Using Comedy to Gauge the ENERGY of Someone

Cory Holcomb

I have a wide range of comedic styles that I like but this man even shocks and repulses me.

At times I can seem a little prudish to some. There are two categories of people who will find me a tad bit prude. The first category is ghetto Black people who grew up with no real morals or boundaries and the second category is, White people who have been conditioned to think Black women are like NeNe or Queen Latifah. In the past I've had administrative jobs where it was easy to feel the shock of many White people around me who thought I would be funny, loud or the office "clown riot". They thought I would be their brainwashed stereotypical image of a Black woman. I guess they had the notion that everyone acts appropriately on an interview but I would loosen up in time and provide entertainment. However, that is not me, I am not a clown, in fact I can't be categorized because I don't play by the roles or perceptions society uses to gauge the world.

Now despite the ghetto person's perception that I am being prudish, with confidence, I want to lead you to a comedian and two comedy skits that show his ENERGY. An ENERGY and comedic style so outrageous that if you are with any man or woman who finds him funny, please be weary of them.

I state I can say this with confidence, because I believe I have found the most disgusting, vile, treacherous, vomit inducing comedian I've ever heard. Maybe the high or intoxicated person whose senses are scrambled might force themselves to do what they came to the show to do, which is laugh. But it's hard to believe that any coherent, decent, thinking person would laugh at this man beside the very low standard.

If I was with a man who found this comedian funny it would turn me off greatly because I think this comedian goes beyond dark humor. Deep down I would know he has a dismissiveness to woman and has no problem shaming his mother. The same would be true if I was a man with a woman who found Cory Holcomb funny. I would think she's low-standard trash who would be a sick mother to my children.

I recommend both men and woman using mediums like this to get an idea about the person that you are with.

This man has the ENERGY of the Devil. If the Devil was to stand up and do a comedy show this is how he would sound. I want you to imagine a world where people were open about feeling as if his way of thinking and behaving was normal. As it is now, we wonder why each gender is hard emotionally and have attitudes. Would things better or worst?

I would love to hear how people process this type of comedy, that plays off the reality of the situations he discusses in a very Dark way. Even as a woman who is above falling into the situations the women he speaks about fell into, I am disgusted. I have the urge of wanting to find his mother and tell her she did a horrible job in parenting. Comment or Email Me

Here is the first comedy clip. This was the first time I came across this Universe forsaken creature. It was at 
Shaquille O'neals All-Star Comedy special:

Here's the second clip, which shows this is not just his STYLE but apart of his character

Click Here for Full Screen

Here's an example of the clownish, loud Black woman I described above who many White people adore. This Black woman draws in tons of adoring White people to the restaurant she works at.

Click Here for Full Screen

The first clip when he talks about calling women "Bit*ches" brings up an ENERGY I wrote about in my article "Do Black women know their new name is Bitch"

Also check out my past article
The ENERGY of Black Comedy is More Real and Closer to Home

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