A Response That Makes Me Go Deeper

Each Animal has to fight for dominance within their species

I wanted to reveal a response that I received which I think was eloquently put and seems to genuinely questions many of the points I revealed in my article "Why Women and Children Don't Listen to Positive Black Men. I feel that many people, particularly men will hold the same positions and feelings of being dismissed as this commenter does so I wanted to make a response that would address this fact.

I'm not trying to attack the valid feelings of frustration he displays. Feelings that mirror those of many men, the Universe only seeks to reveal the deeper cause and layer of many of our problems. Layers that when explained do not seem to placate our feelings and comfort us, but still the same, it reveals the core challenges and ENERGIES we must address and give insight to why our efforts and current techniques don't work.

Here is the response and what the Universe would like to add:

Respectfully, what's wrong with the whole premise of this article is you are insinuating that all negative Black men are Alphas and all positive Black men are Betas. Which couldn't be further from the truth.

Besides, it's kinda late in the day for BW not to listen to reason and logic whether it's coming from an Alpha or a Beta male. Do we really have time to pick and choose which person to listen to when/if the message is the same?

Not listening to a Beta...because he's a beta is admitting that person is shallow and a detriment to themselves. Especially if the Alpha has taken them down all the wrong roads.

My own mother would call this behavior, "just being plain ol'hardheaded".

Ever thought that Louis Farrakhan, Umar Johnson, Professor Griff and Bill Cosby aren't being listen to because they are strong brothers that come with messages of TRUTH? A counter productive act to the elite that are making money off said negativity? As the money is being made off of negative aspects of society. Positivity will always be the less popular viewpoint.

You write:

"First, you cannot, cannot, cannot tell Black women what to do and have them listen".

That's the problem right there in a nutshell. What one woman won't do...another will. She doesn't want to get told what to do or listen? Many BM are like, "fine...it's other women out there (White, African, Asian, Latino or whatever) that will". BM are finding this out by the boatloads.

It's better for BM to be alone then to deal with someone that wants to backtalk you on every trivial thing and doesn't want to listen to reason or logic. Especially when he's expected to listen to HER reason and logic. No two way street in a relationship just complicates life when life is complicated enough. And many BM are finding this out by the boatloads.

From what I understand...you want positive Black Beta males to fight negative Black Alpha males for the betterment of the BC and take it back from them. However, it doesn't work like that as betas don't have it in them to fight in the first place.

It must take positive "ALPHA" males to do this and your blog doesn't make this distinction.

Still feeling your ENERGY tho...keep up the good work..
My reply does not just reflect my own words by default but primarily conveys what the Universe would like this race to see.

Here is my Reply to the above comment:

In all my post, in this article in particular, I emphasize that negative Black men appear to be the Alpha males therefore they are viewed as being just that. I try to make clear it's an illusion as I stated in this article.

An illusion realized by many women after they have many miles on them and multiple children, but still they become possessed by this illusion particularly at young ages.

Also most of my article unless stated, contain the words of the Universe. I would not think of these things myself. If it were up to me and I was acting out of pure emotion, I would do article after article about how negative Black men are weak "do-do heads", pathetic and retarded. But the Universe makes clear that would not solve anything in explaining this disastrous mutation that has taken place in the community, where negative Black men are viewed as Alpha men.

I by no means, find intention in seeming to praise and lift up men I look down on, men who weaken the strength of more positive Black men who I truly respect.

The article was to explain why Black women don't listen to Betas(thanks for the word, I learned something) but they DO listen to negative men who seem Alpha. If men like Lil Wayne did song after song tomorrow saying "put your clothes on you look like a slut", "stop shaking your ass all over the place I don't respect women like that" women would do it, they would listen. But Dark ENERGY has control over him and he is used to do the opposite. Despite how nice and intelligent I know he is deep down, he is a useful tool to Dark ENERGY, because he will do anything for money because of where he came from and how he grew up.

Maybe I should have emphasized more in the article that many Black women are subconsciously possessed and don't realize it. They simply gravitate to who seems to be the stronger men. If they were truly conscious of what they were doing, consciousness would bring conscious action. None would say "I am getting with this man because I want him to walk all over me, use me and desert me and our child".

Instead they are drawn into the ENERGY of negative Black men who seem Alpha because that is always a woman first pick. It's the same for female animals in the wild, they can't help but pick the Alpha males. Humans have more complex minds which shows the level of possession they are under. Those women who see the illusion do not follow.

Ask yourself do these women listen to positive Black women like me, or the other women I list in the article? No, that once again shows how strong this law of nature that is causing possession is. Heck they don't even listen after their mothers, aunts, cousins, friends go down the path of being with negative Alpha men and suffer.

So again, it's about coming against a Law of Nature

See these women can't help but be attracted to these men due to this Law of Nature and they think they can change and tame negative Alpha males through sex, love and a child. The true Alpha men, Black men who look like Betas are sometimes sought once they tire and wake up. But by then they have been picked over and lack all their innocence and femininity as women. They are hard, bitter and angry but still want companionship. Some simply continue in the cycle of no-good men and settle into a rhythm of madness.

And yes, we can come against any agenda of the elite, it simply takes spiritual strength which we do not have or breed by demanding through creation a culture that strengthens us. Whatever we don't support disappears. This is why Dark ENERGY has always existed and had an agenda but they slowly trickled their way into entertainment and allowed it to get worst and worst over the years. In times past when family, morals and spiritual strength were stronger there would have been great resistance. This is why they continuously aim to break down family structures and all things that allow the people to be conscious and spiritually strong.

That's the true reason why the men I mentioned cannot penetrate this race. Nor can positive women. We must aim to break down and penetrate minds by being continuous just like they have done over the years to weaken people.

Now here comes the saddest part and I will only touch base on it briefly. It's Black men who think they will find strength elsewhere with other women. One, this would not happen in large numbers. Most women of other races will not accept Black men over the men of their race who seem stronger. Though they like their egos being boasted and will "try something new" they will move on. I swear on my life this is true, I live with White people. Most White men and women do not hate their parents like many Black people who were forced to be raised in craziness do. They will not dismiss their heritage and linage to create future generations with Black people who come to them due to the weakness of their nation.

This is why at most you will see interracial couples sprinkled in an environment and only in concentrations possibly at an event that attract them. At the end of the day most Black men are vicariously dreaming through what they see Black men with a great amount of money in the spotlight seem to be able to do. They are being comforted by the illusion of being able to escape the mess of this race and leave it all behind.
The Universe will not allow you to escape your nation, you will be destroyed spiritually and emasculated if you attempt to do so. You will be perceived as weak and incapable because you are trying to build from another mans seed when the Universe gave you your own. This enrages the Universe, name a group of people or nation who are strong without having a strong heritage and culture. It will only bring confusion. In an ironic twist many men learn by being with non-Black women for reasons outside of just happening to fall in love with them, that they become more lost because they're identity must be diluted and shifted so that they are no longer concentrated on the building of their nation.

In closing, (again I will be addressing more in the future) but I wanted to address your point of having to fight negative Black men..........You don't have to fight negative Black men physically or confront them in anyway, you must fight them spiritually through no support of the things that give them power or give them the perception of power.

That becomes like shining a light on them and they will be shown for what they truly are........weak and incapable of guiding a nation. And as I stated in my reply to the other commenter, it would be best if Black men did not wait until they have to do this because non-Black women also become possessed by the ENERGY of Black men through this negative culture.

I know this will happen particularly with the youngest generations coming up, Generation Y and Z. Many younger White and non-Black women are becoming acquainted with Black men through the media. and they want and desire what is possessing them. In addition to this, Dark ENERGY has a goal of weakening White middle America so they are thrusting White women into this culture in order to possess them with the same negative mentalities Black women have developed.

At the end of the day I foresee non-Black women saying the same things about Black men as Black women. I warn, warn, warn Black men about this. They leave themselves so vulnerable, particularly when they don't run the media. Black men are placing themselves in the hand of Darkness. At anytime they can make Black men seem like an enemy to all races and genders of women. ( I will write an article about that also). We know from history this is how Dark ENERGY works. It hides and waits and then reveals its true agenda and self.

Basically what I am saying is the Universe does not support, strengthen, bless nor protect escapism. The Universe only works in the favor of a people when they become spiritually strong and face as well as address their obstacles.

Thank you so much for being a reader of my site, my comment was just to re-explain some of my points not to talk over you or dismiss your valid feelings and frustrations.

I will be doing interviews in the near future or a commentary where I can talk one on one with a person or group and relay what the Universe tells me. Believe me like I said I sometimes don't even want to address what the Universe tells me, it just doesn't seem fair, but at the end of the day I know it's coming from a deeper knowledge, wisdom and taking into account the laws of nature.

Be Blessed!
Just to be Clear: I will be addressing this issue in two other ways. 
  1. Positive Black women must address negative Black women (I've done many articles on this, but I will do more to balance out this article)
  2. How Positive Black men and women must detach ourselves enough to show contrast and lift the standards of this race. As of now we are simply drowned out by trying to stand with negative Black men and women

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