will do so. It's like many people who chose to smoke marijuana but won't take harsher drugs because they have been led to believe that marijuana is less harmful.

Now in many instances that might be the case and it seems to be the truth, particularly with those who do not smoke often. But how many people have the willpower to fall into that category and remain there?

Most people who smoke and enjoy marijuana make a habit of it. They begin to smoke more and more, and as they smoke more and more, their disposition changes. They become more sluggish, less energetic, irritable when they don't have it and find themselves in bondage, because they make the equation of enjoying music, food, partying or other things with marijuana.

This is not an article to bash marijuana smokers, but many of you who are, or know those who are, realize  the appetite to take marijuana  becomes worst and worst and a person desires it more and more, to the point they might be high most of the time. Very few people can control any type of substance abuse that becomes a habit. This is because as I stated before and in my article "Mike Tyson Battle Demons When He Was High" that once you make associations and enjoy certain acts while high, you will find it hard to enjoy them when you are not.

A similar ENERGY would be pornography. Many men across the nation watched pornography prior to the Internet and amongst them some where addicts. But with the emergence of the Internet the number of men addicted to pornography has increased in numbers.

Both men who did not aggressively seek out pornography and those who would not have aggressively sought it out prior to the Internet, now watch pornography more than ever. Why do they do this? Because it's easily accessible, and can be done in the privacy of their home. Unlike the past the shyest men don't have to go to an adult store or have plain packages come in the mail, they can view porn anonymously online. They can even hide their IP if they chose to do so.

In conclusion this type of technology seems like a blessing on the surface but comes with spiritual consequences. More and more people will engage in sex with partners who they would normally make them skeptical. They will feel more empowered in choosing multiple partners to sleep with without thinking of the spiritual ramifications and chaos that will and can be caused.

Even though there's no way to prove it, these types of technologies would be most sought by those who do engage in sex with multiple partners in an indiscriminate way. Those who are more responsible don't need quick fixes as much. They are also looking to approve a pill that if taken EVERYDAY it helps prevent HIV. Who would do such a thing, as pop a pill everyday that is bound to have side-effects in order to prevent HIV? A club goer who brings home partners every night, a sex worker, who would have the need for such a pill?

So folks do you think we are headed towards a more harmonious, loving society, or one filled with frustration, resentment, mistrust, hatred and a lack of spiritual fulfillment that can be felt when people don't focus on developing soulful connections?

Just to note, the OraQuick In-Home HIV test only detected HIV in it's testers at a rate of 93 percent. That rate is below the FDA-recommended 95 percent threshold for accuracy.

The FDA estimates the test would miss about 3,800 HIV-positive people per year, if approved for U.S. consumers.

It seems the test is best at determining who doesn't have HIV opposed to who does. 

Message from the Universe About Multiple Sex Partners
No matter how many ways humans try to pave the path to be able to sleep with who they want and have as many sexual partners they want without thought, it never works. Doing so breeds hatred, resentment, mistrust and revengeful ENERGIES in the parties involved. People fight over this, there are people dead because of this and relationships become destroyed because of it. We weren't given spirits that can sustain this reality even though we are led down this path.

  • You can witness men who sleep around turn around and consider the women they are sleeping with a whore if she does the same

  • You can witness women who sleep around, get pregnant and become resentful to the man who impregnates her while demanding he take responsibility for the pregnancy. This breeds resentment and hatred in men and men do not trust women like this.
Heck, even sex workers play cooperative roles only when they are being paid to be used, as in the recent case with the Secret Service Agents. There's no way in the world the woman involved was going to allow herself to be used without getting paid. It does not work, so how much technology will we accept that helps us evade reality for a temporary illusion?

Take a look at an old video of King of Diamond strippers attempting to humiliate Rick Ross for being cheap As I stated even sex workers will not allow themselves to be used without repercussions.

Now, Click here to listen to Lil Wayne's song, "I'm Single" ABSORB the drama, chaos and confusion that's created when a person seeks to have multiple partners.

We can continue to create a world where we SPIRITUALLY BREAKDOWN and become harden, but the repercussions are severe in the long run.

We need to stop trying to find ways to be Less Responsible. Metaphysically that will only breed a less Responsible Society!

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